Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 26.1

Chapter 26.1 - Tempting White Shirt (1)

Su Jinbei leaned on the door of his apartment, high heels on the ground next to her, skirt fluttering. Her delicate and charming face was as indolent and willful as ever, as if the person with the frown on TV was not her, as if the gossip outside had never entered her ear.

Zhou Shiyun came closer. There it was, he could clearly see the redness and swelling on her head.

She smiled and groaned, different from how she usually expressed her pain.

“I’m sorry to ask you to come back like this, is the hospital busy?”

Zhou Shiyun shook his head, “Fortunately, not very busy.”


Zhou Shiyun looked at her hands wrapped around her chest and only then realized that she was wearing little layers. He took out his keys and opened the door with one hand, “Come in.”

Su Jinbei followed him and entered, “You’re not curious why I came?”

Zhou Shiyun paused and asked profoundly, “En… is there something wrong?”

“Nothing.” Su Jinbei looked at him with a smile, “I just missed you a bit, so I came to find you as soon as filming wrapped up. What do you say, are you touched.”

Zhou Shiyun’s footsteps slowed slightly, “Then you should have come to the hospital when you first arrived here.”


Zhou Shiyun looked back at her – to be precise, looked at her forehead, “They wouldn’t have caused so much trouble at the hospital.”

Su Jinbei was stunned. So he already knew, “But, wouldn’t that be directly exposing you?”

Zhou Shiyun, “It’s better than your current state.” He said, reaching for her forehead. He thought that if she came to the hospital, at least he would not let those people have this opportunity.

“Ouch.” Su Jinbei exclaimed, “It hurts, it hurts…”

“You’re finally expressing your pain again.” Zhou Shiyun smiled slightly, “You didn’t turn dumb from the hit.”

Su Jinbei choked, “… This isn’t my first battle.”

“Oh.” Zhou Shiyun lowered his hand, turned and walked towards the rooms at the back, “Sit on the sofa and wait.”

“Where are you going.”

Zhou Shiyun did not answer and walked into a room.

Su Jinbei clutched her forehead, pouted, and sat down on the sofa obediently. She looked around, and it was indeed the house of Dr. Zhou who was a bit obsessive-compulsive. She didn’t know that a place where an adult man lived could be so clean and tidy.

Display racks, tables and chairs, books… Even down to the succulents on the window sill. Everything was meticulously arranged. Could it be that this guy assigned a position to each item and couldn’t rest until everything was perfectly in place?

But… At a glance, it was clear that only one person lived here, and very few people came here. Although the room was quite big, its atmosphere was cold and was completely bare of masculine energy.

Zhou Shiyun came out of the room.

Su Jinbei supported her head, and said happily, “I was wondering where you went. Turns out you were getting the medicine box.”

Zhou Shiyun sat down on the sofa and put the medicine box on the coffee table. Then he opened the medicine box, took out the medicinal wine, “Come here.”

Su Jinbei moved her butt and squeezed tightly into him.

Zhou Shiyun, “… just your head.”

“Okay.” Su Jinbei didn’t move back and turned her head to face him, “Here you go.”

The distance between them was about five centimeters, and he could feel her breath on his face, warm, seductive, charming and gentle. Zhou Shiyun slightly turned his head and reached out to push her back. “Be serious, do you want me to treat you or not?”

“Dr. Zhou, I’m being really serious.” Su Jinbei puffed her mouth, “Who’s the one not being serious.”

Zhou Shiyun narrowed his eyes and pressed a cotton ball to her forehead.

“Ouch, be gentle!”

“Be quiet.”

“Ah, it hurts!”


After treating the wound, Zhou Shiyun said, “Where are you staying, I’ll take you there.”

Su Jinbei didn’t move an inch from the sofa. “I was originally going to stay at the hotel but as you’ve seen, reporters were blocking me. I don’t have a place to go now.” A pair of pitiful, glistening eyes stared at Zhou Shiyun, “Coming here was my last resort. Sigh, what’s going to happen if people find me again once I leave.”

Zhou Shiyun, “Then you…”

“Then I will live in your house!” Su Jinbei quickly interjected, “I see you have some rooms empty.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her silently…

Su Jinbei stretched out her hand and held his sleeve, “Can I, please?”

“Zhou Shiyun?”

“Miracle Doctor Zhou?”

“Baby Zhou?”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

“I’m very low maintenance, I just need a place to sleep and food to eat. Plus, I promise I won’t mess up your house.”

Su Jinbei pulled his sleeves persistently, and her charming eyes blinked sweetly. Their eyes met, Zhou Shiyun was actually the loser of this stare-off. He averted his eyes and said softly, “Up to you.”

“Ok!” Su Jinbei violently stood up and grabbed his shoulders, “As expected of my fiancé, you’re loyal.”

Zhou Shiyun turned his head slightly and hooked his lips slightly in a direction she couldn’t see. This woman and her careless words…

It was dark, and the two ordered take-out from home. After the meal, Su Jinbei talked to her two best friends via video chat.

“Oh, you can rest assured, I’m really okay. How can I be defeated by a measly water bottle?”

Xue Ying, “You don’t have to act tough, did you hide and cry already?”

Su Jinbei rolled his eyes, “Piss off, I’m a strong, independent woman. Would I cry?”

Xia Lu, “Jinbei, where are you now? Isn’t it inconvenient to go out now?”

Xue Ying offered, “I think it’s better for you to stay at my place, I’ll tell Old Gao to live outside. It’s bad for you to stay at a hotel with so many people around.”

Xia Lu, “Yeah, go live at Ah Ying’s place.”

“No need, I’m safe now, I…”

“Su Jinbei, which one do you want?” Suddenly, a male voice was transmitted to Xue Ying and Xia Lu’s ears through the video call.

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