First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.3


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (3)

  To keep up with the progress of the piano class and get a decent score, one has to practice at home. Tang Tang's family could make ends meet but the burden of good piano lessons could be heavy. However, learning dancing would be a lot more affordable. As for Yan Ke, it is not difficult to imagine that his family should be quite well off. At least Xiong Yifan didn’t know many people who have pianos at home.

  Today, Tang Tang gave Yan Ke notes she made in her first year that she had put in her schoolbag on the weekend.

   After reading Ding Ming’s note, Xiong Yifan dazed. Were Tang Tang and Yan Ke childhood sweethearts. At least, their friendship had a long history.

  But they had known each other for so many years. If they liked each other, they would already be in a relationship by now. Tang Tang has always been single. By coincidence, Xiong Yifan also heard that Tang Tang liked people older than her. Does that mean that the two are not dating?

   In a moment, another note from Ding Ming was thrown onto her table.

  There was one line on it: Do you remember the regularity of our exam venues?

   Xiong Yifan suddenly recalled or something and squashed the note into a ball tightly.

   The curriculum of the first grade and the curriculum of the second grade are almost the same. The first-year class (2) and the second-year class (2) take gym classes together. Also, the exam venues for monthly and midterm exams are chosen randomly. Furthermore, first-year students and second-year students sit in alternate rows and columns to prevent cheating. Therefore, there is a high chance that she will meet Yan Ke in the exam hall. 

   Xiong Yifan finally smiled and her moodiness was gone. She began to listen attentively to the teacher speaking on the stage.

   Qi Xiaosong was sitting in the last row of the class because of his tall height. He leaned his head on the table and stared at Xiong Yifan's back view, his forehead formed thin lines.

   He agreed that Xiong Yifan's new hairstyle looked pretty good, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. He didn’t want to admit too.

   He hoped that Xiong Yifan had not changed her hairstyle and remain looking so carefree like how she originally was. She always had a flamboyant personality, but friendly at the same time, she was ordinary looking and not fond of beauty. She didn’t have the kind of fuzz most girls had, and would not do things rashly like some guys. Most importantly, she loves to take care of others, which makes her friends with everyone.

   His fist clenched and loosened, loosened, and clenched again. He changed a posture and was ready to find a discrete way to go to sleep, but was hit by the chalk on his head thrown over by the teacher.

   "Pass it back to me." The teacher said.

Qi Xiaosong pouted his lips, walked to the podium, and put the chalk back into the teacher’s pen case. The rest of the class laughed. On his way back to his seat, he flicked Xiong Yifan's hair with a finger, making a small curl on her hair.

   Xiong Yifan glared at him angrily.

   She never thought that any boy would like her, so she never thought much about his actions.

   That made her seem indifferent about Qi Xiaosong’s feelings for her.

   Xiong Yifan paid attention to Yan Ke's every moves as if she had clairvoyant eyes and ears. Love, at first sight, unearthed her potential as a detective. In the crowded field, she can always spot him in a second; in the noisy cafeteria, she can always easily overhear things about Yan Ke.

        She learned that beneath the sports sportswear, Yan Ke always liked to wear a blue T-shirt or a plaid shirt; he has a pair of blue and white converse shoes and a pair of black and white travel shoes, which he will regularly switch up. He also purchased a new pair of brown skateboard shoes and wore them all for a week; in the cafeteria, he liked to listen to MP3, and only wears his headset on one side so that he can chat with his friends.

   She used to secretly line up behind Yan Ke in the cafeteria, fearing that Yan Ke would turn around, but at the same time, anticipating that he will turn back. She didn’t find a chance to make a move yet, but she felt nervous beside him. Her face will blush like a ripe red apple that even an apple would be ashamed of itself for not being ripe enough. Ding Ming will always coax her and push her forward. Once, Xiong Yifan almost hit Yan Ke. Her nose tip softly brushed his clothes and she smelled the light fragrance on him. It should be the smell of body lotion and the scent was very light. Yet, to Xiong Yifan, the scent of him was like the aroma of old wine, making her drunk and overwhelmed.

   She secretly found out what Yan Ke likes to eat. He would get two meat and two vegetables in the mixed rice store. He seemed to like eating sweet food, caramelized sweet potato in particular. He always had sufficient money in his meal card, unlike Xiong Yifan, who only had sufficient money at the beginning of the month.

   Once in the supermarket, Xiong Yifan finally brought her courage to pretend to buy something and got a step closer to Yan Ke to eavesdrop on the songs in Yan Ke's headphones. She only heard the melody but did not know what the song was. She went back to her dorm and hummed the melody to many people, searched on the Internet, and did thorough research on the song for two full days before finally finding the song’s name. It was a Violin music by David Garrett.

   This finding made Xiong Yifan ponder for a long time. There are songs on her mobile phone that she will listen to and most of them are very catchy. Her favorite song was "Jing Zhong Bao Guo"

  She and Yan Ke had such different tastes.

  She appeared so often around Yan Ke that she can recognize several of Yan Ke's friends.

   Soon, she found out one more thing. She was not the only one who had a crush on Yan Ke, many girls in the school were eyeing him and some began to take actions. For example, Yan Ke received three love letters one day. He looked through them when he was bored and out of curiosity, he took out his mobile phone and searched a few sentences up on Baidu. Eventually, he found similar lines that matched the love letter.

   His reply to the love letter was: shameless plagiarism.

   Such integrity!

   Xiong Yifan actually thought his reply was cute.

        As for Tang Tang, other than the first time Xiong Yifan saw her with Yan Ke at the school gate, she had never encountered them being together again. Tang Tang, as usual, would be busy studying in class, collecting love letters after class, avoiding the boys chasing after her during lunch break and be afraid of morons calling her name downstairs when she goes back to her dorm.

  This made Xiong Yifan relieved.