The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1 - Holiday Trip (2)

So... Today is the second day of the winter holidays. She and Zhao Fanzhou were sitting on the plane. She was in a daze all the way, going through the formalities in a daze, boarding the plane in a daze, sitting on her seat and looking around. This is the first time she has taken a plane. It feels very fresh. She wants to stand up and look around. Her eyes are squirming and she can't sit still. Zhao Fanzhou looked at her with a smile, and held her hand: "You stay with me and don't move."

"But this is my first time flying on an airplane." She wanted to see what the toilet in the airplane looked like.

"It's about to take off. You fasten your seat belt. Your ears may hurt when you take off. You swallow your saliva and it will be much better..."

He said as he leaned over to help her seatbelt, well he is so near ah ...... her face suddenly red, don’t be like this, clearly an old couple, you had been more intimate before, now acting innocent! ! She scolded herself secretly, but her face was still red. He seemed to feel the ambiguous atmosphere, fastened his seat belt and raised his head to look at her: “Blushing just from this?"

She looked at him, with his raised eyebrows and smile on the corners of his mouth, and she felt angry and turned her head to ignore him. He actually laughed at her. She stretched out her hand and pinched his thigh, he grabbed her hand, and suddenly pecked her on the mouth with lightning speed, and she covered her mouth with her other hand, looking at him with accusing eyes, he looked back at her provocatively with a deadly expression on his face.

"Passengers, the plane will take off soon, please fasten your seat belts." The voice of the stewardess interrupted their confrontation. Zhou Xiao turned to see the stewardess, shit! There are so many beauties these days, and they are all beauties flying around the sky.

Zhou Xiao passed the takeoff time quietly and started to move about again. She looked at Zhao Fanzhou, who had her eyes closed next to her, and pushed him, "Hey, you are a pig. You sleep as soon as you get on the plane. The cloud is so beautiful."

He remained unmoved and continued to sleep.

"The flight attendant just now is so beautiful, did you see it?"

"The flight attendants are all beautiful, this is common sense, there is no need to make a fuss." He closed his eyes and returned to her.

Why act cool after peeking at a beautiful girl? "With the same logic, flight steward must also be very handsome. Where are they? I wanna go see handsome guys."

He opened his eyes lazily and glanced at her: "This airline has no air steward."

How could this be? With so many airlines, she just happened to be seated to the one with no air steward. "Really? How do you know? Then there is always a pilot? I'm going to see the pilot."

How does he know? Nonsense, "Do you think passengers can get in the cockpit?"

This person is really annoying, and one sentence breaks her teenage girl's dream, and he didn’t even think twice about it.


What Should I do? What Should I do? What should I do~~ She had never thought about accommodation during travel before. Zhou Xiao was so anxious that she almost cried when Zhao Fanzhou received a room card from the receptionist.

A room card! A room card! It's actually a room card!

Zhao Fanzhou looked at her as if she was about to hit the wall, and said angrily: "You can rest assured, I don't want to do anything to you, I booked a double room." The double room is also a room, if she snores he can still hear it while sleeping. No, who is saying that the problem is snoring, the main problem is safety. What should he do if he turns into a beast in the middle of the night?

He opened the door of the room and went straight in. She had no choice but to follow in, and muttered as she walked, "Why didn't you book two rooms..."

"If you don't want me to hear it, please be a little bit softer." Zhao Fanzhou stopped suddenly as he walked, and Zhou Xiao ran into him without stopping. "Damn (kao)! Why did you suddenly stop?"

"What did you just say--" Zhao Fanzhou looked at her warningly.

Zhou Xiao feeling the pain hit the nose, laugh foolishly: "No, no, I mean, pls say when you pull (kao) over to the side," Pullover by the side? Is she thinking that she was driving? Changed the topic real fast. He really can't do anything about her but can only give her a stare and went on to put his luggage.

After taking care of everything, Zhou Xiao sat on one of the beds, and Zhao Fanzhou suddenly took a PSP from his bag and lay down on the same bed. Zhou Xiao was shocked and moved aside secretly, Zhao Fanzhou, without even looking at her, he started to play the game.

About ten minutes later, Zhou Xiao realized that he was really playing the game seriously. She sighed with relief and lay down and started thinking about it. She was on the same bed with him and he was playing games. Could it be that... The legendary "bed scene"? … Haha, I’m so shy…o(≧v≦)o …o(≧v≦)o…thinking about it… I really want to sleep… After a while, she fell asleep in a daze . Zhao Fanzhou put down the PSP in his hand and sighed. In a state of high mental stress, she really became tired very quickly, but... she didn’t need to guard him like a thief? He helped her put the quilt cover, gently kissed her lips in her mouth, then lay down beside her and continue playing the game.

She really can sleep. Zhao Fanzhou put down the PSP for the second time and looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost ten o'clock. Tell her to get up and take a bath. He was lying on her stomach, "Hey, get up, get up and take a shower."

Zhou Xiao opened her eyes in a daze, and was startled by the enlarged head in front of her, 

"Ah! What are you doing?"