Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1 - People With Hatred Are Lonely People (1)

Luoyang casually found the back seat of a bicycle and sat down. After waiting for ten minutes, he saw Luo Zhi walking towards him from afar, wearing slippers, her right hand still tapping the back of her head.

    "Just finished taking a shower?"

    "Well," she smashed the hair from the back of her head, and drops of water dropped out, "I just finished washing up when you called. I forgot to bring a bath towel today, only a small towel. My hair won’t dry, and it’s uncomfortable as it keeps sticking to my back."

    "The weather is so cold, don’t catch a cold, quickly go back. This is what your mother asked me to pass to you." Luoyang pointed to the big bag at his feet.

    "Is it heavy?"

    "What do you want to say? Thank you for your hard work? You are welcome."

    "Help me upstairs."

    Luoyang smiled bitterly, sighed, and said, "I guessed it. Bring me up, Just nice you can go to the building director's room to help me register."

    "Brother, you are so loyal and honest, are you easily bullied?" Luo Zhi looked at him with a grin.

    This sentence sounds familiar.

    The girl who said this at the time was combing half-length and not short curly hair, and approached happily with a smile, kind and not frivolous. She asked in his ear, and when her breath came out, he felt his hair stand up.

    Luoyang quickly recovered from the lack of consciousness, and reached out and rubbed Luo Zhi's messy hair.

    "Don’t try to take advantage and act meek. You bully me the most."

   It seems that this sentence has been said to that person before. He used the tone of a brother to a sister—but comparing it with Luo Zhi today, the tone is the same, but the feeling in his heart is different.

    He always reacts so slowly.

    Luo Zhi helped him hold the door, Luoyang went in and put down his things and walked out. There was a girl in the room taking a nap, so his movements were very light.

    "Only the two of you living here?"

    "The other dormitories are all four people. This room is very small, so there are only two of us. "

    "That is actually good,” He thought of his sister's withdrawn personality.

    "By the way, how is sister Nianci?" "

    "Good. She has very few professional postgraduate courses and is idle every day. She is also the head of the Women's Department of the Rights and Interests Federation. To put it bluntly, she is the head of the Z University Women's Federation gossip group. "

    Luo Zhi smiled: "Are long-distance relationships hard?" 

    "Fortunately. Phone text messages, train or plane. Didn't the ancient people overcome it with a letter from the family every few months? By the way, find me if you need anything, anyway, my company is so close to you. If you don't want to eat at school on weekends, just find me, and I bring you to eat out. "

    “Don't worry, I won't spare you." 

    “Are your studies packed?" 

    “It's okay, I can handle it. Do you often work overtime? "

    “ It's okay now, I will be busy starting from the end of November. Going to work is not as interesting as going to school, and people have no goals. "

    “How come there is no goal?" Buy your house and car, get married and have children, let your parents enjoy their old age, buy a diamond ring for Sister Nianci, earn milk powder for your children, set your goal as living life, isn't it good? "

    Luo Zhi said and went into the room to pick up a book on the shelf.

    "You be quieter, your roommate is asleep." He couldn't help reminding her.

    "Don't worry, she can't wake up. The word sleeping is too disrespectful to her, she usually goes into a coma directly. " Luo Zhi pulled out two thick books and placed them in Luoyang's hands. "The strategic analysis book you mentioned last time with me, I got it for you, Michel Porter (Michael Porter -The father of competitive strategy). "

    Luoyang speechless, holding it in his hands and flipping it carefully, a thin envelope drifted out. Luoyang glanced down, picked it up, looking at the uneven handwriting, he pursed his lips.

    Luo Zhi was still dedicated to organizing the bookshelf, he cleared his throat and handed the letter back to her: "This... a letter from a classmate? "

    "Oh?" Luo Zhi took a look and said absently, "Why did I wedge it here? It's from a classmate, it should be the last one."

    “You sure it is not from a boyfriend." Luoyang smiled a little fakely, he felt it was lame as soon as he spoke.

    "Lame" Luo Zhi shook her head, "Look at the recipient's address on the envelope, is that a boy's handwriting?"

    Luoyang watched Luo Zhi throw the letter into the drawer casually, smiling silently.

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