Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 4.2

Chapter 4.2 - Rock Sugar 冰糖 (2)

    Out of Zone C, Shen Xifan was annoyed and kept twisting her fist. Suddenly, she was a little surprised just now when Ling troublemaker caught her, the palms of his hands were hot. Thinking about it again, it seems that his face is not normal today, and he probably also caught a cold.

    She is secretly happy, and the player will be played. God is fair. Ling troublemaker, you can repeat the mistakes of Shen Xifan. Of course, she comforts her evil thoughts, and this is God’s punishment for your frivolousness and for bringing misfortune to female compatriots.

    She slept well all night, and when she was preparing to work, full of energy, misfortune came from the sky. Don’t know who pulled a white horse and called her to appraise it at night.

    At the morning meeting, Shen Xifan had been inattentive, memorizing a few words, and then wrote two characters of "Bo Le (talent scout)" in her notebook. She returned to the office and wailed, "Why is there no prince for me to appreciate a bit? If it's not a dark horse, or a White Horse, I don't do Bole, who will do Bole!" 

I decided to spoil mother's plan. This time, this person is too fake and serious. His eyes are like Bai Yansong, but his face is like Wu Mengda. My mother whispered from the side, "This person's strength is that he is a certified public accountant, who can settle accounts very well!"

    Shen Xifan thought, in fact, he was sent by you. Be an undercover agent who is in charge of your daughter's finances and economy. Don't think I don't know.

    In appearance, Shen Xifan does not discriminate against him at all, but this successful man has extraordinary self-confidence and repeatedly promotes how to spot false accounts clearly. She also shouts cooperatively from time to time, "Wow, you are so amazing! I admire you so much! "

The accountant man became more proud. Finally towards the end, he finally left out a heartfelt truth: "Actually, I just want to find someone who is good to my mother. I am too busy to take care of her."

    This time , Shen Xifan made a more admiring and amazed expression, "Wow! You are so smart, how do you know that I am short of money and want to apply for a babysitter? How much money do you offer a month?..."

    Sure enough, the blind date was spoiled again!

    Being scolded by her mother all the way back to the hotel, she feel very happy, and on the surface, she still pretends to be sad and regretful. Mother Shen scolded her from the restaurant to her hotel. When she went upstairs, she scolded her through her mobile phone until it went out of battery. . Shen Xifan only now deeply felt how difficult her father's situation was, so the next afternoon, she came to the hospital with a passion to save menopausal women.

    But her motive is definitely not simple. It’s just that she doesn’t always see He Suye every time she takes the medicine. She can only see He Suye when she is in line to see the doctor, she can even see his dimples when he laughs, listen to his gentle voice, she feels that she is foolish, but the reason is not all due to herself, at least that handsome doctor accounts for half of it.....

    Facing Shen Xifan, He Suye was already used to keeping his calm in the face of the unexpected.  From insomnia to fever, if the girl suffered from stomach pain, abdominal distension, edema, and wasting, he could accept it calmly, and there was also no need to hide his dimples in front of her. But maybe it's still better to leave a bit of a doctor’s demeanor.

    But Shen Xifan froze for a long time and couldn't say why. He Suye was puzzled, it was so hard to tell what was wrong.

    Finally she blushed and asked, "How to treat menopausal syndrome?"

    He Suye's eyes widened and turned back to the cover of the medical record, "25 years old? Entering menopause ahead of time?"

    She waved her hand quickly, "It's not me, my mother."

    "Oh" He Suye said , "Why don't you let your mother come here in person?"

    "I don’t dare I!" Shen Xifan get a headache even when he mentioned this, and then she talked endlessly without getting to the point, completely forgot that the person opposite was He Suye. "My father is now being oppressed and can't say anything. I am contaminated by the harassment every day. Who else is in my house dares to mention this to her, it's totally a slavery society. You tell me which woman chatter in your ears endlessly, calling your phone until your battery runs out, and practically every day tries to find some flowers (guys) to fix you, and repay a kindness by stabbing one in the back.. …Doctor He, am I talking too much?"

    He Suye laughed, his eyes filled with smiles, "No, no, I just sympathize with you very much, pity that you have nowhere to vent your frustration and has to go the hospital to give vent to anger."

    She murmured, "What do you say i should do? Can you prescribe a medicine now?"

    He Suye shook his head, "This I am not very sure, but I can give you some dietary prescriptions. You go back and try. The lotus seeds, longan meat, rock sugar, boil in boiling water to make porridge, then add rock sugar to consume, or use black fungus and rice to make porridge, add jujube, add rock sugar, these two recipes have has the effects of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin, nourishing stomach, and replenishing qi."

    Then he took out a blank sheet of paper, "I will write it down for you, in case you forget it again."

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