Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.1 - Not to discriminate between Passer-by (1)

    Luo Zhi walked slowly towards the dormitory building and saw Gobi standing at the entrance holding a large bouquet of roses.

    The other party also saw her, and she nodded politely to say hello. Gobi smiled very generously at her, "Beauty, is Baili in the dormitory?"


    "No wonder she didn't answer me on the phone. Then you can help me pass these flowers."

    Luo Zhi nodded and reached for it. After the flowers were handed over by Gobi, she didn't expect her to be caught, but the other party did not let go.

    "I hope she won't be mad at me anymore. This is the first time in my life that I stupidly stand below the girl’s dormitory holding a flower, if she doesn't appreciate this, then I am not doing this anymore." 

Luo Zhi released his grip, took a step back away from this handsome face and said, "Then I'll go upstairs and tell her to come down to see you."

    She was about to leave, and Gobi said quietly behind her, "You are the most boring girl I have ever seen."

    Luo Zhi did not know whether to laugh or cry and entered the building.
 without saying anything.

    "A cold beauty is different from a big ice cube. Your level is still not enough, in order to capture, one must let loose. You still need to practice more to use it well. The current state is not passable."

    She laughed out loud and said without a word, "Who wants to capture you?" 

When turning, she heard a low "shit" coming from behind.

    She remembered Jiang Baili's experiences of crawling on the bed and crying after fighting with all kinds of girls over Gobi. Comparing it with the pride that Gobi said he had to put down in order to bring her flowers, she felt a bit bitter for Baili.


    Her vocabulary is a bit weary, but since she said it in her heart, it is fine as long as she understands it.

    Back at the dormitory, she woke up Baili. Before she even finished talking, Baili already picked up the facial cleanser and rushed to the bathroom to dress up.

    Luo Zhi sat at the table and opened the envelope. There was still only one piece of calculation paper in it, one side was the letter and the other was the messy analytical equation.

    "Luo Zhi, I will only write to you on the calculation paper that I grabbed off my fingertips. You don’t care anyway. It really saves money, other people write to me on beautiful hard paper, but I don’t even receive a calculation paper from you. I haven’t seen you, can you at least reply me a letter?! 

To be honest, I really want to know, in your heart, have you ever cared about people like us?

    I really want to know.

    You are very similar to another person I know. You don’t care about anyone. It makes me feel like I’ve never existed before. That person is so kind to everyone, so good that I misunderstand that it was love.I really don’t know if it matters to others, but that person really doesn’t love me.”

    Luo Zhi froze for a few seconds and read the letter again.

    She would like to ask, what does she mean by "people like us”?

    Ding Shuijing has always been exquisite, soaked up in fiction magazines every day, but with a little hard work, her grades maintain in the top ten of the class, and her popularity is very high, whether it is her top grade or Ye Zhanyan kind of famous popular beauty or even that Xu Qiqiao, a gossiper and poisonous tongue, Ding Shuijing can become close friend with them and listen to the complicated thoughts of others.

    Luo Zhi rarely said anything to her. Although she would smile at her when they met, she would symbolically complain to her that the few math questions were difficult to do or the history teacher took the trouble to give so many papers or the likes. The two people can still take the road home every day, many people regard Ding Shuijing as the few friends of the arrogant and indifferent Luo Zhi  - but she is not, and both of them know that clearly in their hearts.

    The university application form is filled with the top major and school that she can enter based on her grades. Ding Shuijing will also be able to be free and unfettered at university, even more so than nerds like Luo Zhi. Yes, that was what everyone thought-------- until Ding Shuijing somehow dropped out of school to learn Art.

    That day, Ding Shuijing wrote the first letter to Luo Zhi, and Luo Zhi knew the news that everyone knew. Her letter was full of grievances and confusion, and her tone was desperate as if Luo Zhi was the only life-saving straw in her spiritual world.

    Of course, there is still a little hidden secret ---- "I think I can finally prove that I have not escaped or ridiculed anything, although the person I care about may not wait for my proof." But Luo Zhi did not go into details into the meaning of this sentence.

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