Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2 - Not to discriminate between Passer-by (2)

    Luo Zhi's genuine appreciation of Ding Shuijing's brain, which had always been full of intelligence, led Luo Zhi to reply to her. But only with two sentences.

    "All the best. I respect your choice."

    What is done cannot be undone, she has dropped out of school, if she continues to point at her and say that you should not do this and that, then that is unethical behaviour. What more, Luo Zhi really hopes that this smart and capable head can bravely fight for her dream.

    She did not expect that from then on, Ding Shuijing would like to write to her, although she did not reply anymore.

    All that nonsense, the point is that the writer is comfortable with it, then there is no need to reply.

    In fact, they have broken contact for a long time. Originally in high school, Luo Zhi was just making friends casually, maintaining superficial peace. She went to college, and they are no longer in the same classroom where they have to see each other every day. She was free in an instant, free till the point of occlusion.

    In retrospect, it wasn't just the problem of different universities. She and Ding Shuijing seemed to be estranged from the second semester of the third-year high school. Luo Zhi restlessly sat in a corner to read the gloomy and strange story collection of Allan Poe. Ding Shuijing came over and asked her why she ignored Ye Zhanyan when she had told her to go downstairs to play volleyball.

    "She is angry and said you were not giving her face."

    "Did I?" Luo Zhi was very puzzled and convinced that no one had ever called her. Although she had always been fascinated by reading novels, she was a little bit obsessed today and was not particularly invested, she should be able to hear if someone called her.

    But she still tried to maintain a polite smile, "Maybe I didn't hear it. I must have been too invested in reading novels, I’ll apologize to her in a while." 

Ding Shuijing had other things in mind

    "We all want to be friends with you. You are too unsociable. Our classmates actually think you are too arrogant and cold. Other than your papers, you seem to look down on everyone else." Ding Shuijing's words did not blend together for the first time, but she had an intention to find fault.

    Luo Zhi's originally gloomy mood immediately aggravated. She recovered her polite smile and said lightly, "What do you think of Zhang Min?"

    Ding Shuijing froze for a long time and hurriedly searched for Zhang Min's figure in the classroom “. …He’s good, what’s wrong?”

    Luo Zhi looked from the corner of her eye, Zhang Min was sitting with her head down and turning over the boring new edition of the school newspaper. The light purple down jacket was dirty and paired with her earthy skin, it made her look more haggard.

    "Are you familiar with her?"

    "Unfamiliar, why do you ask this?"

    "Do you think there is a difference between me and Zhang Min? Except for her poor study, we both like to read books, we both like to nest in a corner, both of us don’t like talking, we don’t like shopping, we don’t like singing karaoke, why don’t you say Zhang Min is proud? Or why can’t you ignore me like you ignore Zhang Min’s existence? I think I never say bad things about others, and help my classmates when I can. So no matter what, I shouldn’t labelled as such a bad person"

    "We are just..." Ding Shuijing was speechless. After thinking about it, she said, "We just want you to be happy, so we want you to join us, it is for your own good."

    "If you just simply want to make me happy and want to “save” me, why did Ye Zhanyan not worry about me when she saw me not going out to play volleyball, but thought that I am looking down on her and making her lose face?"

    Luo Zhi remembered that Ding Shuijing stared at her at a loss for words, while Luo Zhi kept her tone flat and her eyes fixed on the book in her hand throughout the whole conversation. She also cannot even remember how Ding Shuijing left.

    That seemed to be the only time when Luo Zhi showed her aggressive side in three years of high school, and it was really aggressive like an 18-year-old girl.

    If she was in a slightly better mood that day, she might face Deng Shuijing’s fierce accusations and only smile with perfunctory words, "Dis I, why are you taking it so seriously? I will apologize when she comes back later."

    She never knew why Ding Shuijing wanted to be "friends" with herself so persistently. Perhaps everyone has their own pride and perseverance, such as Luo Zhi's achievements, such as Ding Shuijing's popularity and relational skills.

    She probably should be thankful that she still has some ability to be valued by others.

    It is a pity that the threshold for her to make friends is so high that Ding Shuijing will have a misunderstanding that “she doesn't care about anyone”. However, it is not a misunderstanding-------she really did not care about them.

    Luo Zhi was not interested in discussing with her how many people in her life were not passersby------so what if it is or what it is not. Ding Shuijing naturally has a lot of beautiful letter paper, missing out her reply letter, although there is a slight regret, it is another kind of perfection.

    She read the letter again, pulled out a blank sheet of paper, and wrote:

    "The equation behind you is wrong. That one should be a hyperbola, not an ellipse.

    So you can see that I am reading your letters well, No matter the sides."

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