First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.5


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (5)

   The young teacher couldn't make the decision to let her leave the exam room. With some hesitation, Xiong Yifan volunteered to go out and look for the headmaster. But the new invigilator told her to stay in her seat, explaining that the students should not leave the exam venue yet. As time passed, the young teacher left to seek for help from other teachers in other exam venues but did not return.

  Xiong Yifan thought: why didn’t he just make a phone call? Why must he look for other teachers like a headless fly when a phone call could solve the problem? This teacher... is he reliable? The most important thing is... students' mobile phones should be handed to the teacher voluntarily before the exam, otherwise they will violate the discipline of the examination. Xiong Yifan's cell phone was not handed up to the teacher, but she dared not to take it out for if she was seen with a phone, she might be handed over for disciplinary actions.

   Xiong Yifan was anxious, holding a cup, and helped Ding Ming get a cup of hot water again. She went up to Ding Ming to ask about her condition but Ding Ming told her to get back to her seat to avoid troubles. If a teacher finds that Xiong Yifan is walking around in the exam venue, she would be punished. Although Xiong Yifan went back to her seat obediently, Ding Ming's pale face and lips made Xiong Yifan worry.

       Ten minutes passed, and no one came back to their exam room, as if those invigilators who went out has fallen into a deep black hole, and could not find a way back. The people in the class began to lose their patience. Some people predicted an unforeseeable incident has happened. Various versions of suspense stories were discussed.

   Xiong Yifan decided to do something about it. In this process of being left hanging, every minute and second seemed like torment and she could not bear it anymore. She got up, walked to the podium, and turned on the class computer. She then connected it to the stereo. Then, in front of the entire group of students, she surfed the Internet, searched, found a song, increase its volume to the maximum, and then quickly returned to her seat.

  The music emerged all of a sudden from the school building, just like thunder, which shocked the rest of the people. The examination room was supposed to be quiet, but the silence was broken abruptly, like a blue sky suddenly having a tint of red. Nice but abrupt.

   Sure enough, within five minutes, a teacher came in, and seven or eight more followed behind. She successfully attracted teachers back into her class but at the same time, she was anxious because she is in deep trouble.

   The form teacher of class (2) came in after some time. After entering, she scanned the crowd and saw Xiong Yifan staring at her stunned. She immediately understood what Xiong Yifan did. She turned off the music first, calmed the teachers who were about to get angry, and persuade them to leave, and then lean on the podium desk as she glanced at the students.

   The form teacher was a slender person, and her figure was as good as a model. Of course, if she looks better, she would be on the T-stage.

   "Xiong Yifan, stand up." 

  Xiong Yifan stood up and lowered her head, looking very obedient.

   "Explain." The form teacher was unable to understand why she wanted to attract attention in such a high profile manner.

        Xiong Yifan looked up at the form teacher and realized that she was not angry. Xiong Yifan heaved a sigh of relief, "Ding Ming has a stomachache, I wanted to buy her medicine, but unfortunately, no teacher was here and I could not leave the class without a permission.”

   The form teacher looked over at Ding Ming who was in pain and walked over. Taking a thorough look at her, she understood that Xiong Yifan’s actions were not to cause trouble. After all, the exams were over. It was indeed abnormal to not let the students leave the examination venue after handing up their scripts. 

        She nodded, then walked over to Xiong Yifan and whispered softly, "an incident happened outside of school, so now all the students in the school are to stay in the school building. The school gate is locked. Now, go to the infirmary to get some medicine for Ding Ming first, and come back immediately."

   Xiong Yifan nodded and was about to leave the class when the form teacher stopped her again, "I need you to help me change the water on the water dispenser. It was too heavy for the female teachers to do."

   As soon as she said that, everyone suppressed their laughter but giggles could still be heard.

   Xiong Yifan thought: why couldn’t you find a male teacher instead. Xiong Yifan felt slightly embarrassed.

   Xiong Yifan has no choice but to agree and then walked out with heavy footsteps. She clearly saw Yan Ke chuckling, and his shoulders were shaking uncontrollably. She was ridiculed by Yan Ke which made her wanted to dig a hole to hide.

  Ding Ming saw Xiong Yifan’s red face and decided to help her. She signaled back and forth at her form teacher and the form teacher eventually said again, "that boy sitting there thinks its funny? Since this is the case, you can help her too."

   The boy she was referring to was Yan Ke.

   Ding Ming’s mood immediately brightened. Is it possible that the teacher was able to read her mind? This is so interesting. The students in her form class have always liked her so much because she was always so cute and understanding.

  Yan Ke was surprised at first. He hesitantly got up, nodded, and followed Xiong Yifan out.

   The aura in the classroom suddenly changed. The eyes of all the girls in year one class (2) followed Yan Ke as he walked out of this classroom.

   "let’s go." Yan Ke walked to Xiong Yifan and said softly.

   This is the first sentence Yan Ke said to Xiong Yifan. After many, many years, Xiong Yifan can still clearly remember how good his voice sounded at that time, enchanting her and echoed in her mind for days and nights.