Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 - 甘草 Licorice (2)

    The document reads, "The task of the housekeeping department is to arrange rooms. The housekeeping department has the closest connection with the front office. The housekeeping department needs to obtain guest check-in information from the front office at all times, familiarize with the guest history, collect guest suggestions, and take special care for VIP rooms. Pay special attention to checking the room status regularly; assist in alleviating the check-in pressure at the front office. The shift schedule should ensure the full manpower of the morning and mid shifts. Pay attention to the inventory of various rooms in the computer system and feedback to the front office in time for convenience The front office department makes overall adjustments to sales at any time and cooperates with the catering department to do a good job in-room service, inventory and supplement of food and beverages in the minibar of the room, help alleviate the huge pressure on breakfast the next day, and coordinate with the catering department when appropriate diversion of meals."

    She flipped through the information. This time, there seemed to be a lot of VIPs, and the task was quite arduous. She cursed and complained in her head.

    While she was still complaining, she saw the food and beverage department manager Xu Xiangya push open the door, holding piles of information, the distribution of pieces of information felt like distributing freebies to roadside hawkers, "Come, come, go back and study it well, pleasant cooperation."

    She immediately rolled her eyes.

    But she couldn't go home again at this time, sitting in the office, writing plans and sorting out various materials. Shen Xifan rubbed her temples and remembered the Chinese medicine lying in the kitchen, so she had to go back and get it during her dinner break.

    As soon as she came back, she found the public relations manager Lin Yishen looking for her, saying that a boss from the IT summit had arrived, a week earlier than expected.

    Indeed, changes always go beyond plans.. She went back to the office to search for information in a mess. Fortunately, Lin Yishen was quite helpful. The person on duty in the catering department happened to be Xu Xiangya, so she pushed the catering item to her, and she only had to be responsible for the guest room.

    She asked the front office manager and the security office to book the waterfront villa of Jingge. She was worried and went to check the sanitation and facilities in person, and the supervisor who followed her was also nervous, for fear of making a mistake.

    At a little over nine o'clock, Boss Duan was accompanied by President Cheng into the Gunan Palace, Shen Xifan stood aside and trying to uplift her spirit.

    Duan Zhen was quite satisfied with the dinner. He even said a few good things. He also led Mr Cheng to talk about his family and said that he hadn’t eaten snacks in his hometown for so many years. This time he finally got his wish. Xu Xiangya has passed the test.

    Later, when he led him to the villa area, the boss Duan was a little surprised, "The general manager really surprised me, and really understood my taste!" 

Mr Cheng called Shen Xifan, "It was arranged by our room manager, and I have no credit!"

    Duan Zhen praised her, with awkward mandarin, "Manager Shen is very meticulous, I am very satisfied, very satisfied!"

    Shen Xifan carefully cut open the Chinese medicine package, poured it into a cup to heat up, the catering department sent dinner and supper, she almost gobbled up and choked on herself several times. She also picked up the wrong cup and accidentally took Chinese medicine as water, almost making her vomit out her meal.

    It still smelled of licorice, sweet, just like her mood, although she was tired, she was still very happy.

    Thinking of organizing information at night, she picked up a packet of instant coffee. The doctor told her to quit coffee, and for the sake of her own body, so she threw it down again.

    She started silly thinking of the Chinese medicine doctor who had dimples when he smiles. He was extremely patient with her. Such effectiveness of the medicine also partly due to his effect. She was a little uplifted and a little relieved, studying the information with twelve points of spirit.

   For several days, various company bosses and high-level executives have also moved in. Fortunately, they are not very picky and accept circumstances with goodwill. Shen Xifan's arrangement is reasonable and has won a lot of praise. 

    Habitually went to get Chinese medicine, and found that there was no more. She checked the schedule, there will be no VIP again today. She gave some orders and ran to the hospital to get the medicine.

    The Chinese Medicine Building was still so deserted. At a glance, she saw the handsome doctor walking towards the pharmacy and asking, "Are there any Squama Manitis (穿山甲) and Glue of Tortoise Plastron (龟板胶) ?"

    They shouted, "Just arrived!"

    Suddenly, the doctor turned around and was slightly surprised when he saw her, "Why do you only come to get the medicine now?"

    "I haven't finished it until now!" Shen Xifan was also surprised.

    "You don't eat one packet a day, do you? I remember that the dosage I wrote to you was two packets a day?"

    "Ah-------I forgot!" 

The doctor was a little unhappy. After all, they all had a headache when they encountered disobedient and self-righteous patients. , He looked at Shen Xifan and asked, "Are you busy lately?"

    Shen Xifan nodded, "I am busy day and night, and when I sleep, I am afraid of unexpected sudden events." 

"How is your sleep now?”

    " It’s much better!” Shen Xifan was a little excited, “Although it’s still hard to fall asleep, I don’t have insomnia all night.” 

The doctor smiled, “That’s good, remember that the medicine is two packs a day, the effect is not obvious if the amount is small, don’t forget to take the medicine again." Then he turned around to leave..

    Shen Xifan hesitated for a moment, but still couldn't help asking, "Doctor He, is Su Ye a  Chinese medicine?" 

The doctor stopped, turned around, he looked very handsome when he smiled, like a young person, and there was a hint of naughtiness in the gentle voice, " Su Ye, to be exact, it is perilla leaf, which is warm in nature, pungent in taste, relieves the appearance of cold, promotes qi and soothe the stomach. By the way, in winter you can drink a little ginger onion sesame leaf drink, 15 grams of Fistular onion stalk, fresh ginger and 10 grams of sesame leaf, decocted in water, seasoned with brown sugar, it can dispel the wind and cold, warm the lungs and relieve cough. If you are not used to drinking it, you can also cook perilla leaf porridge." 

The nurse on the opposite side called him, and he smiled, "I’ll go first if there is any question, you have about taking medicine, feel free to ask me."

    Shen Xifan scratched her head and meditated in her heart. I just wanted to know why you are named after a chinese medicine.

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