Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - Secret Lover

     "Okay, it's time for dinner" Jiang Jun knocked on the bathroom door.
     Yuan Shuai opened the door and hot mist gushed out. He pulled her into the bathroom, pressing her on the door, lowering his head and asking viciously, "What are we eating?
     "What do you want to eat?" She giggled, "eat you?" His fingertips rubbed her lips back and forth and she opened her mouth and bit his finger, which made him chuckle.
    He put his lower body between her legs and kneaded her chest vigorously. "Little bastard, what did you do when I was not here?"
     "Hmm~~" Jiang Jun groaned, "You were on the magazine cover!" She grabbed him.
     "Ouch, your happiness for the rest of your life depends on him!" He let go of her and she said, “quick, I’m starving to death."
     "Consolation prize" Yuan Shuai leaned over, pouting to kiss Jiang Jun, holding her face and kissing her lips heavily, "Dress yourself, Little Yuanyuan!"
     No one spoke during dinner as usual, except for the occasional sound of utensils hitting.
     After dinner, Yuan Shuai washed the dishes, Jiang Jun wiped the table and went into the kitchen to help. He washed the dishes one by one and handed it to her as she dried the water and placed each of them in the disinfection cabinet in the nearby pool near the sink.
     "How are things over there?" she asked, "No problem, just waiting for approval." He paused, "I don't need to be in Beijing all the time anymore."
     "That’s great, it’s not convenient for me to be visiting you in Beijing all the time."
     "How MH?"
     "It's still the same" she shook her head. "Young people nowadays can't bear hardship. In the past when we were ‘facing war’, we faced ‘bombs’ like ‘firecrackers’ and fought against the ‘enemies’ even when we heard ‘explosions’." Jiang Jun imitated the way Yuan Shuai's grandfather talked. "Your skin is itching huh? (when someone has itchy skin, it's saying that they are doing naughty things and needs to be beaten)" he smiled and splashed water onto her face. "My grandfather was mentioning you to me, telling us to settle down and have a baby."
    "............ ."
     "How about you quit your job and rest at home for some time, we can have a baby next year?"
     "Do you want me to help you with your company?"
     "It’s more important to be the mother of my child" Yuan Shuai hugged her, "Jun Jun, I’m afraid that our child’s classmate will call me grandfather in the future."
    Jiang Jun didn't answer his words, she held his neck and leaned into his arms.
     They haven't seen each other in a week and Yuan Shuai was a little out of control, and it hurt her. Biting his shoulder, Jun Jiang gasped and said, "Don't leave marks, it's ugly."
     "You are mine, you are mine," he said fiercely. "Say, you are mine. Say it and I will give it to you."
               "You are mine." She cried and laughed. "Can't you be mine?" He retaliated and pulled at her most sensitive area with his fingers. "I'm yours, it's yours, please."
     He plunged fiercely into her, hitting her again and again as if he is tearing her apart. 

     "Let's go buy clothes together" Yuan Shuai helped Jiang Jun apply concealer on her neck and complained, "It’s ugly to use this."
    Jiang Jun rolled her eyes, and said with an angry tone, "stop pissing me off."
     "What time can you get off work at night?"
     "We can go shopping in the afternoon. I don’t want to meet acquaintances."
     He bit her ear in dissatisfaction, "You really treat me as a secret lover."
     "JUNO someone gave you flowers." The secretary smiled and came in holding a bunch of white roses. "Hurry up and find me a vase." She looked at the words on the card and smiled. It was from Yuan Shuai.
    SALLY pointed at the rose on her desk and waved her hands exaggeratedly. "It's true, I didn’t believe at first. Oh my God, you received flowers? Who is that capable to be hitting on you?"
    Jiang closed the folder with a snap, “You thought I wasn’t straight?"
     "No, it's just a feeling of coldness, haha" she promised, "Who the hell is it to let our queen fall in love"
     "Secret." She fiddled with the delicate rose and beamed like a flower.