First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.4


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (4)

   The monthly exam was much anticipated by Xiong Yifan and she swears that it was definitely the first time ever in her life that she looked forward to an exam. Staring at the seat number she had randomly picked up in her hand, she began to look forward to the exam day, hoping that she could be in the same examination room as Yan Ke.

   Ding Ming was like a fluffy little mole when she crawled into Xiong Yifan's arms, coquettishly saying: "Let me guess, someone, must be looking forward to seeing someone?"

    Xiong Yifan can guess at one glance who was this so-called someone and someone. These days, she became almost numb when Ding Ming teased.

   "I wish I could be in the same exam room as him. If we are not in the same exam room, I would pretend to go around other classes to ask about the test after we finish to to find out where he is."

   "It’s my time of the months and it hurts terribly..." Ding Ming was lying in Xiong Yifan's arms. Xiong Yifan looked down and found Ding Ming's face pale as paper and drops of sweat formed on her forehead.

        Xiong Yifan sat up, helped Ding Ming to her seat, took out a tumbler, and poured a cup of warm water on the table for Ding Ming. She blew at it hopping to cool its temperature, and a hot mist emitted from the cup, forming cloud-like structure.

   Xiong Yifan squatted beside Ding Ming, one hand on the edge of the table to balance herself as she asked: "Is it very painful? You should ask for leave!"

   "No… not today. If I take leave this time, I would have to take a makeup exam." Ding Ming said, and patted Xiong Yifan’s head.

  Every time Ding Ming felt uncomfortable, Xiong Yifan would be very worried. Xiong Yifan was too fond of taking care of people, to begin with. Ding Ming knew her character and did not want her pain to affect Xiong Yifan.

  One after another, students with unfamiliar faces came into the exam venue. They were all students from year one class (2), but Yan Ke was not amongst them. Xiong Yifan's attention was totally on Ding Ming. She even forgot her previous anticipations to see the boy she liked. She ran out ten minutes before the exam and went to the medical clinic to ask for a heating pad from the teacher.

   Xiong Yifan ran back to the exam room breathlessly when the teacher was about to distribute the papers. The teacher urged her to return to her seat quickly, and she nodded. She passed the heating pad to Ding Ming and Ding Ming signaled to her to look at one direction with her eyes. At first, she didn't understand and thought Ding Ming had severe cramps that have affected her eyes as well. When she returned to her seat, she glanced and saw Yan Ke sitting at the window seat, staring out of the window, his skin was so fair like crystals.

   Her footsteps became messy and she almost tripped herself. Luckily she was sporty and quickly held onto the chair as she slammed down on her seat with her buttocks to prevent herself from falling.

   Ding Ming chuckled as she saw her clumsy behavior and Xiong Yifan glared at her. Her frantic heartbeat made her oblivious to the other things, and she made herself sit properly.

   The test papers were distributed, Xiong Yifan started writing the essay.

  The ticking sound of the clock signaled the passing time. The classroom is filled with the sound of students flipping through the test papers, as well as the sound of the pen tip scratching the paper when students answered the questions. The students are either thinking deeply or scribbling on their papers.

  After finishing the paper, she unintentionally looked at Yan Ke. Sure enough, in this classroom, Yan Ke was the most attractive person.

   He was sitting upright at his table obediently, holding a pen in his hand, reading the test questions, and filling in words from time to time. The tip of his nose was almost transparent because of the sunlight shining on it, it reflected light and looked brilliant. His eyelashes were very long and casted shadows covering his eyes.

  Yan Ke was checking his script, it seemed that there were a few questions that made him hesitate for a long time. Looking closely at him, Xiong Yifan realized that he has the same habit of writing the essay question first before moving on to the rest of the paper, just like her. 

   She licked her lips, and she was enchanted by him.

   Suddenly, he raised his head and met her gaze.

   Their eyes met, and she was caught unprepared.

   Xiong Yifan was startled, a little overwhelmed, and even laughed at him silly. Yan Ke wasn’t in the mood to smile. He frowned slightly and even seemed a little disgusted. Then he adjusted his posture so that he could back face Xiong Yifan. He even supported his chin with his right hand and held his pen with his left hand.

   At that moment, Xiong Yifan didn't feel disappointed. She was amazed that Yan Ke was able to write with both hands. Then she sat on her chair and random thoughts flew into her head. She wondered if she disgusted him. He didn't seem to like being stared by her.

   Remembering about something, Xiong Yifan looked at Ding Ming worriedly. Ding Ming was lying on the table, her body curled up. She was holding the heating pad in her arms, her brows made a tight frown, her cute little face was pale like a pitiful baby afraid of coldness. The sight of Ding Ming caused Xiong Yifan’s heart to tighten inexplicably. She knew that Ding Ming's period cramp pain would be overbearing. For Xiong Yifan’s period, she would not experience such pain. But because of this, she would always accidentally stain her bedsheets without knowing it as it never comes on time.

   There are students in the classroom handling up the test papers. Xiong Yifan handed in her papers as well. She wanted to go to Ding Ming, but was stopped by the teacher. The students were not allowed to wander around in the exam room. Xiong Yifan had no choice but to sit in the classroom and wait for the teacher’s further instructions. In the past, the students should be allowed to leave the classroom, but today's situation was a little special. No students were given permission to leave the exam venues, and the teacher in charge of Xiong Yifan's examination room did not want to be the first to release the students, so he has to could not let anyone leave.

   One after another, all the papers in the class were handed in, and students from other classes were still not out of the classroom. The invigilator peeped out of the classroom to see what was going on. He walked out of the class with the exam scripts. After a while, another invigilator teacher couldn't hold it anymore. In the hallway, he caught a young teacher to invigilate the class as he went to the toilet. A series of things happened, the students in Xiong Yifan’s exam room were like a group of abandoned children. They were left with the new and young teacher sitting in the class and to watch them.

   The beasts were not ferocious enough to care for a group of restless small animals. Gradually, students began whispering and talking to each other to confirm the answers. The young teacher closed one eye, and allowed them to chatter.

   Ding Ming raised her hand suddenly and the teacher walked over, Ding Ming spoke in pain, "teacher, I’m having cramps, I want to go out to buy medicine."