Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 26.2

Chapter 26.2 - Tempting White Shirt (2)

Xue Ying, “What the hell? Did I just hear a man’s voice?”

Xia Lu, “… You heard right, I heard it too.”

Xue Ying, Xia Lu, “Su Jinbei!”

Su Jinbei replied calmly, “Wait a moment.”

She put down her phone and walked to Zhou Shiyun. Because she came with nothing but the clothes on her back, she could only borrow one of his clothes as pajamas. Zhou Shiyun watched her moving slowly and directly walked over to hand over a set of casual clothes. They were brand-new, he hadn’t worn it yet, “Take it.”

Su Jinbei picked it up and looked at it, light gray home furnishing, plain clothes…

“I don’t want this, I want to wear this one.” Su Jinbei took advantage of his inattention to pick out a white shirt from the closet. “This looks good.”

Zhou Shiyun’s voice was deep, “I’ve worn that.”

“It’s okay, I like to wear big shirts to sleep.” Su Jinbei threw a wink at him. With such a good chance, how could she wear such conservative clothes? Had she never seen movies before? This was the time to wear a sexy, tempting white shirt!

Zhou Shiyun naturally did not think too much. Since she liked it, it was up to her.

Su Jinbei picked up the phone again, “Well, it’s getting late, rest early.”

Xue Ying, “Hold on, spill. Which man are you staying with now.”

Xia Lu, “Jinbei, is the news true? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Su Jinbei coughed, “If I say it’s true, will you beat me up.”

“I will definitely not show mercy,” Xue Ying said, “Who is it, who is it?”

Xia Lu, “Is it that doctor from Beijing last time? What’s his name again, Zhou Shiyun?”

“Um… yes.”

“Pft…” Xue Ying almost squirted out her water, “Su Jinbei, you’re really… Amazing, you can get a boyfriend through a car accident.”

Su Jinbei smiled, “I’ll tell you everything next time we meet up. This story is a bit long, let me organize my thoughts.”

“Hey, hey, hey…”

“Alright, alright. A spring night is worth a thousand gold, I’m done talking.” Su Jinbei simply hung up the video.

Xia Lu, “…”

Xue Ying, “…”

Zhou Shiyun passing by in the distance, “???”

Xia Lu and Xue Ying knew that Su Jinbei was born in a good family, but did not know that she had a fiancé. First of all, Su Jinbei had never cared much about this matter ever since she was little. Secondly, getting betrothed wasn’t something Su Jinbei felt was glorious. For someone like her who had eyes on small fresh meat, who always talked about freedom of marriage, if people found out she was actually engaged since birth… that would be so embarrassing!

But now that the situation had veered so off track, she really had to find the time to explain to her two friends about Zhou Shiyun… Su Jinbei sighed as if she could already imagine how the two women’s chins would drop.

Seeing Su Jinbei was going to take a shower, Zhou Shiyun reminded her, “There are new toiletries in the second cabinet in the bathroom.”

“Okay, I got it.” Su Jinbei took the shirt and walked into the bathroom humming a song.

Now that Su Jinbei was off taking a shower, Zhou Shiyun took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Ah Yan.”

“Second Young Master?” The other party was a little surprised.

“En, are you busy?”

“No, the Young Master is in a meeting, I am outside.”

“Okay, I have something to ask you.”

“Second Young Master, do tell.”

“Resolve Su Jinbei’s matter as soon as possible.”

Zhou Yan had actually seen the video, so he tried to clarify, “What do you mean?”

Zhou Shiyun’s eyes narrowed, “Check who is behind this, and also those unpleasant articles, find a way to suppress them.”


When Zhou Yan hung up the phone, Zhou Zhengxian had just come out of the meeting room. Zhou Yan respectfully bowed his head, “Second Young Master just called.”

Zhou Zhengxian, “What did he say?”

“The Second Young Master said that he wanted to suppress news about Miss Su.”

Zhou Zhengxian listened and gave a faint smile, “Shiyun used to never care about these things.”

“I was also surprised. Second Young Master called for the first time not to ask about your condition.”

Zhou Zhengxian was very pleased, “This shows that that block of wood has been enlightened.”

Zhou Yan’s mouth hooked up slightly.

Zhou Zhengxian, “What do you think about Jinbei’s matter?”

Zhou Yan thought for a while and said, “The news this time is different from the previous times. Previously they were also groundless accusations but they didn’t matter much. This time, it seems like there’s someone taking charge.”

Zhou Zhengxian smiled slightly, a flash of fierceness flashed in his eyes, “Interesting, their plan actually dared to involve Shiyun and Jinbei.”

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