Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 - High-Grade Nanny (1)

 The 11th Golden Week is approaching quickly. Luo Zhi did not go home and stayed in Beijing to continue working as a part-time tutor to make money. 

On the evening of September 30th, She stayed up all night until 9am on October 1st and completed a 10,000 words translation. The translation became even more concise in the second half, she finally made it to the end and mailed it to the designated mailbox in a daze, and immediately collapsed on the bed unconscious.

(illa: The Golden Week, Mainland China, is the name given to a semi-annual 7/8 days national holiday)

    She woke up at six o'clock in the evening. She was so hungry that she had a stomachache. While she was struggling to open the packing of the bread, her phone ringed.

    It's Tiffany's mother.

    She has been working as a tutor since the first semester of her college degree. This role of a tutor is a bit special. To put it bluntly, she is the little nanny who looks after her two Chinese-American children, a pair of siblings, the elder brother is in the fifth grade, and the younger sister is in the fourth grade. they just returned to China two years ago and studied at an international school in Shanghai for a year, and now studying in another international elementary school in Beijing.

    She was sitting in the BMW X5 that day and it took an hour to get to Tiffany's home from school. She never knew that there is such a villa area in the suburbs of Beijing, like a small manor in the movie, exquisitely like the fairy tale cardboard puzzle that she ate when she was a child, and the candy house was made by the fairy tale cardboard puzzle with the Orion Chocolate Pie. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw a boy holding a beautiful golden retriever open the white fence of the yard and running towards her. A little girl chased it out behind him, looking like a cute loli in a Japanese cartoon.

    Then they stopped in front of her, and the girl showed deep dimples when she laughed.

    "I'm Tiffany, and who are you?"

    In Luo Zhi’s mind, everything was broken and in disorder. All of this in front of her is simply a Taiwanese idol drama with no cannibalistic fireworks. Maybe she is lonely and ignorant, but with all the living things in front of her eyes, who can't help but twitch the corners of their mouth.

    No matter how shocked, she still pretended to be calm on the surface, lowered her head, smiled sweetly and kindly, and said to her in her pretty confident voice, "I'm Juno."

    Then she raised her head and turned towards them. A beautiful pale mother standing in front of the rose wall nodded her head.

    For the first time in her life, she saw three Filipino domestic helpers. For the first time, she saw her child’s full-time piano teacher play a pull concerto in front of a pure white grand piano. For the first time, she threw a frisbee on the big grass with the Golden Retriever. It's the first time she sits in a yard with a BBQ...

    It turns out that the days of the children of high-ranking cadres and rich people in the novel are really true.

    But it was not too outrageous, at least she hadn't seen the manor castle and the British butler.

    In the afternoon, she spoke to them in Chinese and English, corrected their composition grammar, and helped them understand what the Tang poems required by their mothers to be memorized every day means. She accompanies Tiffany to practice her little marriage proposal. The most important thing is, Play with them.

    In fact, she is not close to her children. She has a phobia of babies, and she can't handle any other children younger than three years old. She is not good at teasing intimately, and she doesn't know how to mingle with them. In fact, the children liked her very much, but they only liked her instead of being close. They would look at her with timid and curious eyes, carefully hand her a piece of fruit, listen to the story around her, and then pounce on others acting like a baby.

    But she had to work hard to please the two children, hoping they would like her. This is a high-paying job, but the technical content is not high. She hopes to get this job, so she has to "unintentionally" show her talent and affinity to the mistress who has been quietly observing at the side.

    Later, it is said that she defeated more than 20 candidates and became a glorious family tutor...

    More than half a year passed, she and Tiffany got closer and closer, and she didn’t have to pretend to be particularly lively and outgoing in front of them like the first day. She slowly returned to what she was before, still trying her best to teach them, but she always seems absent-minded when playing with them.

    Now she has become accustomed to the gap between the world in that small villa and her own world, so that every time she returns to the dilapidated dormitory from Tiffany's house, she feels lost and sighed with emotion, as if she had just travelled back in time.

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