The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Holiday Trip (1)

The winter holiday is almost here, last time, usually a month before the holiday, Zhou Xiao will begin to happily prepare her things to go home. But this holiday she couldn't afford that energy and joy, she and Zhao Fanzhou hadn't separated for this long --- except for that time he went abroad. 

Moreover, once he got home, wouldn't he see that neighbour Jia Yichun every day? Thinking of this, she had no security. This classmate has really good looks. If she smiled, she would “Looking back a smile hundred flatters", and if she shed a few tears, it would be "pear blossom and spring rain". 

What if Zhao Fanzhou suddenly finds that Jia Yichun is much prettier than her? How can she not worry about it? But she did dare let Zhao Fanzhou know her narrow mindedness, it would make her seem so not generous, she was a new woman in a new era.

Zhao Fanzhou is also worrying about the holiday. When he thought of going home, he felt troubled. Not long ago, his family called him to take his girlfriend home. How could he take Zhou Xiao home? How could he let her face his aunt and... his family.

When Zhou Xiao was surfing the internet in the dormitory, Xiao Lu suddenly rushed in from outside with great interest, "We are going to travel."

"Going with your man? Where?" Zhou Xiao asked with interest.

"Yes, We’re going Guilin."

"Be careful, don’t two people go and three come back." Zhou Xiao said playfully.

Xiaolu kicked her when she passed her, "F*** you, I will let him buy a dozen condoms and take it with him."

Zhou Xiao rubbed her feet and said, "No way, so thirsty?"

"Of course, we are two small burning universes."

Their dormitory topic often can make people can't help but feel cold, and it can make a school teacher and professors scared of them until they are foaming at the mouth. Zhou Xiao rolled her eyes: "Your shamelessness is really getting better and better with the passage of time."

After making a face, Xiaolu went to the balcony to dry the clothes. Zhou Xiao sat in her seat and thought for a while and couldn't help but ran to the balcony: "Well, but seriously, you have to be careful with what you are doing. That incident last time has really made me scared. "

Xiao Lu turned around while drying the clothes and said, "Don't worry, if he dares to do anything to me, I'll make him..." She freed her hand to make a scissors gesture. Zhou Xiao fought a cold sweat for her boyfriend.

Zhou Xiao took Zhao Fanzhou's hand while walking on the road, "Xiao Lu is going on a trip to Guilin with her boyfriend."

Trip? It seemed like a good way to not separate during school break, and then he could tell the family that they spent too much time travelling and she didn't have time to go home with him to meet the parents. Zhao Fanzhou suddenly said: "Should we go on a trip too?"

"Trip?" This person really believe in the rain on hearing the wind

"Yeah, let's go on a trip. Do you have any special places you want to go?"

Zhou Xiao looked at him suspiciously for a while and said: "Really going?"


Zhou Xiao began to think about the balance in the bank card secretly, upon thinking of how much money was in it made her head break.

"Where do you want to go?" Zhao Fanzhou asked again.

"You wait until I go back and check how much money is in my bank card."

"I have money, you just have to say where you want to go."

"I know you have money, but it is your money, not mine." Zhou Xiao blurted out.

Zhao Fanzhou glared at her, she stuck her tongue out, and whispered: "I want to spend my own money."

"Regardless of whether you have money in your bank card, we will all go on a trip. If you don't have any money in your bank card, I will lend you. When you have the money, you can just pay it back." 

So overbearing. If she wouldn't go would he tie her and bring her along?

"Well, let's go to Yunnan, okay?" I am not afraid of him, but I am letting him, letting him!

"Okay, we'll go as soon as the holiday starts. I will take care of the airline tickets and the hotel." 

Doesn't this person need to think about it? He made going to Yunnan seem as simple as going to the alley next door.