The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 13

love equation

Chapter 13 - Quarrel

When Zhou Xiao was about to run up the dormitory building, Zhao Fanzhou finally caught up with her. He grabbed her hand hard and gasped a little, "What's wrong with you?"

"Let go, I don't want to talk to you now." She said, pulling her so hard, does he think he is playing an idol drama!

"At least give me a reason." Why does she need a reason, she is simply in a bad mood, just unreasonably making trouble, her period is coming, can't she be unreasonable?

"You've been giving me a sour face from the start till now. Is this reason enough? If it's not enough, you walk away just to receive a phone call from another girl in front of your girlfriend. Is this reason enough?" Still dare to say she is unreasonable! She was just casually speaking, and not one but two reasons came up.

"When did I gave you a sour face? I was just thinking about something. I answered the phone outside because it was too noisy inside, and Jia Yichun was my neighbour!"

"Neighbor? I'm fed up with your neighbour. You are more tender to your neighbour than me. Forget it, I don't want to quarrel with you. Just let me go back."

"How long are you going to be entangled in her problem? I have said before, we grew up together, she is like my sister."

"Forget it, except for the time when I met her on the school road, did you ever intend to introduce me to your ''sister” ?'

He was silent for a while: "I thought you didn't want to know her." Actually, he really didn't want them to know each other.

"As you please, I now say that I don't want to talk to you. I am fine if you don't understand. Let me go and I want to go back."

He hesitated before letting go: "When you calm down and let's talk again." Why does this person like to talk so much? So annoying if he likes chatting that much, why doesn't he become a professional chatter!

She glared at him and turned her head to go upstairs. When she walked, she used great force, stomping on the stairs imagining it as his face.

Zhao Fanzhou didn't even turn around to see her head up, he was also angry. She was the one who was late. She stayed with the handsome guy for an afternoon and she was the one to agree to meet him again tomorrow. Why should she lose his temper? Sometimes women are really unreasonable. He is too lazy to bother about her and needs to go back to solve more important things.

When the light went out, Zhou Xiao looked at the phone again, there was no text message, and there was no missed call. She was so angry that she pressed the shutdown button hard.

Fine, it has been two days, he still has not contacted her, is he now competing who has more patience? So angry, can't he just coax her! Did she overdo it, all she did was just hang up his phone, um... seemed to have to bite him... she was just too angry, but he didn't have to be angry for so long, right? She also didn't use too much force... seemed like it was quite hard... but such a big person, he wouldn’t die from just a bite!

Zhou Xiao rolled up and down on the bed, and Tao Ling, who slept in the bottom bed, was not happy: "Zhou Xiao, do you have lice in the bed, you have been rolling for so long, you don’t want others to sleep?" 

Nowadays, Tao Ling has been sharp with her word, everyone has been yielding to her as they felt sorry for the pain she went through, and Xiaolu almost quarrelled with her this morning. Zhou Xiao made an "ok" and stopped moving. Tao Ling is still continued being unreasonable: "Sometimes you at least have to think about the feelings of others. Because you cannot sleep, you don’t have to make others accompany you to not sleep..."

"Are you not ending?" Xiaolu suddenly jumped out and said, "Don't think everyone is letting you, mean you can overdo it"

Tao Ling's voice suddenly increased: "What do you mean?"

"Don't be noisy, go to sleep, and I have class tomorrow." The room manager tried to smooth things over

"If she hadn't been tossing and turning, would I have said anything?"

Well, now comes back to her again, Zhou Xiao sighed: "I’ll stop moving,I wasn’t aware just now, you guys go back to sleep."

"Zhou Xiao, why are you so polite to her, the one who should be sorry is her rotten boyfriend, why should we give her face?" Xiaolu seems to have been triggered today.

"Zhu Lu! If you have any opinion about me, you can just say it, stop being eccentric!" Zhu Lu is the Xiaolu's real name, and it also means a pig and a deer. They usually laugh at her calling her a zoo. This name is why everyone calls her Xiaolu 小鹿 (illa: Fawn in Chinese).

"I have an opinion about you. Am I not straightforward enough?"

"Where did I provoke you and how did I provoke you?"

"It is obvious, isn't it? You just show us a stinky face every day. You broke the phone yesterday because it disturbed your nap; you broke my mouthwash cup this morning. You didn't even say sorry, and still complained that my gargle cup was placed too outside; in the afternoon you dropped the head of the room's clothes on the floor but you still didn’t pick it up ...... do you think we need to bear with everything you do"?

"Did I tell you to bear with me? I'm just in a bad mood..." Tao Ling's voice began to cry.

"You stop crying in front of me, what is it now? Am I bullying you?" Xiaolu's voice also began to choke a little.

Alas, if this wasn’t also her dormitory. Zhou Xiao really wanted to take a bag of melon seeds and watch the play while sitting at the side.

"Both of you shut up for me!" The usually soft and weak head of the room suddenly snapped.

"Tao Ling, you have been too much lately. The one that should be sorry is your boyfriend, not us, we accompanied you to buy birth control pills, cried with you, accompanied you to go for abortion... as have done as much as we can as your friends, If you still want a more people who are sorry for you, you move out for me; and you, Xiaolu, Tao Ling has experienced so many things, it is normal for her to be in a bad mood, why do you have to bicker with her?”

If it wasn’t this atmosphere, Zhou Xiao really wants to stand up and clap hard and long, you such a genius, she literally is China's, Martin Luther King.

After being scolded by the head of the room, neither of them dared to speak. After such a quarrel, Zhou Xiao also forgot about the matter with Zhao Fanzhou. The dormitory was quiet, and everyone fell asleep with their own concerns.