Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - The Past

                She slept in his arms with her arms and legs on him, he lowered his head and sniffed her hair, it was the smell of them. He smiled contentedly. The sun is already up and the sky is sunny.

     He received an email from Jiang Jun, telling him that Yin Zhe became her boyfriend. He rushed to the airport crazily and bought the soonest flight ticket back to China. The second before boarding the plane, he changed his mind. He remembered Yin Zhe’s ex-girlfriend in the picture she had once shown him.
     The woman named Jona (Qiao Na) has been actively pursuing him.
    She is a classmate of his. She looked weak and innocent, but he knows her intentions. Her eyes were filled with endless desire.
     She dumped Yin Zhe and was confident that she could be his girlfriend.
    She wanted to be his woman, and become a phoenix. For her desire, she would ruin his dreams. Great, he said yes to her. If she wants to fly up the branch and become a phoenix, she must go through purgatory first.
    She claimed to be his girlfriend and used various methods to drive away every woman beside him.
     She moved into his apartment without permission and wore seductive pajamas to sleep in the living room.
    She ransacked every corner of his apartment.
    She answered his phone calls without his permission and told his family that she was his friend.
  He did not deny that she was his girlfriend, but still dating and chatting with different female friends in private. He made love with her in the living room but went back to his bedroom to shower and sleep alone. He deliberately hid his pictures with Jiang Jun in a seemingly secret place. He told his family that she was another woman who fell in love with him for his money and power.
    Jona asked him if he loved her?
     He will smile affectionately and call her "Little fool"
    She followed him back to China and at the airport, she said to the woman he loved, "Hi I am Jona, your brother's girlfriend"
    He looked at Jiang Jun in shock and fear, and the feeling of revenge instantly tore his heart.
    He told her that Jiang Jun was his distant cousin without blood relations and that he grew up with her.
    He told her that Jiang Jun was his princess. He knew how unscrupulous the woman was. She was filled with jealousy and resentment towards how close Jiang Jun was with him.
    He gave Jona the Channel black evening gown as a gift and took her to various private and public events.
     Her bright red lips shivered in excitedly under the extravagant lights. He deliberately treated her coldly and got close to different women apart from her. At the same time, he directed her casual reunion with Yin Zhe.
    He pushed Jona to her ex-boyfriend to find comfort. She has always been a greedy woman, not letting go of any benefits around her, including relationships.
  He then pretended to not know Jona’s greediness. He listened to her. He believed that Jiang Jun was a demon disguised as an angel and he pretended to alienate from Jiang Jun because of Jona. He waited patiently, anticipating his plot to succeed.
    Unfortunately, he was wrong.
    Unfortunately, it was Jiang Jun, a persistent and silly little girl.
    He hesitated, he was reluctant to make Jiang Jun cry. When her heart aches, he hurts more than her.
     The person Jiang Jun loved does not love her.
     The person she loved hurt her.
     The person he loves does not love him.
     He hurt the person he loves.
     They became the extra one, desperate, helpless, clutching their hopes for the one they loved to love them back.
    They took the same trajectory, but their paths were like parallel lines that will never meet. They were lonely, wandering on the edge of love, there is no end, no relief.
     Fortunately, her family took action. Winners who won the political struggle would not tolerate a marriage with sordid merchants.

(End of flashback)
    If Yin Zhe was born in a family of the intellectual.
    If Yin Zhe was mature to make correct judgments.
    If Yin Zhe loved Jiang Jun sincerely.
    He secretly rejoiced that Yin Zhe was none of those.
    Looking at Jiang Jun sleeping sweetly in his arms, he whispered next to her ear, “fortunately I kicked them both away from us. If not, how can you lie down and sleep here peacefully with me?”