Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 21


Chapter 21 - Aftermath of victory

    With the resignation of the former president of MH Asia Pacific and the rise of the new president, MH's high-level personnel changes have finally come to a stop.
    DU was appointed as the vice president of the Asia-Pacific region and general manager of the China region. Jiang Jun knew very well how tragic the cost behind it was. There were constant disputes among factions in the department. She personally laid off her subordinates, framed her opponents, and created a loss of more than ten million, and then confidently placed the blame on her opponent. Everything seemed to have returned to the days when she first joined IBD. She couldn't believe in anyone and carried out all the plans by myself until the reshuffling of company roles halted. IBD is now in DU’s hands. They won but still lost 5 right-hand men, including SALLY.
    She was appointed as the president of MH IBD Asia Pacific, Yin Zhe replaced SALLY as her right-hand man. He is no longer the boy he used to be. The cruel society has made him grow up quickly. He is no longer innocent and simple. He really carries the same type of blood as DU.
    Jiang Jun felt that the company’s internal war in the past few months had hollowed her out, and she had never been so tired. Every cell in her seemed to stop functioning. At the company's official meeting, she suddenly felt the world around her was spinning. She toppled to the ground and thought that she could rest finally...
    When she woke up, she saw DU and Yin Zhe’s pale face.
     She opened her eyes and wanted to ask if she is in the hospital? Yet, she didn't even have the strength to open her mouth.
     "You slept for 2 days. The doctor said that your tiredness has caused meniere. How long have you been ill?" DU gently held her hand. "Why didn't you tell me earlier, sorry, it's my fault for not noticing your conditions earlier."
     She smiled and looked sideways at the glass of water on the table. "Are you unwell? I call a doctor," DU said worriedly, wanted to reach out and ring the service bell. "She wants to drink water." Yin Zhe read her mind and poured a glass of water quickly. He fed her slowly with the help of a straw. “The doctor said that you should drink less water. If your lips are dry, tell me and I will put a wet gauze on your lips for you." He said. 

     After some time, she managed to regain some strength and said hoarsely, "Where is my phone?"
     "Someone kept calling you. I answered the phone and the other party hung up without speaking." Yin Zhe told her as he passed her her phone. She said, “y’all can go back, I'm feeling better now."
     "I'll stay with you," both of them said at the same time. "No, go back. It will only make me less convenient if you two are here. Just hire me a caregiver." She said in determination. "Well, you have a good rest, I will come tomorrow." DU helped her fix the quilt and pulled Yin Zhe out of the room. 

     He must be really worried! She saw hundreds of unread messages on her mobile phone, entered the password land dialed the phone, it was transferred to a long-distance call. Was Yuan Shuai not in Hong Kong? The phone was quickly picked up, but no one spoke "Yuan Shuai."
     "you are in Beijing?"
     Jiang Jun laid in the dark, and the medical instrument next to her produced some tick sounds from time to time, she felt empty and frightened. "I'm sick in the hospital", she clenched her fist tightly trying her best to suppress her tears and sniffed. "What?" He took a breath in, "Are you better now? Why are you sick? Is it serious? What did the doctor say?" His questions fired like a gun. Tiredness, helplessness, and all the feeling of grievance overwhelmed Jiang Jun as she cried out, "I'm dying, really, I am aching, dizzy, where are you brother Yuanyuan? I want to find you..."
     "I'm on my way to the airport, you must stay in the hospital...Is Yin Zhe staying with you?... Don't let him leave until I come."
     "I don't want others, I want you!"
     "Okay, okay, darling, go to bed first and I'll fly back right away, and you will see me when you wake up"
     "I am not sleeping… What if I can't wake up after I fall asleep?"
     "Hey, don't talk nonsense, were you diagnosed?" Yuan Shuai asked helplessly "Meniere" she whispered, "the kind that is serious and infectious."
     "You almost scared me to death. Don’t be afraid, aren’t you a superwoman?" He was relieved and teased her slightly. "I am not a superwoman" she whimpered and he replied, "okay, I will come soon."
     They kept chatting like this until he was forced to turn off the phone by the air stewardess and she fell asleep sweetly, thinking that she could see him the moment when she wakes up.

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