Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.1 - Cheeky (1)

A feast to the eye? Zhou Shiyun suddenly raised his lips. This was the Su Jinbei he knew, teasing people without a care. She had been quiet just now, so unlike her.

“What are you laughing at?” Su Jinbei wondered.

Zhou Shiyun slightly collected himself, “Oh, I’m afraid you’ll suffer from a food coma.”

Su Jinbei, “?”

Zhou Shiyun was telling jokes now? No, it was more like Zhou Shiyun was now capable of complimenting himself?

After eating, Su Jinbei sat in the living room and turned on the TV with ease.

“You’re… not going back?” Zhou Shiyun looked down at her.

Su Jinbei was puzzled, “You haven’t treated my wounds yet, why should I go back?”

Zhou Shiyun was even more baffled, “Why am I treating your wounds?”

Su Jinbei pouted, suddenly acting pitiful, “You are a doctor, of course, you have to treat people’s wounds.”

Zhou Shiyun paused, “It’s not very appropriate, you should…”

“How is it inappropriate.” Su Jinbei glanced at him and opened the medicine container by herself, “And you haven’t told me how to use these things, I don’t know which comes first.”

Perhaps Su Jinbei’s words made sense, Zhou Shiyun became silent for a moment, and came over to sit down, “Then watch carefully, this is for disinfecting, this is anti-inflammatory, this is for bruises, this…”

“Help me with it.” As soon as the words fell, Su Jinbei unexpectedly raised her legs and lifted her skirt under Zhou Shiyun’s eyes…

The black skirt originally reached her ankles, but after sliding it up, it stopped directly over her knee. As a result, Su Jinbei’s two pale, long, delicate legs were exposed to the air.

Zhou Shiyun was startled and almost immediately turned away.

Su Jinbei glanced at him, and her eyes flashed slyly, “Look, it’s all swollen here, it hurts. Hurry, treat them, please.” After saying that, she found that the latter’s eyes were fixed on the coffee table. She scooted over to him, “What’s the matter? Oh~ No way, are you embarrassed? Gosh, Zhou Shiyun, you’ve touched my chest countless times before, yet you’re still scared of looking at my legs.”

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth twitched slightly, this woman was so cheeky!

Su Jinbei smiled happily. You finally can’t hold it anymore, right? I really don’t believe that I, this jiejie, can’t seduce you!

“Forget it, I won’t make things hard for you seeing as you’re so shy.” Su Jinbei rested her legs on the coffee table and arranged herself in the most beautiful posture, “I’ll do it myself.”

The cheeky woman was quietly applying medicine. Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, looking at her carefully smearing the ointment on her legs.

Up close, the wounds of Su Jinbei’s legs looked more shocking than in the photos she sent. She was slathering it too carefully, her movements were awkward and clumsy.




With her application method, disinfecting her knee might take half a day.

“Give it here.” Zhou Shiyun finally couldn’t bear it, he took the disinfectant from her hand, stretched his hand to hook around her ankle and swiveled her leg to face him.

Su Jinbei was shocked at first, and then giggled very happily, “I knew you wouldn’t ignore me.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, “With your speed, I won’t be able to sleep at night.”

“Oh, then you do it since you’re so professional.”

Zhou Shiyun snorted coldly and put on the medicine intently.

“Why didn’t you deal with it yesterday, do you think inflammation is a trivial matter?” There was a lot of dust in the gash on her knee, and it was impossible to get them all out with a simple cleanup.

Great Master Su Jinbei leaned on the sofa, “I told you already, I had no way to deal with it.”

“There is a pharmacy next to the hotel.” Zhou Shiyun straightforwardly pierced her with his words.

Su Jinbei blinked and perfunctorily said, “Really, I didn’t know. Ah! It hurts…”

Zhou Shiyun paused, his brows furrowed, “I’ll be gentle, bear with it a little.”

Su Jinbei pursed her lips and murmured to herself.

Perhaps he was unaware that he was inexplicably gentle when he said this sentence. She was accustomed to his silence and indifference, seeing this little bit of gentleness from him made him all the more attractive.

Su Jinbei stared at his profile and slowly forgot to make any sounds although she was in pain.

“Done.” Zhou Shiyun finished applying the ointment on the last bruise and turned his head to look at Su Jinbei.

But he didn’t expect that Su Jinbei had unconsciously moved closer to him because she wanted to take a more careful look at him. As he turned his head, their eyes met, and if they were even a little bit closer, their cheeks would have touched.

Because of this distance, Zhou Shiyun could clearly smell the faint scent of her body, floral, not overpowering, but like her, secretly bewitching…

The thermostat in the room was turned on too high. Zhou Shiyun backed away, his heart restless for some reason.

“Don’t wear tight-fitting pants over the next few days, treat your wounds every day in the order that I demonstrated just now.” He turned around and instructed as he packed up the medicine box.

Su Jinbei smiled and pulled down the skirt.

“Go back first.”

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