Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23.1 - The Heirloom (1)

All morning, except for while filming, Su Jinbei was in a constant state of restlessness.

“Jinbei jie, did something happen?” Chen Xinai asked suspiciously.

Su Jinbei was startled, “Ah, what? It’s nothing.”

Chen Xinai, “Your mind’s clearly not present, and you keep looking at your phone. I thought something was wrong.”

“No, no.” Su Jinbei smiled at her, “I’m just waiting for a call.”

Chen Xinai narrowed her eyes and teased, “A call, huh, whose call is it that you’re so anxious, Jinbei jie. Something’s fishy.”

Su Jinbei knocked her head, “How is a little girl like you so into gossip, go and practise your lines.”

Chen Xinai stuck out her tongue. Just then, Su Jinbei’s phone rang. Chen Xinai saw Great Beauty Su’s eyes shine brightly and watched her slip into a small corner like a thief…

Chen Xinai, “Tee hee, I was right. Something’s fishy.”

Su Jinbei picked up Zhou Shiyun’s call, and lovingly asked, “Where are you, why haven’t I seen you yet?”

Zhou Shiyun sat in the car and looked at the pharmacy outside the window, “Near your hotel.”

“Ah, you’re at the hotel, but I still have some scenes to film, I can’t leave now.”

“Okay, I’ll head over.” Zhou Shiyun’s eyes turned away from the pharmacy. There was no pharmacy nearby? Someone’s ability to talk nonsense was getting stronger and stronger.

“Then I’ll send you the address to the studio. You came at a good time. I happen to be going back alone today.”


After hanging up the phone, Su Jinbei sent the address to Zhou Shiyun, then went back to film while humming a popular song.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Su Jinbei was done for the day.

“Jinbei jie, I didn’t see Xiao Wai and He Di today?” Chen Xinai asked.

“I asked them to do some errands for me, they’re not here today.”

“Ah, how are you going back to the hotel?”


“I’ll drop you.” Han Wenbin, who had changed to casual clothes, came over, with a gentle smile on his cold face.

Su Jinbei waved her hand, “No need, no need to trouble Han laoshi.”

“No trouble, it’s the same hotel anyway.”

Su Jinbei, “Thank you Han laoshi, but I don’t need it today. I have friends coming, so…”

Han Wenbin raised his eyebrows slightly, “Is that so. That’s fine, then I’ll go first, and the two of you girls should go back to rest early.”

“Goodbye, Han laoshi.”

“Goodbye, Han laoshi.”

Chen Xinai, “Jinbei jie, then I’m leaving too, so you can go on a good date with your friend.”

Su Jinbei smiled at her, “What date, you must be joking.”

The two parted ways from the lounge. Before leaving, Su Jinbei took out a mirror to touch up. She wiped off the red lipstick and put on a nude-colored lipstick. En, now she looked pitiful.

After finishing, she picked up her bag and went out.

Behind her, Gao Zitong, who had been in the shadows, snorted coldly, “Even Han laoshi has fallen for her charms?”

Assistant, “That’s right, he even wanted to send her back. Why didn’t he say the same to Zitong jie.”

Gao Zitong stomped her foot, “Don’t compare me to her!”


“You heard what she said just now, her manager and assistant are not there, and she has an appointment… I think it is a good opportunity.”

“Zitong jie, what do you mean?”

“You and Ah Heng go follow her, take pictures of who she’s meeting with and what she’s doing.”

“Okay! I’ll go right away.”

There were no outsiders in the studio so Su Jinbei did not wear a disguise.

“Look to the left, black car, tail number 89.” Zhou Shiyun commanded over the phone.

Su Jinbei looked where he directed, a black car, she looked at each car and finally saw the car with the license plate ending in 89.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

Zhou Shiyun rolled down the passenger seat window, “Get in the car.”

Su Jinbei leaned against the window frame and smiled charmingly, “Dr. Zhou, it feels like it’s been years since I’ve last seen you. You are still as handsome as ever.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her calmly, “Are you getting in the car or not.”

“I am, I am.” Su Jinbei pulled the door open. “I was only exchanging pleasantries before getting in the car. Why are you so unromantic.”

Zhou Shiyun ignored her but glanced at her legs. She was wearing a long skirt, he couldn’t see her wounds and could only glimpse her white ankles, “You also had action scenes today?”

“No, today I just needed to sit or lie down.” Su Jinbei noticed Zhou Shiyun’s line of sight and quickly said, “But my leg still hurts.”

Zhou Shiyun nodded, “I’ve brought the medicine. I’ll give it to you at the hotel.”

Su Jinbei blinked, “Um… you’ll give it to me in my room?”

Zhou Shiyun gave her a weird look, “I can give it to you downstairs.”

“Ah, could it be you’re immediately going back after giving me my medicine? This is not okay, it’s too tiring, as a doctor you should know that you can’t drive while tired.” Su Jinbei pulled his sleeve with a ‘nervous’ expression.

Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, “Giving it to you downstairs doesn’t mean I’m leaving right after. I’ve booked a room and I’ll leave tomorrow.”

“Oh, is that the case, what, giving it downstairs…” Su Jinbei smiled and shoved his arm in embarrassment, “So what you originally meant was to go to your room.”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

The car stopped at the hotel garage, and the two of them took the elevator upstairs.

“I will go back to my room first and find you later.” Su Jinbei put on her sunglasses and said.

Zhou Shiyun put the medicine box in front of her, “Take it, you don’t have to come by later.”

“I won’t make you wait too long.” Su Jinbei said and then backed away, refusing to take the medicine box. “Remember to order food at five. The steak in this hotel is good.”

Su Jinbei trotted away. Zhou Shiyun reluctantly shook his head. Forget it, he’ll give the thing later too.

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