Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Yin Zhe's choice

     "The SLK acquisition was done by SALLY and you two. SALLY has resigned because of this." Jiang Jun stopped and looked at them. No one was talking and even the heartbeat seemed to stop.      "You two are excellent. But sorry, I hope I can see the resignation letter from both of you within this month" …….      "What do you want me to do?" Yin Zhe looked at her quietly, "Find evidence that JOHN framed Sally and leaked those confidential documents?"      “We must wait" Jiang Jun calmly took a sip of tea and said, "Wait patiently, wait for JOHN to take action. He couldn’t have done it by himself and I am interested in the person behind him." "Are you sure he will look for the person behind him?" Yin Zhe tilted his head in confusion. "Yes, he wants to stay in MH and if I insist on firing him off, he can only ask the person behind him for help. I remembered SALLY asked you to do a Rongda Technology acquisition plan right? We shall use that as a gift for them."      "Understood, I will find a chance to let him get it"      "Very good" she handed him a few documents “amend some statistics and data according to this paper"      Yin Zhe looked at the numbers, his face became extremely pale, he looked at Jiang Jun in a daze and finally nodded, "OK."      "You..." She didn't expect him to agree to this so quickly. Jiang Jun originally planned a long script to convince him." I hope you won't disappoint your brother this time. He has put a lot of thoughts on you" she said dryly.      "I know what he thinks of me, I just don't want you to be disappointed" He tightened his hands on the papers. "Tell me Jiang Jun. Are you doing all of this for him?"      She froze and shook her head with a wry smile.      He folded the documents carefully and put it in his pocket, and said solemnly: "I won't let you down"      "You are not afraid?" She asked.      "What is there to be afraid of?" He asked her back. She is slightly speechless about his attitude and said mockingly: "You are so courageous"      "I just believe in you! Jiang Jun, I believe that you are the only person in this world who will not harm me."      She gave a low laugh, got up, and left. The moment her finger touched the doorknob, she looked back at him: "Yin Zhe, I stopped being a fool a few years back."     Leaving the room, she turned and entered Yuan Shuai’s VIP room.     "You haven't ordered food yet?" She frowned as she looked at the full bowl of cigarette leftovers. "Waiting for you." Yuan Shuai pulled her into his arms. "You little brat, how dare you openly meet your old lover and at the same time asking your husband for advice?"     Jiang Jun kissed him, "Then I won’t tell you next time"     "You dare to do that! You want to revolutionize with some freedom don't you?" He lowered his head and kissed her. Of course, I dare", she struggled to press the service bell, and he smiled thievishly. “I will complain to Grandpa."     "Yo, Xiao Yuan Yuan knows how to tattletale." She squinted at him and smiled as she asked the waiter to bring their favorite dishes in. "Don't drink Coke, you will get stomach aches, get some lotus heart tea" he told the waiter as he closed the door, and said with a serious face, "You comrade is too cunning. You must rely on our party and our army to mobilize the power of the masses to suppress you." He squinted jokingly and glanced at her. "Unless you use your badger game, I will never let you go."     Jiang Jun laughed. After a full meal, they went home.     "Now everyone knows that DU is going to be a “killer” during MH’s senior replacement meeting. You are the killer’s hand. Be careful of yourself. Although you have been promoted to directors, there are still ways that other VPs can remove you." Yuan Shuai leaned on the bed and put his arms around her and said worriedly. "Don't worry, if that happens, I will become your housewife" She yawned nonchalantly and gestured to him to get the bedside phone for her. He smiled, "Oh, I regret helping you. Go and make your tattletale"     Jiang Jun pulled his ears, and he put his head on her stomach. "So did he agree to do it?"      "With the help of you as a dog-headed strategist, how can it not succeed? Where did you get the data by the way?"      "I made it up. I've seen the NPL statistics of the company that Rongda is about to buy. It's easy to fake it. Give me a token of encouragement, c’mere." He wrapped his hand around her neck, and she gave him a small slap. “You abused your husband, I will sue you to the Women’s Federation."      "You should go to the Wildlife Conservation Association." She lay down and covered them in a quilt. Yuan Shuai’s hand wandered playfully under the quilt. She adjusted to a comfortable posture and said pitifully, "I have no energy left."      "You will have it soon" his voice came from her chest. She asked, "Why are you always so energetic?"      "Animals are always energetic, what’s more, I am from the wild." He replied.
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