First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.1


Chapter 4.1 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (1)

       The two walked side by side in the empty hallway and their footsteps rattled. Xiong Yifan's could hear her deafening heartbeat, making her footsteps disorderly. This was the first time she had the opportunity to walk along with Yan Ke alone, although this opportunity came a little bit inexplicably.

  She became greedy and wanted more time to stand next to Yan Ke, hoping that the journey can become longer. However, Ding Ming was suffering from abdominal pain and she knew she could not delay the time.

  After thinking about it, she decided.

   "Let's go get medicine first." She started, her voice trembling slightly, and she was unconsciously nervous. Talking to the person she like, regardless of how macho and domineering she seemed, she was still a little shy.

  Yan Ke didn’t realize her abnormality because he did not know how Xiong Yifan is like normally. Because he didn't know her normal state, he didn't find her behavior strange. What's more, Yan Ke never really noticed her before. He just followed behind her quietly, like a gentle little sheep. But he exuded a breathtaking aura, solemn and difficult to get close, like a silent demonstration.


   "Is the test questions difficult?" In order to avoid the awkward silence of not communicating, Xiong Yifan asked and lead the way. She wanted them to be able to talk like normal people and get familiar with each other.


   This answer made Xiong Yifan at a loss for words, and she did not know how to continue the conversation.

   The two went into the medical office, and when Xiong Yifan walked in, the teacher asked curiously, "What’s wrong outside? There’s so many security guards roaming outside."

   "I don't know, the students are told to stay in the classroom after the exam, and the school gate is locked." Xiong Yifan said while buying a box of painkillers from the teacher.

    The teacher has seen Xiong Yifan a couple of times already and reminded her: "Your friend shouldn’t be over-reliant on the medicine, there are side effects to it. Tell your classmate to drink more brown sugar water and avoid wash her hair on her period."

   Xiong Yifan was a little embarrassed and nodded her head as she turned to look at Yan Ke, and gestured to the teacher that there was a boy beside her. The teacher didn’t notice her actions as she was paying attention to what was going on outside, and did not take Xiong Yifan seriously.

   Yan Ke acted much more normally as compared to Xiong Yifan. He stood at the door and can't help feeling a bit bored. A woman having stomach cramps would either be on her period or has over-eaten. Today is an exam day and no one would be in the mood to over-eat, so the reason for Ding Ming’s cramps was clear. Even primary school students would be able to guess it. As a high school student, it wouldn’t be something embarrassing to talk about.

   Women are troublesome creatures….

   "Then what?" After they got out of the clinic, Yan Ke asked abruptly.

  Xiong Yifan was still at a loss of words and asked: “What?"

   "Which office is that female teacher in?" Yan Ke was a little impatient. He was listless when he was talking, and his eyes were wandering and not looking at Xiong Yifan at all. This alienated attitude made Xiong Yifan inexplicably lost for a while. She clearly stood beside him but she was unable to catch his eyes.

   "Follow me upstairs."

   The corridor was extremely quiet, and there were not even any teachers walking around. The faint light entered through the open window, casting two overlapping shadows as they walked, just like a pair of interdependent people. Xiong Yifan’s thoughts wondered, realizing that they were alone with each other made her heart race. She felt guilty about her thoughts and did not dared to look directly at Yan Ke, so she walked in a strange way, just like a robot who lacks lubrication.

       "Take it for me." Entering the office, she handed Ding Ming’s medicine to Yan Ke, warmed up her hands, and was ready to replace the empty water bottle from the water dispenser. As soon as she turned around, she saw that Yan Ke playing with his mobile phone, and was shocked. “Why didn't you hand up your phone? It won't be..."

   "Do you think I need to cheat?" Yan Ke snorted dismissively, and then placed the phone on the desk aside and walked to the water dispenser to remove the empty bucket.

   Xiong Yifan obviously underestimated Yan Ke's physical strength, he replaced the big bottle almost effortlessly. After doing all this, he turned around, but he didn't see his mobile phone. His expression changed, and his beautiful brows frowned slightly, and then looked at Xiong Yifan: "Did you see my phone?"

   Xiong Yifan shook her head, took out her mobile phone from her pocket, and handed it to Yan Ke: "You can use my mobile phone to call yourself to see where it is."

   "You... you didn’t hand it up too?"

   "Well, I kept it to cheat. I didn't dare to use it just now and get caught for disciplinary actions."

   They looked at each other silently.

   Yan Ke hesitated and took her mobile phone, turn on the screen, and saw that her wallpaper. It has "pass every exam" written on it and he immediately twitched his lips, pretended to calmly enter his phone number, and then dialed. The sound of his phone vibrating could be heard and it was coming out of  Xiong Yifan's pocket. Yan Ke scrutinized her in an exasperated manner as if hating her mischief.

   So childish!

   She calmly took Yan Ke's mobile phone out of her pocket, glanced at the caller ID on the screen, and smiled: "This is my phone number."