Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14.2 - Chicken speaking to a duck (2)

    Luo Zhi suddenly remembered Zheng Wenrui's sentence "She is coming back."

    The sudden turn of the playground that day came after new information on Ye Zhanyan. Has Ye Zhanyan turned back?

    So what, the focus is not on Ye Zhanyan at all. Luo Zhi smiled bitterly.

    Suddenly she wanted to call her mother and ask her how she was doing. The north is already so cold, will her knee hurt?

    Even though Luo Zhi was bathed in golden sunlight every week with the beautiful pair of brother and sister, and the golden retriever playing frisbee, she still felt her heaviness and fear all the time. She needs to always remember that the same world, the same dream, but not the same destiny.

    Their trajectories intersect only occasionally.

    But Sheng Huainan would not know. As clever as he is, he may be able to understand but never experience.

    All these chaotic thoughts were entangled, making Luo Zhi feel for the first time that they were so far away.

    Once she deliberately alienated, so that distance looked like she had made it by herself, which at least felt don’t embarrassing when she thought of it. But now, she trembled and stretched out her hand in a welcoming way, and found that she was really short by one hundred and eight thousand miles, and she couldn't reach it, and the gesture of her stretching out her hand was even laughed at by the other party.

    When entering the room, Zhang Mingrui suddenly approached her mysteriously and said, "I just texted Sheng Huainan. He told me all the beauties in your high school."


    "He also mentioned you are one."

    "Save it!"

    "Tsk tsk, you beauties like to be humble and yet are secretly happy."

    "Everyone is hypocritical."

    "Look, you finally admit it?"

    "Admit what? I really didn't count as a beauty in high school."


    "Hmm..." Luo Zhi pretended to think about it seriously, "The little boys in high school just stared at girls who had dressed up early and behaved very adult-like, and thus hadn't learned to appreciate me."

    She stared at him openly and smiled. Zhang Mingrui blushed immediately

    Although he was a little dark, she could still see his blush.

    "Hey, look, I'm not humble anymore. You put on this kind of appearance agai, how am I supposed to live."

    Zhang Mingrui recovered, cleared his throat and said, "Really, the two of us really mentioned you. Sheng Huainan said that in high school, apart from playing basketball and reading basketball magazines, the only remaining fun for the boys is to search for the list of beautiful women. As long as they are slightly tall, pretty, attractive, and beautiful," Zhang Mingrui deliberately emphasized the last The four words, "They were all included in the list."

    "Then what?"

    Zhang Mingrui raised his eyebrows and said: "Then, then, Sheng Huainan just said—"

    He stared at Luo Zhi and smiled.

    "He said, he never paid attention to you in high school." After he said, the two were silent for a few more seconds.

    Zhang Mingrui suddenly squatted on the ground and laughed.

    "Luo Zhi, I’ll make you die from anger!"

    After saying words of the primary school student's IQ level, he ran away happily, and jumped again. A bunch of hair on the back of his head jumped up and down with the movement, and his back looked like a kid who got candy.

    At this time, the mobile phone vibrated, and Sheng Huainan's text messages came at the right time.

    "Sorry, he asked me if I knew you in high school, I said I never noticed. He was very happy to say that he must take revenge on you with this sentence, who told you to always suffocate him. Sorry..."

    She couldn't laugh or cry.

    Although he won't be as childish as Zhang Mingrui, Luo Zhi still felt a little bitter.

    No matter what, have you really never paid any attention to me at all?

    Really? Not at all?

    Many of her conjectures in high school have now been answered ruthlessly.

    She sat in her seat and fiddled with the lecture aimlessly. After a few minutes, the phone vibrated again.


    Luo Zhi wanted to say, I've been angry since a long time ago.

    But she didn't have the guts to say, because she cared about this fuzzy and fragile relationship. Whoever cares, whoever have to take the consequences

    "My heart is broken, and I'm fixing back piece by piece. You help me tell Zhang Mingrui that I admit defeat haha."

    "No matter what, I apologize." He replied.

    "Your apologies are always weird. First, you apologized for Zhang Mingrui's liking for me, and now you apologize for not knowing me in high school. How do you expect me to say “it doesn't matter” ?

    Sheng Huainan did not reply.

    At this time, class started, Zhang Mingrui returned to his seat with the water glass, and carefully looked at Luo Zhi's face.


    "Actually not, but in order to give you a face... I am dying from anger."

    "To give me face?"

    "Isn't it your purpose to make me angry?"

    "Who said that?!"

    Zhang Mingrui's blushed again, he turned his head and ignored her.

    At this time, she was still able to deal with it freely, without a trace of embarrassment. She has such a useful mask.

    Zhang Mingrui is very carefree, but he is very capable of doing what he says. He asked Sheng Huainan what Luozhi was like in high school. Sheng Huainan's reply is: I haven't noticed, I only know that she was first place in the liberal arts class.

    He didn't know why he had to sting her, but it was fun to watch her lose control.

    Or just want to wake her up. It felt as if she was awake, the other person would see more clearly.

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