Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24.2 - Cheeky (2)

Su Jinbei took the medicine box from him, “What time will you leave tomorrow?”

“Around nine o’clock.”

“Ah… I’d already be on set. I have to get up really early tomorrow.” Su Jinbei was really sorry, “We can’t have breakfast together, make sure to eat.” After saying this, she realized she didn’t have to say it in the first place. Zhou Shiyun was a very disciplined person, there was no need for her to remind him.

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her and said softly, “Okay, rest early.”

Su Jinbei walked out in three steps, Zhou Shiyun turned down the thermostat by two degrees after she left. The weather had been getting warmer and warmer.

Early the next morning, Xiao Wai came and knocked on Su Jinbei’s door. Su Jinbei struggled to get up from the bed and dawdled as she opened the door.

“Morning, Jinbei jie.”

“Oh, morning.” Su Jinbei looked at her confusedly, “What time is it.”

Xiao Wai looked at her watch, “6:10.”

Su Jinbei leaned against the door, “En… then he should still be sleeping…”

Xiao Wai, “Ah? Who?”

Su Jinbei coughed, “No one, come in quickly, let’s get ready and leave.”


Over the next few days, Su Jinbei’s schedule was full. She seriously filmed the movie and carefully followed Zhou Shiyun’s medical advice.

Finally, Su Jinbei finished filming “Crisis City”. At noon that day, she packed her bags and planned to leave. In the past, she would return to the Su Residence after work, but this time she chose to go to the city where Zhou Shiyun was.

He Di didn’t realize in the beginning either. Su Jinbei usually stayed in either city during her time off because one city had family and the other had friends. But after arriving, Su Jinbei asked her to drive to the hospital. She was shocked. This lady obviously came to see her sweetheart!

“Wait! Driver, stop first.” Halfway there, He Di was suddenly startled.

Su Jinbei, “What’s wrong.”

He Di looked at the phone in shock. She didn’t answer Su Jinbei, but made a call first, “What? It’s totally impossible… What did you say? Wait, I need to confirm this…”

Su Jinbei saw that He Di’s expression was not right, and finally asked seriously, “What happened.”

He Di hung up her phone and stared at Su Jinbei, “I knew you were up to something when you sent Xiao Wai and I away, turns out Dr. Zhou came!”

Su Jinbei froze for a while, “Ah… you found out.”

“You! It doesn’t matter if he comes, but why did you make it such a big spectacle?!”

Su Jinbei blinked, her face innocent, “When did we make it a big spectacle.”

“Look!” He Di handed her mobile phone to her. “Brazenly going to his room, the reporters got a clear shot.”

“F*ck.” Su Jinbei couldn’t help but burst out swearing, “I was very low-key, how could there be someone following me!”

“Who knows, it’s really bad this time. They got quite a good shot of Dr. Zhou’s face. People who knew him would definitely recognize him!”

Su Jinbei clicked into pictures.

Zhou Shiyun was sitting in the car, she was standing outside the car, and the two were making ‘lovey-dovey’ eyes at each other through the window.

They were in the hotel parking lot. The two got out of the car together and got into the elevator together.

Zhou Shiyun opened the door to her room, she entered, it looked like they were about to ‘spend the night together’?

“Driver, drive to the hotel.” He Di said, “Don’t go to the hospital now, who knows if anyone followed us.”

Su Jinbei bitterly said, “Okay, it’s the only way.”

At the First Affiliated Hospital of Jingli Medical College, several nurses huddled up and chatted together.

“Hey, what are you guys looking at?” Lin Qingwei happened to pass by and tapped a familiar nurse.

“Dr. Lin.” The nurses’ eyes lit up when they saw him, “Dr. Lin, did you see today’s entertainment headlines?”

Lin Qingwei shrugged, “No, what happened.”

“Then, come and look!” The little nurse quickly pulled him over, “Is this person Dr. Zhou?”

Lin Qingwei, “Senior Brother? Entertainment headlines?”

“Yeah, looks like it.”

Lin Qingwei was in disbelief. He clicked the picture on the phone and zoomed it to the maximum. Slowly, he widened his eyes, “There’s… some similarity.”

“Right! You also think so!” The little nurse looked excited. “So Dr. Zhou really got together with Miss Su. Oh, my god, love blossomed from him treating her.”

Lin Qingwei read the article from the beginning to the end, “How, how can that be, how can Senior Brother…”

“Why not, Miss Su looks so beautiful, I used to think that there was something between those two, who would have thought.”

Lin Qingwei put the mobile phone in the nurse’s hand and hurried towards the place where Zhou Shiyun was.

“Senior Brother!” Lin Qingwei even forgot to knock and went straight in. Inside, Zhou Shiyun and Xiao Yuansong were discussing a random incurable disease.

“Qingwei, how many times do I have to tell you, don’t make a fuss.” Xiao Yuansong rebuked.

“I know, but this time there is an emergency.” Lin Qing grabbed Zhou Shiyun’s arm, “Senior Brother, you, you got a room with Su Jinbei?!”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

Xiao Yuansong, “…”

“I saw the news, you guys were photographed at the hotel by paparazzi, is this true?”

Xiao Yuansong looked at Zhou Shiyun in surprise, “Hotel? Shiyun, you and Miss Su…”

Zhou Shiyun was a little surprised, but he quickly dismissed his thoughts. It wasn’t the first time he had gotten photographed anyway.

“Senior Brother, amazing. You actually got together with Su Jinbei. So… when did it start?”

“When?” Zhou Shiyun paused and said, “More than twenty years ago.”

Lin Qingwei, “En?”

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