Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2 - Huo Xiang 藿香 (2)

    When she got up the next day, Shen Xifan felt uncomfortable, and her whole body was limp. Lin Yishen sat next to her during the morning meeting and looked at her from time to time. 

When the meeting was over, he asked, "Xiao Fan, why is your face flushed?" Xu Xiangya also came forward to look at her, she touched her forehead, and said, "Oh, you have a fever rice porridge!"

    Finally, Mr. Cheng was also alarmed, "Manager Shen, go to the hospital for a checkup first. You don't need to be on duty today."

    She sighed unluckily, but she didn't dare to neglect. She went home and took her temperature. It was not too high. It was 37.6 degrees, her throat was not sore, and it was unlikely that her tonsils were inflamed. When she was young, she was often sick, all the nurses and doctors at the hospital all recognize her, her physique is much better now, but she also catches a small cold from time to time.

    She still went to the hospital obediently. She didn't dare to say that she had a fever. She was afraid of being isolated as a SARS patient. She went to the outpatient respiratory department. Fortunately, there were not many people, so it was her turn in a while.

    She was a little nervous, "Doctor, will I have SARS?" 

The chief physician told her definitely, "Absolutely not. It's just a cold. The tonsils are not inflamed, and you don't have a cough. You just have a low-grade fever. You just need some cold medicine.” 

She hesitated, “But will the medicine effect be too slow? I’ve been very busy with my work recently!” 

The old doctor very kindly suggested, “You can treat your this particular cold faster with Chinese medicine, why don't you go visit a TCM?" 

In the end, she still went to the TCM internal medicine department, but today there are so many people in the TCM building. They are young mothers-to-be and old women. Shen Xifan had to hand in medical records at the front desk and sit and wait for her number to be called.

    There was a burst of the bitter taste from the Chinese pharmacy opposite, with a little bit of heat in it, and she, who was already full of sleepiness, became even more drowsy, and unknowingly, her body became heavier. In a trance, she remembered that time when she was sick in college.

    At that time, she was still Yan Heng's baby. He spoiled her very much. He followed her and was nervous about her. She had a runny nose, and he was nervous about her constant coughing. As expected, in the winter of sophomore year, she really caught a bad cold.

    She remembered that in those few days, Yan Heng didn’t attend class to accompany her to the hospital for a needle. The cold potion was put into the vein, which made her shoulders cold. Yan Heng used his own hand to warm her hands, and she leaned against him groggy. On his shoulders, she seemed to fall asleep, praying that the medicine dripped slowly; she had no appetite, so he cooked vegetable porridge for her in the dormitory, then wrapped it in cotton clothes and gave it to her, feeding her bite by bite, but he had no choice but to eat cold leftovers in the cafeteria; whenever he leaves, he will kiss her, not minding that the cold virus will be transmitted to him.

    But later, he didn't want her anymore and got together with another girl, she couldn't hold onto his heart anymore. The next day after breaking up with him, she went to the hospital again because of being drenched in rain for a day. This time there was no one to accompany her, so she had to pay for the infusion alone and sent a message to Yan Heng, "I’m sick, can you come to see me?" 

In the end, he only returned, "Shen Xifan, we have nothing to do with each other now, why are you still hopelessly getting entangled with me?" Her tears dripped on the infusion hand, and she muttered in her heart, yes, now I am left alone, but even alone, I have to live well, but why do I still miss the warmth around you when I was sick.

    Shen Xifan was stiff. Only when she heard someone calling her name, she suddenly opened her eyes and found that the corners of her eyes were slightly wet. She turned her head and was startled, "...Doctor He..."

    He was a little surprised, then gently explained to her, "The nurse called you several times, but no one answered. It's noon now and no one is there. I only found you here when I came out. Why? Are you sick?"

    She took an exaggerated breath on her nose, "I have a fever!"

    He Suye smiled, "You cried when you have a fever? Come in, I'll take a look for you."

    Shen Xifan stared at the doctor in a daze, stood up and followed him, his shoulders was wide, it made people feel very reliable.

    "It's just a simple fever." He Suye comforted her, "It's not atypical pneumonia, can you rest assured now? Don't cry anymore"

    She felt sad, "Sorry to trouble you, Doctor He."

    "It's fine, but It’s an exogenous fever. Just take two doses of Chinese medicine."

    Shen Xifan murmured to herself, "Exogenous fever? Ephedra cinnamon soup?"

    He Suye laughed "Puff", "You can't take that, that medicine is too strong, if you sweat too much, with your body so weak, you won't be able to take it." He paused, "How did you know that this prescription was available?"

    She was a little embarrassed, "I used to do a Chinese medicine translation material when I was in school, and at the time I found it after flipping through a lot of books, so I naturally have a deeper impression."

    He Suye took a pen and began to write prescriptions, and read as he wrote, "Honeysuckle (金银花), Forsythia suspensa (连翘), Douchi (豆豉), Dandelion (蒲公英), Thorowax Root (柴胡), Milkvetch (黄芪), Siler (防风), Poria (茯苓), Huo Xiang (藿香), Pinellia Tuber (半夏) , ginger (生姜), red dates (红枣), that's enough."

    She pointed out  "Huoxiang" and said, "I like this name very much!"

(illa: Huo Xiang is Korean mint)

    He Suye nodded, "Huoxiang-aromatizes turbidity, appetizing and relieving vomiting, help heat relief, used for fever, cold, dampness, and stuffy chest" Then he added, "In fact, Huoxiang is also an ornamental plant."

    She didn't know how to answer this conversation, so she nodded and took the prescription to leave.

    He Suye stopped her, "You still have a fever, how about this, go pay the bill first. I'll go to the pharmacy to decoct the medicine for you. Then you don't need to come to pick it up in the afternoon. Can you wait for half an hour?"

    Shen Xifan was stunned. Why is this doctor so kind? She had to mechanically say thank you, "I really trouble you, Doctor He!"

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