Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 19.3

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Chapter 19.3 - Little White Heroine and Beautiful Villain (1)

Chen Mohan is indeed a very proud girl. Because of their common hobby of romance novels, Jiang Baili has become one of the only girls in the class who can talk to Chen Mohan. However, in fact, Jiang Baili felt guilty because of this. When Chen Mohan said that she likes to read romance novels, she happily agreed that she liked it too. When Chen Mohan said that she liked Liang Fengyi (illa: hong kong novelist), she happily said that she liked it too. When Chen Mohan said that she looked down on Taiwanese novels which always portray stories of chauvinism, she was dumbfounded, smiled and said, It was indeed quite boring. 
   In fact, if Chen Mohan said that she liked Taiwanese romance novel, she would immediately yell, "I like Xi Juan (Taiwan novelist) the most.”
   Jiang Baili slowly saw that Chen Mohan's smiles and gestures carried out the kind of independence and excitement in Yishu's novels. The only shortcoming was that she did not have a best friend who was as independent and wonderful as the heroine. After all, facing a girl like Jiang Baili, there is no way to sit in a coffee shop and talk about life and love in quips. Therefore, Chen Mohan almost only has contact with boys. Others say that she doesn't care about anything, at least they don't dare to say in front of her-Chen Mohan's family net worth is an open secret. 
   Jiang Baili was not as jealous of her as everyone else. Baili doesn't mind people saying that she is a snobbish little sidekick, as long as she knows that this is friendship, came out of a simple appreciation. 
   And envy. Very, very envious. 
   In high school, Jiang Baili didn't dare to speak out in front of Chen Mohan, but she still watched from the quilt with a flashlight when she returned to the dormitory. She didn't know what YY was and what Mary Sue was until she was in college--- God can testify for her that whenever she read a novel, she never imagined that the protagonist was herself----instead, she was transformed into Chen Mohan. 
   Baili is proud of her weird generosity. 
  Until that day. 
   During the first semester of high school, the vicinity of the school began to be unsafe, and there were always bad students and local gangsters from vocational colleges robbing. That day, Jiang Baili finished her shift and left a little late. She did not go back to the dormitory. Instead, she planned to take a bus to the big supermarket in the city to buy some daily necessities. So she bumped into a few gangsters. 
   She was blocked near the side door of the school, and they only asked for money. When Baili recalled it, she was very frustrated that her figure and appearance made people completely devoid of attempts to rob her ---- not even a bloody “play with us”. 
   While taking out her wallet, an Audi suddenly rushed over and stopped beside her. The car door opened, and a boy walked out from the back row, leaning on the car and frowned at the scene in front of him, opened his thin lips lightly, and said faintly, “Still not leaving. ”
   So the gangsters left obediently. 
   Under the black and blue sky, Gobi stood in the light of the orange street lamp and looked at her with a half-smile, and asked softly, are you okay? 
   The scene was so beautiful that Jiang Baili couldn't breathe. Even now, when she closes her eyes, she can still see it. 
   Of course, it may not be that good-looking, but when recalling, she always habitually adds heavy colours. She always has a way to make herself happier. 
   Jiang Baili actually knew him a long time ago, and everyone in the school knew that he had been chasing Chen Mohan, from the fourth grade of elementary school to the current freshman year of high school. But no one knows why she just didn't accept him. There have been two major unsolved mysteries in the Fifth Middle School-“Why Chen Mohan didn't accept Gobi, and why Xu Changsheng didn't grow his hair.” 
   Jiang Baili thought of many words to describe Gobi, such as dead pigs who are not afraid of boiling water, barefoot people who are not afraid of wearing shoes, and broken jars.……
   Later she found it strange. 
  Why didn't she feel moved by this, and why didn't she evaluate him as "persistent”? 
   Perhaps because when she saw him for the first time, Chen Mohan ignored him and sat calmly in her seat, while he leaned against the back door frame, tilting the corners of his mouth with a determined smile. Everyone looked at them, everyone was blurred by the scene, and they were the only ones left. 
   Perhaps because when she saw him for the second time, he was talking to a girl in the hallway. The girl was obviously reserved and blushing, but she couldn't hide her joy. He turned and left, and the girl immediately said to the people around her, This person is so frivolous. 
   Or maybe it's because she admires Chen Mohan too much. 
   But she had too many thoughts, and she couldn't tell it for herself. Until that day, the black Audi under the street light, the handsome and careless boy, stepped forward towards the timid self in the corner. All this electro-optical stone fire hit her heart. 

After she went home, she opened the novel and saw that the faces of all the male protagonists had become him, the faces of all the stupid little white female protagonists had become herself, and the faces of all the beautiful female villains who were comparable to the male protagonists had been replaced with Chen Mohan --- only to find that she was the same as the little girl who called him frivolous, despite knowing that he was frivolous, he just wanted to tease them, but she still blushed and moved.

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