Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 - 甘草 Licorice (1)

    Sure enough, once Shen Xifan entered her house door, the phone rang, and she could guess who it was without thinking. She took off her high heels and lay on the bed lazily, waiting for the phone to ring impatiently, before picking it up.

    When she picked it up, she pulled the microphone far away and on the other end, she was abused roundly, "Shen Xifan, you dead thing, you dare say, you are sick, I think you are mentally sick and crazy!"

    She sighed, honestly admitted, "Yes, I'm mentally sick!"

    At the side, Father Shen persuaded, "Stop scolding her, your daughter doesn't want to go on a blind date, then don't force her, stop worrying about this all day. How old is she now? Yet, you are still treating her like a child!"

    Mother Shen got angry. "Am I wrong? I am just doing the best for her. You one old and one young come together to accuse me. I am doing things with good intention. Why are the things I do not according to your wishes? Do I still have the right to speak at home? Am I still human?"

    Father Shen didn't say anything immediately, and Mother Shen became more aggravated. "Shen Xifan, I tell you, you better forget that stinky boy Dai Heng, stop thinking about him and forget him. Who do you think you are? Wang Baochuan?"

(illa: The legend of Wang Baochuan of the Tang Dynasty is of a woman whose perseverance and loyalty has touched the hearts of many. She waited 18 years for her husband who went to the battlefield)

    She picked up the microphone and explained, "Mom, I have not contacted him for a long long time, don't mention him, OK!"

    “Don't mention him? Even if I don't mention him, you will still talk about him, I tell you, you quickly find a boyfriend, or sincerely go for blind dates, if you do what you did today again, believe it or not I will disown you, this heartless and thoughtless daughter! "

    Shen Mother continued scolding for a long time before hanging up the phone.

    Shen Xifan froze for a moment, sighed, turned out of bed, and began to heat the Chinese medicine, which exudes a medicine smell from the microwave, deep and rich, with a gentle scent of fragrant and sweetness.

    She picked up a little with a spoon and tried it. It was slightly sweet. The amount of Skullcap Root may be small. The sweet taste of licorice and jujube masked the bitter taste. She pinched her nose and hurriedly drank down the bowl of medicine and quickly rinsed her mouth with a bowl of plain water.

    Lips and teeth had a lasting scent, after the bitterness came the sweetness of licorice. Slowly, she feels slightly her body become slightly warm, the heat caused her to be a little drowsy, and the sleepiness accumulated over the past few days kicked in, or it may just be a psychological effect. Anyways, once her head hit the pillow, she fell into a sweet and deep sleep.

    The next day she went to work full of energy, feeling that she was truly alive. It was almost winter, but the air was still stuffy and humid, but she was in a good mood.

  She first went to walk around the Jing pavilion, checking everything was well. Then she entered the back door and saw the lobby manager Ding Wei, with a haggard complexion. She wondered, "Ding Wei, what happened?"

    He shook his head. “The issue is big but not really big, small but not really small. A man suddenly broke into the lobby last night and grabbed a female guest. The security guard immediately took him away, but the female guest refused to forgive and let go of the issue. I got tormented throughout the night, barely managing to calm the female guest down."

    Shen Xifan felt the same way, "Fortunately, nothing happened in the guest room, otherwise it would be even more troublesome."

    Gunan Hua Ting is not the most luxurious hotel in the city,  but it wins in its very distinctive rooms. The guest rooms are divided into Jing Pavilion and Xin Pavilion. Jing Pavilion is a Chinese style guest room, suite and villa, and Xin Pavilion is Western style.

    No wonder Shen Xifan was under such pressure, and it is not without reason.

   Right at this time, the intercom rang, as soon as she heard it was the general manager’s  secretary, "The general manager wants you to go to his office."

    Shen Xifan was a little uneasy, Ding Wei looked at her happily, "Eat more in the afternoon, let it out!"

    She complained, "Ding Wei, believe it or not, I will find some gangsters to come and make trouble. Like this, you can have your supper!"

    Cheng Dongqian waited for her in the office, Shen Xifan knocked on the door and found the manager of the public relations department, security department, engineering department were all present, and then President Cheng motioned to her to sit down. "This time I gathered all of you specifically because of the VIP booking. I hope you all understand the situation first."

    The secretary sent out the information, and she picked it up and turned it over. It turned out that the hotel was going to receive a VIP attending the IT summit.

    No wonder so much fanfare, a rich guest is the boss.

   Pity her weak mental state, which will be tormented again.

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