The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

When I woke up the next day, everyone in the dormitory looked a little uncomfortable. They were probably embarrassed about what happened last night. While brushing her teeth, Tao Ling looked at Xiaolu holding the drinking cup in her hand, hesitated and said, "I'm sorry, I broke your cup. I will buy one for you later."

"No, I know you were unintentional." Xiaolu smiled awkwardly.

Zhou Xiao happened to be collecting the towels and looked back at them: "Oh~~Now it’s a scene of smiling and enmity~~" Tao Ling pushed her, Xiao Lu gave her a look, "Say, yes, later I'm going to stunned and kill you, and see if you can't turn over when you sleep!" Everyone laughed, and quickly forgot last night’s unpleasantness..

Zhou Xiao, who needed to rush to class in a hurry, hesitated whether to climb into bed to get her mobile phone. Seeing her roommate was in a hurry, she hurried away.

At twelve o'clock in class, she ate a little and hurriedly ran to the International Students Department. She and Li Duyou had an appointment at one o'clock for class.

She was absent-minded during class. Li Duyou was reading a text by himself, and suddenly stopped, "Teacher, you are not listening." "Ah? Sorry, I'll listen carefully." Zhou Xiao was a little embarrassed

After the class, Li Duyou said that he wants to invite her to dinner, but she was really not in the mood to socialize with him now, so she found an excuse to push it off, and her excuse was also funny-I have something on. 十万火急 ( most urgent) ,火烧眉毛 ( the fire burns one's eyebrows) ,迫在眉睫 ( imminent) ,千钧一发 ( a thousand pounds hangs by a thread)……..until she left the classroom, she still heard Li Duyou muttering inside, fire...brows...thread. So, to deal with foreigners is to bomb them with great idioms, let them feel the profoundness of Chinese culture, make them feel inferior, and make them feel inferior to go back and blow up their country.

She saw Zhao Fanzhou when she got out of the Foreign Students Department building. She wanted to pretend she couldn't see and walk away. She moved her feet a few steps and walked towards him again, "What are you doing?"

"Why don't you answer my call?"

"You didn't call two days earlier. I forgot to bring my mobile phone today." Her tone was already showing weakness. Zhao Fanzhou stretched out his hand to hold her, and she struggled twice and let him hold it in the end.

She dug her nails hard into his hands.

"What are you doing? It hurts."

"Who told you to wait until today before coming to find me."

"Wait for you to cool your temper."
She squeezed his hand very hard again, "You try again next time. See if i will even acknowledge you if it's more than three days."

He lowered his head and approached her: "Understood." 

A week later, Zhou Xiao heard that the Student Union had proposed to strengthen exchanges with international students, so he made a "one-for-one" plan to let students who are interested in learning other languages ​​and international students pair up to teach languages. Li Duyou and a beautiful girl who learned Korean were put in a group, and they had to go to the language corner to communicate every day, so the class with Zhou Xiao ended, just like that the extra income was gone. 

How can the members in the student union butt their nose in people’s business? It was a matter of cutting people's money. She secretly cursed the people of the student union in her heart, completely forgetting that her boyfriend was also a member and the vice-chairman of the student union.

At the end of the last class, Li Duyou had to invite her to dinner. Not long after they sat down in the restaurant, they just happened to see Zhao Fanzhou, who was celebrating the smooth opening of the "Group of One" activity with students from the Student Union. Zhao Fanzhou and others murmured a few words and joined Zhou Xiao and Li Duyou.

During the meal, Zhou Xiao faintly heard someone at the student union table saying that Xiao Zao said that he wanted to come out to celebrate. This restaurant was also suggested by him. But he actually left when he arrived, and it turned out he went for a date... She looked at Zhao Fanzhou in amazement, Zhao Fanzhou shrugged, his face suspicious

The meal was so boring that all three people at the table didn't know what to say. After eating, Li Duyou suddenly said, "Teacher, I'm going back, and I will find you in the future. Bye bye." Zhou Xiao was confused by him and had to say, "Ok, bye."

On the road back to the dormitory, Zhao Fanzhou was in a good mood, suddenly said he wanted to buy her flowers, startling her, they dated for so long, she had never expected him to give her flowers, in his words, flowers are strange grass. Anyway, she also felt the smell of flowers was very stinky, so she let him be. 

But today he actually says that he wants to give her flowers?! Fine you want to give, I’ll take
Zhou Xiao carried a large bunch of flowers to the balcony of the dormitory, but couldn't find a place to put them. She always felt something was wrong, but she can't tell why. It seems that it is something related to Zhao Fanzhou and Li Duyou. Forget it, finding a place to put this big bunch of flowers is the top priority.

(illa: Our Fanzhou’s methods to keep love rivals away are so high class. Our lost Zhou Xiao doesn't even know! HAHA)