Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23.2 - The Heirloom (2)

Su Jinbei ran back to her room, laid on the bed and waited for time to pass. The reason why she didn’t leave with him just now was there were people coming and going at the hotel. She would be easily recognised. If photos were taken, it might disturb Zhou Shiyun, although that person didn’t seem to care.

At five o’clock, Su Jinbei put on a mask and a hat on time and sneaked out of the room. She sneakily went to the room Zhou Shiyun messaged her about and rang the doorbell.

The door opened quickly. Zhou Shiyun stood behind the door and looked at her indifferently.

“Hurry up and let me in.”

Su Jinbei squeezed in through the door. Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, reached out and pushed the door closed.

“Did you order food, I’m hungry.” Su Jinbei sat on the sofa carelessly, “Did you order steak?”

“Done.” Shi Zhouyun pointed to the medicine container then to another small box on the side table. “Take it away later, this one too.”

“What’s this.” Su Jinbei was attracted to this small wooden box, “Is it a gift?”

Zhou Shiyun, “I guess so.”

Su Jinbei opened the box and froze at first glance, “A gem?”

Her mouth slowly curved up, and couldn’t close in the end, “Zhou Shiyun, this, this is too polite, gifting a gem without a word.”

Zhou Shiyun paused slightly, his eyes on her pale pink lips.

She smiled with no restraint, her teeth shining brightly. For a moment, he looked away and said lightly, “This is from Elder Brother, it’s something Mother left.”

“Ah?” Su Jinbei blinked, “An heirloom?”

“No, my mother left it, she wanted to leave it for her future…” Zhou Shiyun stopped in time and didn’t continue. Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows knowingly, “I understand, it’s for her daughter-in-law.”

As she was speaking, Su Jinbei took the emerald necklace out of the box, “Help me put it on.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her back, and for some reason felt he didn’t know where to start. She lifted her hair up, her white and slender neck facing him, and she had no sense of precaution against him. No, it’s not that she didn’t have a sense of precaution, but she didn’t care about these small details.

Zhou Shiyun suddenly wondered if she was the same with other men.

“What are you doing, hurry up.” Su Jinbei was just about to turn her head to look at him when suddenly there was a slightly cool feeling at the back of her neck. She was stunned for a moment and suddenly became quiet. His hands were a bit icy, and when they touched her skin, she couldn’t help but shudder. It was obviously a bit cold, but Su Jinbei felt her face burning badly.

“Ba-dump, ba-dump.” Her heart began to beat very fast, just like last time in the elevator, the rhythm uncontrollable.

“All done.”

“Oh.” Su Jinbei turned around and looked down at the emerald necklace on her chest. “… It looks really good.”

The voice was low, unlike Su Jinbei, Zhou Shiyun looked at her doubtfully, “You really like it?”

“I quite, quite like it.”

“That’s good.”

Suddenly the hotel room fell into silence. The moment Su Jinbei stopped talking, the environment became very quiet.

Zhou Shiyun looked at her profile and felt it was really strange that Su Jinbei was so quiet. At this moment, she reached out to touch the gem, who knew what she was thinking.

At this time, the doorbell rang again. It was an employee delivering their meal. To block the employee from seeing Su Jinbei, Zhou Shiyun himself walked over to the door and pushed the meal cart in.

“Your steak, let’s eat.”

Su Jinbei coughed, “Oh.”

The two sat face-to-face at the table, each with a steak in front of them, eating very quietly.

Su Jinbei certainly did not forget to watch him while eating. Probably because of the Zhou family’s strict early education, Zhou Shiyun’s dining etiquette was extremely proper. He would drink soup without a sound and there would be no clanging of tableware. He also looked very good while eating, leisurely, like an aristocratic young master from the feudal era.

Sigh, they were both human, but why was the difference so big. Think about her older brother, the playboy, unconventional and unrestrained, he wouldn’t even look one-fifth as good as Zhou Shiyun while eating…

“What are you staring at, eat.” Zhou Shiyun opened his mouth in a rare occurrence.

Su Jinbei blurted out, “You’re a feast to the eye, I’m full just by looking at you.”

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