Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 15.2

Chapter 15.2 - The Secret That Can’t Be Told (2)

    Luo Zhi was taken aback, but when she looked up, she was still smiling calmly. Winking at her playfully.

    "Luo Zhi, let's be friends."

    Luo Zhi looked at the perfect light and shadow around her in a daze, a little dreamy: "Ah? Why?"

    "I ask you if you’re willing."

    She didn't hesitate this time. "Yes ." 

"Then... Let's exchange secrets, okay? You have to tell me your secrets honestly."

    Luo Zhi was convinced that the person in front of her must not be a mortal, because she felt that she was bewitched.

    "Ok," she said.

    "To show my sincerity, let me talk first," Tiffany's mother smiled.

 "When I was young, I did something shameful in the eyes of others. Jake and Tiffany's father are not the same person. The common point is that they both can't marry me."

    Luo Zhi was a little surprised in her heart, but restrained her expression, did not show a single trace, for fear of disturbing this brave confession.

    Although brave is always after years later.

    Tiffany's mother concealed everyone's name, place and time, and said solemnly. Luo Zhi felt as if she was at the beginning of an aesthetically beautiful literary film, and time seemed to be an unhurried river that slowly washed through her heart.

    "...To this day, Shiwen's parents still disagree. In their eyes, although I am Tiffany's mother, I am also Jake's mother after all. Whether deceived or not, I am someone who had an affair with a married man. It’s not that I can’t fight for it. It’s just that I see a family falling apart because of me, facing life and death, it always feels there is no meaning. If I willingly continue to persist, I will stick to it. But if I shrink back, it also doesn’t matter. At this age, there is nothing to be strongly attached to.”
    “Parents shouldn’t have been involved in their children’s lives,” Luo Zhi said seriously, “whether they approve or not is meaningless.”

    “The truth is the truth, and life is life.” Tiffany's mother smiled as if it was a matter of no concern to herself.

    "...The old man will always die."

    Luo Zhi didn't know how she could come up with such a cruel and naive sentence. Before she could say anything, the woman on the opposite side was already laughing, with the traces of time showing up in the corner of her eyes, but it was displayed ostentatiously yet very touching.

    "It's great," she looked at Luo Zhi, "You are so young. So good." 

It was at this moment that Luo Zhi realized that even if she considered herself old, she still had the courage and sharpness that young people had. Don't know how to let go, unwilling to retreat, unwilling to be reconciled.

    "Well, my secret is over. Now let's talk about your secret."

    Luo Zhi raised her head when she heard the words, and saw a pair of smiling eyes.

    The moment she opened my mouth, she felt heart palpitations like a roller coaster swooping down from a high altitude. She tried to say a few words and used the logical relationship of "although but even though" all over, but it was still confusing.

    The person opposite smiled: "You can say in chronological order, one by one."

    She scratched the back of her head in embarrassment and nodded.

    "My father died when he was five years old," she said.

    If her life is really《Symphony of Destiny》, the sound of the gong that symbolizes a sudden turn is not simply a big persimmon falling from the sky at all, but the news brought by the sharp ringing of the grandmother's phone.

    When Tiffany came downstairs in the evening, she saw her mother and Juno sitting face to face in front of the French windows, each holding a cup of maroon Pu'er, and didn't know why they were silent.

    Luo Zhi was made to stay for dinner. Jake still didn't know what he was provoked by. She didn’t point out bluntly, but told him: "Don't worry, I will definitely bring your big brother here again."

    As for how this big brother sees her job, she still felt a little tingling pain, but the tingling sensation made her a lot more clear-headed.

    She offered to formulate strict and systematic teaching content in the future. As for the time spent playing with children, it should not be counted as wages. She will stay with them for a while each time.

    "It's not being noble and virtuous, nor is it afraid of being despised. I just think that like this, when I interact with the kids, I can relax more." Luo Zhi explained.

    Tiffany's mother also shook her head apologetically: "I didn't think about it properly. You must have felt uncomfortable before, and you must have had a feeling getting paid for pleasing children. I'm sorry."

    Luo Zhi found that it is difficult for her to dislike or not trust this icy and smart beautiful woman.

    Of course, Luo Zhi finally knew her name, although it was the name she used and changed.

    "Goodbye Zhu Yan, thank you." Before Luo Zhi got into the car, she said goodbye to her standing under the defeated rose wall at the gate.

    Diao Lan yu should still be there, but Zhu Yan Changed.

    Luo Zhi lay on the bed at night, feeling much calmer. It turns out that telling a secret is such an important thing.

    In her memory, it seems that only that time in the third year of high school did she have such an impulse. She climbed up to the sixth floor, rushed to the door of Sheng Huainan’s class, stood still, panting, completely ignoring whether the students coming and going around were looking at her, they all became the background suddenly, and there was only that perspective in her vision. The doorway with white light. Her breathing slowly subsided, but her courage also vanished without a trace.

    She turned around calmly and walked to the women's toilet at the corner of the sixth floor. As soon as she entered the door, she met Ye Zhanyan in line. Ye Zhanyan smiled and said to her: "Are you here too? Our fourth-floor toilet is leaking, it is too scary. There were so many people on the fifth floor. It was really annoying to have to climb the stairs when going to the toilet."

    She smiled and said, "Yes. Yes."

    Those secrets were still not told in the end. The women's toilet on the sixth floor gently contained her secrets. A few years passed, and she became more and more silent and calm as if she didn't even have the courage of that moment.

    It takes courage to speak, courage to take responsibility for what you said.

    Because it's a pity not to say it, but after saying it, you are only left with regret. 

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