Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 15.1

Chapter 15.1 - The Secret That Can’t Be Told (1)

    In the afternoon at Tiffany's house, Luo Zhi explained to Tiffany's mother that Sheng Huainan was very busy, but would treat the two children as his own siblings and frequently come to play with them.

    She saw Tiffany looked disappointed, and Jake walked into his room angrily, ignoring her. Suddenly, the body and mind are filled with fatigue.

    She accompanied them for more than half a year, and he only shared one day at Happy Valley with them.

    He frustrated her in this way. Use superiority, use affinity, use his excellence and busyness, use his carelessness.

    Although she was inferior everywhere, she still loved him. He grabbed her hand, and she didn't even refuse.

    This situation is terrible.

    Luo Zhi finally couldn't laugh, nor did she conceal her fatigue, and sat at the table without talking.

    She was really tired.

    "Drink some tea. An old friend went to play in Yunnan and brought me some old Pu'er. He was afraid that I would not know how to make tea, so he specially brought me a purple clay pot. I used boiling water to make it first. After a while, I washed the dust and poured it out. I added honey and iced it. Although it's autumn, I still prefer cold things, do you mind?"

    Luo Zhi returned to life after the other person talked for a long time. "Huh? Oh, I don't mind, I like cold things too. Thank you."

    She took the glass, the maroon tea was a bit dark, she tasted it. It was bitter but not astringent, and it tasted unexpectedly nice.

    "Do you like tea?"

    "I don't know." Luo Zhi shrugged.

    "Do you like coffee?"

    "I don't know."

    Luo Zhi was a little embarrassed to see that the other party was looking at her with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

    "It is like this. if I drink tea, it is Lipton tea bags with hot water; as for coffee, it is always Nestle that I casually brewed when I stayed up late K-booking (reading), so I don't know if I make tea and make coffee seriously like you every day, would I like to drink tea or coffee."

    Tiffany's mother laughed.

    "You always look like you have loads on your mind and don't like to talk, but sometimes you are so frank, which makes it hard for me to accept."

    Luo Zhi didn't know when she allowed her to see through her. They don’t seem to meet often, and they rarely chat.

    After all, she is a woman who has lived ten years longer than herself and a woman who is not simple, it is probably normal for her to see through her in a glance.

    "I have loads on my mind?" Luo Zhi sipped the cup in both hands.

    "It seems that you have some secrets that you can't tell."

    Later when Jay Chou's new film "Secrets That Cannot Be Told" was released, Luo Zhi once again remembered her secret that was exposed. Although her secrets are not as beautiful as those described in Jay Chou’s narcissistic movie.

    "I think... it can be counted as it, but it's not impossible to tell." She did not refute.

    "Not impossible to tell, then what is it?"

    "No one asked, so I didn't told anyone." Luo Zhi remembered after speaking, someone actually asked. Just the questioner, one who was carrying a wine bottle like a witch with red eyes, and the other stupidly immersed in the sorrow of his girlfriend running away with the handsome boy, how could she tell them.

    When she finished drinking, the other party asked if she wanted another drink.

    "Sure, can I have another cup? I can answer your question now. I like drinking tea."

    Tiffany's mother smiled, and the sunlight came in through the French windows, tinting her smile golden. Luo Zhi suddenly remembered the photo on the coast, the short-haired woman in the soft sunlight. Even though her hair is very long now, she still looks like a pure and lovely girl.

    "Then drink something hot." She sat down in front of the tea tray and began to boil the water.

    "By the way...Is it okay if I don't call you "auntie" in the future?"


    "I feel a little guilty. You look only a few years older than me."

    "Really?" She blinked and when she blinked, she looked even younger, "Thank you. Then we shall ignore all the talk about generational matters. The two of them call you ‘sister', you can also call me ‘sister'."

    "Sure." Luo Zhi I feel that if she were a man, she would have fallen in love with her now.

    "But, do you know what my name is and what work I do?"

    Luo Zhi shook her head.

    "You're in Happy Valley, and you coaxed the kids well, but you didn't ask why they were throwing a tantrum, did you?" 

"I didn't ask, but Tiffany did said something. She kept crying, so I didn’t really understand what she said." 

    "Then how did you coax Jake?"

    "I didn't coax him. It was the brother he told you."

    "Interesting. The boy didn't ask what was going on from start to finish. You two really made me feel relieved."

    She put down the teapot: "Everyone who sees me as a single woman living in such a big house and raising two children will want to know who I am, why I am so rich, and where my husband is. Even if they don’t ask, they will also inquire about it behind my back. I will tell you that I am divorced, do you believe it? You don’t seem to have any interest in it at all.”

    Luo Zhi smiled calmly: “It’s not that I am not interested. If you are willing to say, I will naturally listen. But my interest is not strong enough till I need to inquire about it."

    "Only interested in wages?"

    She continued to nod frankly.

    Tiffany's mother smiled, poured the rest of the tea soup on the toad-shaped tea pet, lowered her head and said casually, "But...I know something about your family. The trustee told me a few words."

    “It doesn't matter, my background is not shameful."

    "If I was as clear-headed as you when I was young, many things might not have happened."

    Luo Zhi didn't speak but just smiled.

    "Have you ever wondered why I told you this?"

    Luo Zhi thought for a while: "It may be that I was in a bad mood, you are helping me solve it, or it may be that I was getting fired, or maybe because you... have nothing to do right now." 

Just idling.

    She didn't know why she was so unscrupulous today, maybe she was really stimulated by Sheng Huainan, so she had no qualms.

    "Except for the second point, you are right about everything else. Why should I fire you? And, needless to say, I'm really bored." The other party was amused.

    "Then are you really bored?" Luo Zhi grinned after speaking, and she became more and more presumptuous.

    "Yeah, I also have secrets, and I have no friends." Her voice lowered, "People with secrets feel lonely. It is normal."

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