Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5.2 - Fennel Fruit 怀香 (2)

    Yan Heng was wearing very little. The opposite stood Gu Ningyuan. The original chemistry department flower is now no longer beautiful, and the delicate makeup can't hide the haggard face. Maybe her marriage is not happy, Shen Xifan guessed.

    She didn't bother, she just stood far away, unable to hear them talking, just saw Gu Ningyuan grabbing Yan Heng's arm and being slammed out by him, and then she staggered out, eyes full of tears.

    Shen Xifan took a deep breath and shouted, "Wait, Miss Gu!"

    Gu Ningyuan and Yan Heng turned their heads at the same time. One was surprised and the other was angry. Shen Xifan just said lightly, "Miss Gu, your daughter is here. Please take her away from the security room in the lobby, and," she paused, "the kid just came out unintentionally, please don't blame her!"

    Gu Ningyuan laughed, but extremely reluctantly, she saw Shen Xifan "I didn’t expect you to work in this hotel, nice to meet you again, I’m really busy today. I will ask you to chat alone another day."

    Shen Xifan howled in grief, and I won’t go even if you invite me to travel to the Maldives. Just take it as I am afraid of you, but she kindly added, "your daughter, please do not blame her!"

    Gu Ning Yuan smiled, turned around and left, "When I hit her, my hand also hurt ......"

    What’s left was her and Yan Heng standing face to face, not too far apart, but the atmosphere was extremely awkward. She had to say something, "Mr. Yan, there has been a large-scale blackout in this city. Were you affected by it just now?"

    Yan Heng shook his head, his tone a little soft. “Xifan, do we have to be so estranged?"

    She was speechless, and suddenly regretted coming here to find things to do when she had nothing to do here, then she turned around and wanted to leave, Yan Heng's voice sounded behind her, and her breathing was stagnant and she couldn't move anymore for almost half a minute.


    "Xiao Fan ..." 

"Shen Xifan, your name sounds like rice porridge, but it's porridge, very fragrant, just like you, you have to slowly experience it to taste the real taste!

    "Shen Xifan, you see, you are already my girlfriend. Calling you by your name is not intimate, so let's call you Xiaofan!"

    "Xiao Fan, Xiao Fan, do you like this name? What? It's like calling a dog's name? How could it be possible that if you are a dog, you are also the cutest dog in the world and the laziest dog!"

    "Xiao Fan, let's break up. You have changed, not the original Xiaofan, goodbye, Shen Xifan!"

    Yan Heng smiled bitterly, "Xiaofan, only you know my taste. I don’t like spicy food but I like hot pot. I don’t eat fish. I only drink fish soup. The food I eat every day is what you ordered the chef to prepare. For three years, you have not forgotten anything about me, have you?"

    Shen Xifan didn’t dare to look back because of the damp corner of her eyes. The familiar name made her so heartbroken and sentimental. If she continues, she doesn't know how to face the scarred past and the bleak future.

    Lifetime wounds of a person, are not healed by words, nor are they forgotten by endless time, but healed by happiness, but she is really at a loss, was happiness was taken away by him or did it never exist.

    Suddenly, the intercom rang, and the supervisor's voice, "Manager Shen, do you want to inspect the sanitation at five o'clock?"

    "I'll go right away, okay, wait for me in front of Building One."

    Shen Xifan didn't dare to look back and say goodbye. She had never said “Goodbye" to him, even the last time they met, she never said "goodbye". This time she just whispered softly, "Mr. Yan, I have to leave."

Illa: 再见 in Chinese it means “goodbye” but it also means “meet again”

    She always said, there are two meanings to goodbye (再见), one is to see you again and the other is to see you no more. She doesn't like both meanings. Because she doesn't want to be separated from him, and she also doesn't want to have no chance to meet him again.

    But it always backfired.

    Bypassing the artificial lake in Area C, she suddenly felt weak. Taking advantage of the winter wind, she tried her best to make herself sober. She warned herself that she should not bring personal emotions to work, and she should not have unclear relationships with her clients. She has always been a careful and sensitive person, but she is also extremely self-disciplined.

    Take a deep breath to adjust the state, tidy up your uniform, and then give yourself a smile, keep silently saying that the guest room and door locks are working, there are no fingerprints, the room number is clean and smooth, the walls and ceilings, no spider webs, stains...
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