Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13.2 - Meaningless Joy (2)

    Everyone in the car was silent, and the two children leaned together and fell into Luo Zhi's arms, sleeping soundly. Sheng Huainan in the front passenger seat left only half of his face to Luo Zhi. She looked at the buildings flying by outside the window, and her wet clothes made her shiver again. She could hear Sheng Huainan's cell phone vibrating from time to time, and the slight pressing of the keyboard sound when he responded to the text messages made her ears feel slightly itchy.

    Later, Sheng Huainan silently sent Luo Zhi back to the dormitory. The atmosphere between people seems to be the most fragile thing in the world, it will become deformed from just a light pull.

    "I am very happy today, thank you for helping me so much." Luo Zhi said politely.

    "You’re welcome. I like those two kids very much."

    "By the way, what did Jake say to you?"

    "Nothing, just some uncomfortable matters. His mom dislikes that he is not manly enough. I think he seems to hesitate to talk about it with me since he doesn't really know me after all, the kid is still quite clear in his heart." 

"Oh. They also like you very much." 

There were another few minutes of silence.

    "By the way, I have to apologize to you for what happened last time. Are you offended?" Sheng Huainan said suddenly.


    "Zhang Mingrui already told me. He likes you very much."

    Luo Zhi felt a little thump in her heart and did not speak for a few seconds.

    "He likes me, but are you apologizing?" she said slowly.

    In just a few minutes, the smiling and undefended sister Juno in the amusement park slowly cooled down and turned into Luo Zhi.

    "...... No, he said it is the kind of liking from the perspective of a good friend, and even said I was messing around by trying to be the matchmaker, I sure made you upset."

    "Oh." She paused, "No, I am also very pleased to know him."

    "That good."

    "But let's forget about the matchmaking thing."


    She felt her phone vibrate, took it out, and saw the new message received on the screen.

    Ding Shuijing’s text message —

    "You are always like this, Luo Zhi, you always despise the life those who think they are operating a lively and rich life."

   Last time, such a complicated and hypocritical sentence could also make Ding Shuijing write a letter on a calculation paper and send over—it's finally over now.

    It's all over, fake or genuine friendship, and the amusement park felt like a sunset that never sets.

    When Luo Zhi was about to enter the building, Sheng Huainan suddenly said to her in a somewhat hesitant tone: "Luo Zhi, I think we can become very good friends."

    She suddenly understood why women who were cheated by men always seem to be hysterically yelling "How did you treat me back then", and tried to ask for an unrealistic justice ------- because she too wanted to ask, back then why did you hold my hand in the amusement park?

    She straightened her back, turned her face, smiled and said, "Really?”

”You are a very fine and great girl." His smile was polite, but his tone was hesitant as if he didn't know what to say in order not to hurt her. There was a pang of condescending guilt and pity in his eyes, and this look made her feel offended and unpleasant.

    "I know I'm fine." She laughed.

    Good enough to be qualified to be held by you, but not good enough to keep you holding.

    Sheng Huainan was stunned, frozen there, not knowing what to say.

    "Thank you anyways." Luo Zhi finished speaking and swiped her card to enter the door.

    Thank you for giving me a big basket of meaningless joy.   Bastard

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