Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Go Home

              After the work was over, Sally, who came to Beijing for the first time, forced Jiang Jun to tour around Beijing. DU joined her. Sally pulled her up before the sun came up just to see the flag-raising ceremony. On the morning of December in Beijing, the north wind was strong and it made it freezing to go out. In the cold, she glared with red noses at the two people wearing thick padded coats touring the city. She was wearing thick scarves and only her eyes were showing.
     "Why didn’t you buy the thick coat for me too" The coldness made her teeth tremble. "You didn't say you want it" DU’s innocent eyes sparked in the winter wind. 

    Sally tugged at her with her hand and in the freezing cold weather, Jiang Jun could even feel the coldness of Sally’s gloves. "Sorry, it wasn’t me who bought it. Du bought it from yesterday during your interview. You can't wear mine because you are too tall."
     He definitely did it intentionally.
     "Okay, sorry, I can share half of mine with you." DU opened his zipper and wrapped her in his arms.
     She is angry, this is a conspiracy!
     Sally blinked at her to tease her. Jiang Jun wanted to push him away, but his hold was too tight. Now she really didn’t have the energy to budge. She thought: forget it, nothing has happened between us. I will settle accounts with him after Sally leaves.
    The sound of steely footsteps came from not far away. She concentrated on waiting for the national anthem to play. She pushed him away, straightened her body, and sang along in a low voice.
      The anthem played ~~~
    At this moment, she worshiped the red flag that danced in the wind.
    The ceremony was over, Sally leaned over with tears on her face, "Juno, you know I always felt that I am a Hong Konger, and today I realized that it was such a proud thing to be a Chinese."
     Jiang Jun was still looking up at the national flag and she said: "You know, I took my oath to join the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League here."
     A square handkerchief was placed on her face, and the tears were quickly dried. He looked at her solemnly, holding her and Sally into his arms.
     They lined up to visit the Memorial Hall, carefully reading the inscriptions of the martyrs. She proudly told Sally and DU that she used to stand here as an excellent young pioneer, guarding the heroes who sacrificed themselves.
   It’s her home country. She had been wandering abroad for too long. Fortunately, they came back, and the tall flag that’s always there signaled the direction of their home.
     "Any specialties here, don't tell me about roast duck, I’ve already tried it many times."
     She and DU glanced at each other, and he said, "Or would you take us to eat authentic cuisines?"
     She was dumbfounded because she didn’t know too. Fortunately, they are considered half a foreigner to Beijing, so they can easily be fooled.
     She decided to take them to the only place she knew better, Xidan. She remembered the mutton skewers and stew there that was delicious.
     There was a tacit understanding to not call a taxi. They followed the red wall of the barge to the place where she had lived for many years. Many people took pictures outside the south gate.
     "So cool!" Sally took photos madly at the guard patrolling, and looked curiously at the door, "Juno, what is behind this wall?"
     "You break in to take a look. If you manage to return without getting killed, then tell us what you found out" DU joked.
     Behind the wall is the South China Sea. Behind the South China Sea is the North China Sea, and the North China Sea is connected to the South China Sea. Sally ran up to take a photo and called her to take pictures together, but she shook her head to reject.
     This gate is a monument. Like some courtyards, it represents the absolute rights and majesty of this country.
    Under the left and right attack of DU and Sally, Jiang Jun still took a picture with them for the first time at the front gate.
    Xidan had changed a lot. After asking the taxi driver, everyone went straight to the old street of Dongzhimen.
     "Why is this street called Ghost Street?"
     "Because in the past, this was a cemetery, the crayfish you are eating grew up eating corpses"
     Poooooh. She saw Sally rushing to the bathroom, DU patted her head and said, "naughty girl".
     She peeled the spicy crayfish slowly, who asked them to eat like a glutton so quickly that she was almost left with nothing to eat?
     "We will go back tomorrow, you can stay for a vacation" DU started
     "You should make a decision. In the future, your work focus would be in Beijing, and you wouldn’t spend much time in Hong Kong"
     "Take care of yourself." He continued.
     "You too, and please take your oily hands off my hair" She complained
     "DU, we have an agreement, our relationship must remain the same as before. What would Sally think about us? Even if she won't say it, what would others think..."
     His finger touched her lips.
     "Don't worry, leave everything to me. You just have to work at ease and take a good rest. Don't reject me. I can't control myself, but I know the limit and I will never embarrass you."
    She wanted to say something but saw Sally come back. So she kept quiet.
    The next morning, she sent them away, and a black car was already waiting at the hotel. It's time to go home.
     She opened the door and found Yuan Shuai sitting in the car, looking at her with a smile.
     "You are so afraid of me running away? You don’t trust my self-discipline?" She said
     "Your performance determines the attitude of people and the country towards you. If you put down your gun, I will not kill" He joked
     "Hurry up, hand me your passport, wallet, and cigarettes." He continued.
     "Brother, even the snakehead is not as ruthless as you". She complained.
     "Your grandfather is even more ruthless, he even brought along his crutches. I have been wondering why the old man wanted a crutch at home when he is so healthy. I bet it is prepared for today, how far-sighted."
     "Aren't you not ‘killing’?"
     "Yes, not killing. Maybe just make you crippled or something, don't be afraid. If your leg is broken, I will carry you around. If your arm is broken, your grandma will feed you. If both your arms and legs are broken, your father and mother will support you."
     "My parents are back?"She cried
     "Yes, you shall wait for the public trial" He replied
     "Let's run away, really, right now..." she pleaded desperately.