Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - Ruo River is Three Thousand Metres Long, You can Splash all you want (2)

    The teacher had just announced a ten minutes break, he turned over to ask: "Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?"

  Luo Zhi felt both annoyed yet funny:. "You seem to particularly wish I was hurt"

    The offender had nothing better to do but to come to join the fun and said with a grin: "You don't know this, my friend has a hot water complex. If I remember correctly, when he was in senior high, he came to know his first girlfriend just because he accidentally poured a cup of hot water on the girl and burned her. She scolded him angrily. Our young master happened to be a masochist. Ruo River is Three Thousand Metres Long, he was waiting for that one splash."

    Sheng Huainan did not respond as clearly as he did in a coffee shop this time, but just gave a feeling that he was already accustomed to old affairs being brought up, seems to have expected that the other party would expose him, smiled gently, did not deny, nor did he become angry.

    Luo Zhi froze for a moment, and immediately turned to look at the boy and said, "What do you want to imply? You also splashed me with hot water. So should I scold you now to prove the fate between us?!" 

The boy was embarrassed, his face flushed, and Sheng Huainan was already lying on the table laughing uncontrollably.

    "You really don’t like her?" While the old man continued to lecture, Zhang Mingrui asked inadvertently but did not smile.

    "What are you always asking me this?" Sheng Huainan bowed his head and carefully copied the notes.

    Zhang Mingrui's nib paused, raised his head to look at the podium, put on the pen cap, and asked casually, "You guys are high school classmates? What's her name?"

    Sheng Huainan glanced at him quickly.

    "Shall I introduce the configuration and model number, and how much is the budget?" He smiled at Zhang Mingrui, who was blushing.

    Few people could tell when Zhang Mingrui blushed because he was too dark.

    "Department of International Trade, School of Economics, Luo Zhi, Luo from Luoyang ancient city, Zhi, Zhi from uh...' Jusheng Huaibei Ze Zhi’... I think so." Sheng Huainan explained Luo Zhi's name in one fell swoop, and then paused for a moment, "And she is our high school flower (illa: campus belle) ---- at least on the school flower comprehensive ranking, she have both looks and character, I heard that she is still single, in terms of feasibility, you got game." 

Zhang Mingrui grinned reluctantly and did not respond.

    "Hey, why don't you talk, and what are you planning in your head?" Sheng Huainan laughed.

    He still didn't answer. This was the first time Sheng Huainan was so long-winded in front of him, making fun of him like a kid, but no matter what he did, he only gave him a reluctant grin.

    Sheng Huainan also stopped talking, and the two men quietly copied their notes.

    Zhang Mingrui is not a boy with a rough and carefree mental state. He heard clearly that something was slowly dying in their silence.

    After class, Luo Zhi was sorting out her schoolbag and saw the splashing boy turned to face her.

    “Let me treat you to ice cream to apologise for just now."

    Luo Zhi was surprised. She saw that Sheng Huainan's face was also filled with surprise, but only for a short moment, he immediately rolled the schoolbag on his shoulder and winked at her. He smiled and whispered into Zhang Mingrui's ear saying "Don't embarrass yourself", and then quickly left.

    "My name is Zhang Mingrui." The boy's cheeks were still crimson. He has tanned skin, his facial features were stretched out, and it looks pretty flattering.

    Luo Zhi took a few seconds to digest the situation, then sighed and said: "If it is for this dress and that cup of coffee, then I don't think it is necessary to apologise, I don't really mind. If it is for the fate of splashing hot water..."

    His face became redder.

    "Then it's even more unnecessary." She said in a joke, "I'm not familiar with Sheng Huainan in High School, but I have heard some rumours. His relationship with that girl was very interesting and unconventional, but they still broke up in the end. Since it is the same kind of beginning, it's bad luck. I think we should just forget it.”

    Despite smiling, the sense of distance was clearly shown in her eyes, she believed he could see it too.

    "Hah, it's okay, it's okay, don't misunderstand." The boy was embarrassed, Luo Zhi couldn't bear it, but she didn't want things to go too far, so it was better to make it clear from the beginning.

    Moreover, Sheng Huainan walked away as a matchmaker, she felt a little upset.

    "You are the girl I met that day right, your mouth is still so powerful. Sheng Huainan told me just now that you are the school flower of their high school, talented and good-looking. Sure enough, it really is well-deserved praise."

    Luo Zhi knows this is just Sheng Huainan's excuse in front of Zhang Mingrui.

    "You have been cheated. It's not me."

    He froze: "Ah?"

    "School Flower was the girl who was splashed with hot water by him." She didn't want to continue talking anymore, picked up her school bag and said to him, "See you soon" and went towards the back door.

    After walking a few steps, she suddenly heard a low call from behind.

    "Luo Zhi, right?"

    She looked back at him: "Yes, Sheng Huainan told you?"

    "You like Sheng Huainan, don't you." Zhang Mingrui stared at the table, not looking at her.

    Has she hit a ghost recently, why does everyone come to ask whether she likes Sheng Huainan, and moreover, all of them are complete strangers.

    "You'd better stop before going too far ." She neither denied nor admitted.

    Seeing him flushed, she slowed down and said softly, "Don't misunderstand, not all girls who talk to handsome guys want to get close to them."

    Although she is indeed one of those girls.

    "You must also like Sheng Huainan." Zhang Mingrui seems to be possessed.

    "Also?" Luo Zhi was startled, and vaguely saw something in his expression, and smiled, "Zhang Mingrui, did you like a girl, but she likes Sheng Huainan?”

    Zhang Mingrui's expression changed slightly, but Zhang Minrui didn't say anything, only lowered his head down and turned away.

    Luo Zhi was stunned, he didn't even bother to lie to cover up, it really made people speechless.

    The people around were all gone, only the two of them were left standing there. Luo Zhi thought about it and decided to walk over and said a little apologetically: "Treat me to ice cream. Take it as I said nothing just now. I'm sorry."

    He recovered and immediately smiled silly: "Okay."

    Luo Zhi admits, the fact that his thought pattern changes so easily, he is indeed a very cute person.

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