Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 25.1

Chapter 25.1 - Spending the Night (1)

Su Jinbei’s entourage drove to the hotel, but they didn’t expect that a large group of people would gather around the car. It seemed that they were squatting. Obviously, they knew that they would come here.

A reporter holding a camera asked, “Jinbei, I believe you’ve seen the news, who is the man in the photo?”

“You were in his room for several hours, what were you doing?”

“I heard that this man was the fuerdai who spent a lot of money shopping with you in Beijing some time ago?”

Illa: The term fuerdai is a term referring to children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s 

“Are you two already together? How did you know each other?”

“The man is apparently really rich and already has a girlfriend. Did you come in later?”

Su Jinbei had been ignoring the comments of these reporters until she heard the phrase “come in later”. She stopped and looked at the ‘all-knowing’ reporter.

“What evidence do you have to say these things? Do you reporters not need the truth?”

The reporters were excited when they saw her talking, “This is what insiders are saying. Could there be other things hidden? Jinbei, can you talk about it?”

“An informant told us that you approached him with intent. What do they mean by that?”

“I heard that his girlfriend resentfully left because she couldn’t stand your involvement…”

The more they spoke the more outrageous the accusations became. Which idiot gave these reporters such news, they were completely baseless. They even believed it?

He saw that the reporters were getting aggressive and quickly signaled the security personnel to protect Su Jinbei back into the car.

“Jinbei, Jinbei, can you comment on it?”

He Di, “Sorry, we still have matters to attend to. Please make way.”

“Are you not replying because it’s the truth? Are you really a homewrecker?”

Su Jinbei’s face turned emotionless, and suddenly she turned around and said coldly, “Okay, since you want to know so badly, then I will tell you that he is my boyfriend. I am neither a mistress nor is there a mistress. Also, if I want to enter his room, I’ll enter his room. If I want him to buy me things, he’ll buy me things. Is that enough? Can you stop?”

The reporters were stunned, and even He Di was shocked. Su Jinbei never responded to these things, and even though bad scandals had surfaced in the past, she had been all smiles, but this time she was serious and she was directly confronting the reporters…

The reporters looked at each other, and at this moment, a bottle of mineral water flew in from somewhere and smashed into her, “Liar! You are obviously a mistress and slept your way to the top!”

The water bottle was thrown very accurately. It collided fiercely with Su Jinbei’s forehead and the spot immediately swelled.

“Assh*le! Who is it!” He Di was furious and quickly escorted Su Jinbei into the car.

The people who had come were not all reporters, there were also some bystanders. Now in addition to the sound of the reporter’s flashing lights, there was also provocation by the angry masses…

He Di felt something was off and quickly told the driver to start the car.

With much difficulty, the car drove away from the crowd. He Di was relieved and quickly went to check Su Jinbei’s injury, “How is it, does it hurt?”

“It’s fine.” Su Jinbei’ expression was cold, “Who were those people? We decided on the location last minute, how did they know we would be here.”

He Di frowned, “Other than the reporters, everyone else present seems to have come to make a fuss. Jinbei, someone must be behind all this.”

Xiao Wai, “Right? What mistress, what sleeping her way to the top? They’re all deliberately shaming you. Someone even dared get physical. Jinbei jie, this has never happened before.”

He Di, “We must investigate thoroughly this time!”

Su Jinbei furrowed her eyebrows, “Is anyone still tailing us?”

“They’ve done what they came for, they probably wouldn’t follow us anymore. Jinbei, let’s switch hotels.”

“Wait.” Su Jinbei interrupted, “I want to find Zhou Shiyun.”

“Ah?” He Di didn’t expect Su Jinbei to suddenly have this thought, “That’s not a good idea.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to his place, no one will know.”

“His house?!” He Di froze, “Do you know where his house is.”

Su Jinbei paused, that’s right, she didn’t know where his house was, but there must be someone who knew. Su Jinbei smiled faintly, took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Mom, en… how have you been?”

A club in Beijing.

Gao Zitong sat on the sofa and looked at the latest news with a smile.

Su Jinbei, who told you to get involved with Xu Jiawei. B*tch, dealing with you is a snap of a finger to me. Tsk, why was she only hit slightly… These people, did they not know how to make things a little more extreme?

“Zitong, Suying is here.” One person informed her.

Gao Zitong was delighted and quickly looked up. At this time, Shao Suying was approaching her aggressively. Of course, Gao Zitong didn’t realize that and greeted her as usual. “Yingying, you’re here. Have you read the news? It’s pretty good, right.”

“Gao Zitong! Who told you to pull these tricks!” Shao Suying was not as happy as she had imagined, instead reprimanding her the moment she opened her mouth.

Gao Zitong froze for a while, “Didn’t we agree on this before, we wanted to teach Su Jinbei a lesson.”

“You! But you can’t do it like this.” Shao Suying looked worried. “What homewrecker, what guy cheated on his girlfriend for Su Jinbei. These things you made up can be easily discredited when they come out to clarify. “

Gao Zitong waved her hand dismissively, “Yingying, it’s not easy to clear your name on the internet these days. She can explain as much as she wants but not everyone will believe it. All I want to do is dirty her name for a while.”

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