Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 25.2

Chapter 25.2 - Spending the Night (2)

“But did you know who the man was? You just do whatever you want and aren’t afraid that you might offend someone?” Shao Suying’s face was dark. “You said so yourself, Su Jinbei attracts men like bees to a flower. What if that man isn’t someone you can afford to aggravate. “

Gao Zitong smiled, “I was wondering what you were worried about. Yingying, even if I can’t afford it, can’t you afford it anyway?”

Gao Zitong took her arms and reassured, “Relax, there is nothing we can’t solve.”

Shao Suying shook her hands off and sneered, “What if this time, it really can’t be solved.”

Gao Zitong, “En?”

Shao Suying, “Zitong, stop, don’t continue any longer.”


“This is also for your good.”

Gao Zitong’s eyes dimmed slightly, “Yingying, this isn’t like you.” Shao Suying, who was not afraid of anything and was even less concerned about consequences, was telling her to stop?

Shao Suying snorted coldly, not talking. She turned around and left.

“Zitong, what happened to you two, are you fighting?” A friend stepped forward and asked.

Gao Zitong shook her head, “How can I let go when the articles are already published.” At this moment, rumours of Su Jinbei being a mistress probably dominated the hot search list.


“Xiao Jie, can you help me find out who the man Su Jinbei was photographed with before is.”

Patients were sitting and chatting in the lobby of the ward area. There was a TV in front for everyone’s entertainment. At this time, entertainment news was being displayed on the TV.

“Tsk, tsk, the entertainment circle is such a mess.”

“I actually really liked Su Jinbei before, didn’t realize she was such a person.”

“She’s pretty, she has the means to seduce men.”

“Eh, don’t you think the man in the picture looks a bit familiar.”

“You don’t say, although it’s a little vague, I think he looks a lot like our Dr. Zhou.”

“They do look similar, but it can’t be Dr. Zhou. The two have nothing to do with each other, how can that be…”

“You are right.” A patient said, then saw from the corner of his eyes, “Eh, Dr. Zhou, Dr. Xiao, Dr. Lin, why are you all here.”

In front of the hall, three doctors stood there, their eyes focused on the TV.

On the TV at the moment, Su Jinbei was being blocked by the reporter at the entrance of the hotel. Su Jinbei was angrily defending that it was her boyfriend, that she wasn’t a mistress… Then a water bottle came into frame and smashed her hard on her head.

Lin Qingwei swallowed, “Senior Brother… Hey, Senior Brother, where are you going?!”

Zhou Shiyun turned and walked away, the ends of his white coat swaying with his movement. There was an urgency in his steps.

Xiao Yuansong pulled Lin Qingwei who was about to catch up, “Don’t go.”

“Ah? Why.”

Xiao Yuansong looked at Zhou Shiyun’s back, and the eyes behind the glasses flashed slightly, “I think he’s going off to find Su Jinbei.”

Lin Qingwei was stunned. “Finding Su Jinbei, it seems that there’s really something between the two of them… Although, what exactly did Senior Brother mean about twenty years last time?”

Xiao Yuansong smiled faintly, “Who knows, you just have to ask yourself next time.”

Lin Qingwei pouted, “If I can get the answer from Senior Brother, what am I asking you for.”

On the other side, Zhou Shiyun returned to the office to change out from his robe and put on his own coat.

He took his keys, lifted his foot and walked out. When he put his hand on the doorknob, he was stunned for a moment. What was he worried about?

When he saw Su Jinbei lose her usual impertinent smile, when he saw her hesitating in front of the reporters, and when he saw her softly exclaim when she was hit by a water bottle, he started to worry? His mood seemed to fluctuate from when he watched the news.

Zhou Shiyun frowned, and at this moment he was very unfamiliar with the waves of emotions crashing in his chest. He wanted to calm himself down, but when he thought of the woman being bullied, he felt very uncomfortable?

Why? Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment.

Oh, yes, that’s his person. Since she belonged to him, how could she be bullied?


The phone in his pocket suddenly rang. Zhou Shiyun picked it up and saw it. It was a call from Su Jinbei. That’s great, he was about to call her to ask where she was.


“Zhou Shiyun.”


“Where are you?”

“At the hospital.”

“Oh, when will you get off work.”

Zhou Shiyun, “Usually at 5:30.”

“5:30, can you go home earlier today?”

Zhou Shiyun paused, “Why.”

Su Jinbei chuckled lightly, but the laughter was a little helpless, “Because I am at your door now, I don’t have a key, I can only wait for you to come back.”

Zhou Shiyun hung up the phone and headed to the parking lot. This time he drove much faster than usual. Half an hour later, he arrived downstairs to his apartment. He quickly parked the car and got on the elevator.

When he walked out of the elevator and arrived at the corridor in front of his room, he saw the slim figure from a distance. She stood there, looking a little frail.

Probably hearing his footsteps, she slowly looked up at him. At that moment, her eyes seemed brighter. Then, with her lips curled, she lamented, “Zhou Shiyun, you’re back.”

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