Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Strangers

                  The cigar burnt her fingers when Jiang Jun finally came to realization.
     She picked up the phone and answered it.
    Even if it was not a good time now to tell him, explaining the situation about Yin Zhe to Yuan Shuai was the best way out.
     "Girl?" Yuan Shuai's lazy voice could be heard from the other end. She bit her lip and took a deep breath, she said "Yin Zhe is in MH."
     The rhythm of his breathing sound was the same as hers.
     After waiting for a minute, Yuan Shuai slowly asked "In IBD as well?"
     “Then?" He asked.


   An old Hong Kong film called "Green Snake" (about a green snake who assumes human form interferes with the romance between her reptilian sister, a white snake and a hapless man) was being aired on the TV. Jiang Jun came out of the shower and put on a cotton nightdress. She combed the knotted curly hair while watching TV. Her comb went through a dead knot as she pulled roughly to get it through, she heard the green snake on the TV asking the white snake, "Sister, is it worth your thousand years of cultivation for a man?"
     Jiang Jun threw the knotted hair she pulled out into the trash can and said, "It's worth a shit, I regret to death!"

     Newcomers must go through a 2-month assessment before they can officially join the MH’s IBD department.
    DU put Yin Zhe in a group with another rookie, JOHN.
    Jiang Jun talked privately with all the newcomers, especially JOHN. She carefully studied JOHN's resume and secretly sighed that DU was cruel to his brother (because JOHN has very good work experiences and Yin Zhe can hardly compare to him).
     She handed some work to Yin Zhe and JOHN, glanced at them looking at each other, and asked sternly, "any problem?"
    JOHN asked her with the unique shrewdness of a Shanghainese, "Our workload seems to be a lot more than the other colleagues? What if we can't achieve the company's required results?"
    Jiang Jun ignored him and looked at Yin Zhe: "JAY (Yin Zhe’s English name), what do you think?"
     Yin Zhe faced her provocative gaze like a fighter and said without hesitation, "I will complete the work you gave me."
     "GOOD!" She smiled, satisfied with his reply.
    Jiang Jun acknowledges herself to be strict and not soft-hearted, but compared to DU, he was a lot more stern and cold-hearted as she is.
     "Someone complained to me that you used power for personal gains during the interview and reported private enmity to deliberately wipe out talents with excellent grades." DU knocked her head with a cigar. "Miss Jiang, please explain."
 She patted her chest in fear and said sarcastically, "I'm so scared, someone who can do such a stupid thing like reporting the incident to you is really a talent. I can't afford her." May, her friend in HR has already told her about Qiao Na’s complaint email two days ago and told her to be more careful. 

    Qiao Na, Qiao Na, you're really everywhere.
    "The MH year-end reception should set up an award for best actress and for sure you can win the award every year" DU jokingly said

     "Then you are the best director of the year for the blockbuster" Jiang Jun smiled bitterly and said, "Your brother is seriously being tortured by the work we gave him, and you seem fine with that? "
    "I have no choice, he has fallen into your hands? Didn't you avenge your personal grievances on him?" DU squinted his eyes maliciously and continued, “ His supervisor is his ex-girlfriend that he broke up with, tsk tsk, I guess he won’t live long under your supervision."
     "DU, you are getting more and more humane, don't go to extremes, MH already has enough gossipers."
    DU smiled extremely slyly, "Is that gossiping? I thought I am minding my own family business, isn’t it? JAY told me that you are his girlfriend and he broke up with you because of a misunderstanding. That’s not bad, I don’t want you to be my sister-in-law anyway."
    "Shut up, DU, I really don't want to mention it." Jiang Jun stood up and walked out, but DU pulled her back. "Hey, I just want to tell you to forget about the past and be better for yourself." He looked at her sincerely, "If you don't want to work with Jay, then I will tell him to leave, it is better for him to leave than making you unhappy."
    Jiang Jun stared at DU in shock, "That's your brother!"
    He shrugged his shoulders indifferently, "So what? He’s a stranger having the same bloodline as me, and I won't treat him badly."
     "Thank you, but the same goes for me me, Jay is just a stranger to me now."
    DU sighed and let go of her, "When will put your guard down just once?"
     On the way home, Jiang Jun turned to Chen Men Wai (a restaurant) to buy Yuan Shuai's favorite side dishes. Thinking that he should be on the way home now, Jiang Jun hummed and sat in the doorway waiting for the takeaway happily.
     "Jiang Jun" Yin Zhe walked out of a private room. She nodded at him and smiled politely.
     "Are you alone?" He walked over and sat down next to her.

   "Take away"
     "Let's eat together, brother is here too."
     "No need" she looked at her watch impatiently, why is it so slow?
     "You are much thinner than before"
     "I'm as good as DU," he said inexplicably, with a very firm tone, Jiang Jun looked up at him, and smiled coldly, "make sure you pass your internship stage in MH first," She told him clearly, "You don’t have the right to say this yet."
     She picked up the lunch box the waiter handed and left.