First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.3


Chapter 4.3 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (3)

  That one short reply hit Xiong Yifan immediately. Her impression of him being a cute and obedient guy instantly collapsed. It turns out that he is not as cute as he looks. This irritable text message made her at a loss for words and she did not know how to reply to him. Usually, people would be angry if they received this reply, right? Xiong Yifan still responded very nicely: "Well, then I can rest assured."

   After sending, she waited for a long time until she fell asleep on the bed with the sheet mask still on her face.

   Yan Ke appeared in her dreams with a serious expression, asking why she didn't reply to the text message. She was so scared that she woke up from her sleep and took out her phone under her pillow, but didn't see any incoming text message. She felt disappointed as she removed her mask on her face. She was disappointed because of Yan Ke's coldness, and also because of that dream. She suddenly realized that Yan Ke actually didn't care about her feelings. Replying or not replying to her text message, it all depended on his mood.

  Because of this matter, she had insomnia for the first time in her life as she tossed and turned on her bed.

   Some people say that the reason why a person is having insomnia is that he (she) has appeared in other’s dreams. Xiong Yifan questioned herself if she would appear in his dreams, but playing an evil role in his nightmare, and she could not help but feel sad about it. She fantasized that Yan Ke was within her reach, and locked herself in the quilt as if the quilt was his arms, holding her tightly. She was finally able to sleep soundly. Unfortunately, it was not long before she was awakened by Ding Ming.

  Xiong Yifan, with obvious dark circles, appeared in the exam room soulless, and quickly caught Qi Xiaosong's attention. He stood nervously beside Xiong Yifan and checked on her. He could feel that recently, something was wrong with Xiong Yifan. She would be abnormally happy or abnormally sad sometimes. She wasn't such an emotional person before, she was a silly and easy-to-understand girl every day.

   "I’m okay... I’m okay..." Xiong Yifan repeated several times, just like a broken recorder, but Qi Xiaosong was still reluctant to leave her alone.

   Until the teacher came in, Qi Xiaosong stretched out his long arm and patted Xiong Yifan's head: "Xiao Xiong, eat with me at noon. I will wait for you in the cafeteria. If you can't find me just call me."

   Xiong Yifan styled her hair rather helplessly and felt that Qi Xiaosong was surprisingly naggy today and said, "How come you are so persistent today, so suspicious... But if you are treating me to dinner, I can think about it."

   "You eat so much every meal, who can afford to treat you?" Qi Xiaosong left with his bag in a smile, and when he went out, he wanted to go back and say something to her but was pushed away by the form teacher. When the two left the classroom together, they could hear the voice of their form teacher from behind: "There are first-year students here. Don’t be so intimate and be a bad role model before them."

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   Qi Xiaosong explained to the teacher, but Xiong Yifan could not hear what he was saying. She was sitting on her seat, trying to see if the pen was able to write smoothly, and the invigilator teacher had already started to collect the phones from the students. She gave Yan Ke a glance and found that he did not make a move to hand up  his phone, and she did the same.

  The teacher stood on the podium and briefed them on the rules before starting the exam.

   Yan Ke answered his papers in an orderly manner. Ten minutes after starting the test, he was like a magnet, exuding a magnetic field, attracting students around him to want to glance at his test papers, but would never get a chance to. Xiong Yifan always wanted to take out her mobile phone to check for new text messages, but she never had a chance to. This situation continued until the end of the exam. Xiong Yifan screamed in distress after the end of the exam and Ding Ming comforted her.

  Yan Ke leaned on his chin, looked at the two of them, and suddenly rolled his eyes at them, ruining the elegant image.

   This girl, the tomboy, has a voice that is...too loud, and her voice doesn’t sound pleasant, just like the sound of the old steel mill clanging with other metal and it sounded annoying.


  The semester exam ended, Xiong Yifan's relationship with Yan Ke made no progress at all.

   Along with it were the Sports Games, which was Xiong Yifan’s forte.

 She was a sports school student in her middle school, and she was a sports specialty student in high school, after the college entrance examination, she also had to use this forte to enter the university. Every time before the Sports Games, Xiong Yifan will be as busy as a typewriter, completing all tasks mechanically. She was so loved by the sports teachers that she was called by the teacher to tutor other students' sports as soon as she showed up, and she was responsible for letting them know the essentials of each sports matches.

   But... she is not good at playing shot puts. Therefore, she rationally chose to leave and wander around the venue and inevitably saw Yan Ke.