Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2 - High-Grade Nanny (2)

    The call just now was from the United States. Tiffany's mother asked if she could take her two children to Happy Valley tomorrow. Luo Zhi refused. There must be a lot of people in Happy Valley during Holiday. The two children have played in Disneyland in Tokyo and Hong Kong. They shouldn't have much interest in Happy Valley. Not to mention security, she is afraid of accidents. Luo Zhi felt a little strange when she repeatedly requested on the phone.

    "Auntie, has something happened?"

    Luo Zhi felt awkward every time she called her auntie. She looks too young to be mortal. But the two children call themselves sisters, and she can't mess up the seniority

    "Luo Zhi, actually Jake got into trouble. He was preparing to run away from home and was discovered by us. He has always been very fierce to his classmates and his sister. Initially, I said you don’t have to come over these days as I want to bring them to the United States, but he wouldn’t go with me. Now only Jya is watching them at home. I am sorry to trouble you every day. Can you accompany them to play and relax tomorrow, please? They have been in Beijing for a year, but they haven't gone out much yet." 

No matter how strange Luo Zhi felt it was, she felt bad to refuse.

    "Then tomorrow morning, 8:00 alright. I remember Happy Valley should be open at nine o'clock, it is better to go earlier, or else there’s nothing to play, can only queue up."

    "Well, tomorrow at eight in the morning at the east gate of your school, Xiao Chen will pick you up. He shall accompany you and can help take care of them. In fact, Jake doesn't want to take his sister with him but just wants to come out alone with you. They are always quarrelling now, do help me to persuade them."

    "I'll try my best, don't worry."

    Luo Zhi stood dazedly at the east gate and blew in the cold wind. She just went to bed a little too late at night. She was looking through the "Thirteenth Story" she just bought. She didn’t expect that her old habit came back and she became obsessed. She didn’t go to the bathroom until I finished reading it, much less skipping lessons.

    The car lights flashed twice, and Luo Zhi opened her slightly closed eyes and saw Tiffany's small hand waving on the back seat.

    "Juno, here!!!"

    Luo Zhi had no intention of accepting the eyes of everyone outside the east gate, and hurriedly lowered her head to get into the car door.

    She tried her best along the way, trying to find out what the two children were disagreeing about. No matter how she probed at it, Tiffany would give a mischievous look just like normal, while Jake was silent and very rarely replied.

    "Juno, Franzisca said that the red bean double skin milk is very delicious, next time you come and make it for us? Brother likes to eat it too, right?"

    Jake looked out the window and mumbled vaguely.

    Without traffic jams, you can see the tall rockery and various high-altitude amusement facilities of Happy Valley from the window in less than half an hour. Xiao Chen went to the car, Luo Zhi took the two children out of the car first, and told him to wait for him under the red balloon at the main entrance. Jake suddenly said loudly, "Uncle Chen, if you follow us in, I won't play."

    Luo Zhi knew that taking Xiao Chen was originally the result of a compromise between the two children and the adults in the family, but he turned hostile. Anyway, Xiao Chen is not their mother, so he was at wit’s end. He coaxed left and right, but Jake still did not let go.

    In the end, Luo Zhi winked at him-it was enough to follow them slowly in the distance, anyway, they most likely will spend most of their time in the queue today.

    After entering the door, Luo Zhi took them straight to the Ant Kingdom, where there are relaxing rides that children like, as well as a children's restaurant and a 4D cinema.

    Children seldom complain about each other like adults. The two kids screaming at Disneyland are still very excited. Jake's interest is also high. Tiffany sits on the little frog happily and screams, waving her hands to make Luo Zhi Take pictures of them underneath.

    Time was spent this way until noon, after watching a 4D children's movie called "Ant Kingdom" that made Luo Zhi laugh and cry, they sat down in the small restaurant and prepared to have lunch.

    Luo Zhi left them in their seats, picked up her wallets and went to line up. Jake still yelled in the back, the ice cream should be mixed with vanilla and chocolate!

    "Damn, you really want our big group of people to squeeze in with the kids to eat, what a way to destroy humanity!"

    Luo Zhi, who was in the line, turned back to look at the yelling person with some impatience. She didn't expect to hear a familiar voice.

    "Is there any other way? There are fewer people here than there just now, and there are more types of lunch. You are so temperamental. Didn’t you whisper and say you want to try playing the ant train when your younger brother and sister said that the ant train is cute?"

    Everyone is creating a disturbance, many parents have already watched the group of young people who suddenly broke in with their guarded and surprised eyes.

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