Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Workplace

    This time, the new recruits of IBM included elites from various domestic banks with strong capabilities, especially Yin Zhe and JOHN. They have adapted to the high-intensity work rhythm and managed to stand out from the rest.      "I have read your proposal and it is not bad. I have marked the parts that needs modification. Keep up the good work." Jiang Jun handed the folders to Yin Zhe and JOHN. "Next, your work focus will be to help Sally with the SLK's case. I hope to hear good news from you"     JOHN said: "We will try our best."      Yin Zhe said: "Yes, we can do it."     Jiang Jun smiled but said nothing, ‘you all better make it work! "She thought, "What's the matter with the SLK case?" DU glared at Jiang Jun. "What the hell did they do? And what are you doing? Collecting flowers and going on dates every day?" He glared at her with his hands on the desk." Juno, I will not interfere with your private life, but please don't let it affect your work!"     She looked at DU coldly. "First, you have no right to interfere in my private life. Second, you know exactly what was the reason behind this leaked information. Third, your plans didn’t work out. Don’t put the blame on others."     "Very good." He threw the document folders in front of her. "Take a good look. Do you think it will be fine just by convincing SLK to not sue SALLY? We had to take a $500K loss, I told you to watch them, what were you doing? "     Jiang Jun glanced at the file, "I'm working on this matter, it's only $500K. I'm filling up the loss for Sally. I will play the role of a bad person anyway. Those people deliberately set this trap for SALLY and it's impossible to avoid." She laughed and shook her head. "You assigned JOHN as a partner for JAY and asked me to hand the SLK project to them. You were waiting for this, aren't you? You killed three birds with one stone, why are you angry about it?"      "Forget it, do it as you want, but someone has to be the scapegoat and SALLY is inevitably the one. You try to find more evidence that JOHN is the one behind it."      "Got it."                 ......      "Juno, I’m sorry," SALLY said.      Jiang Jun smiled bitterly, "Not to me!"     SALLY handed her all the documents and said, "I'm sorry Juno, I caused you so much trouble. I really wanted to go to Beijing with you. I am so dumb aren’t I?"     Jiang Jun was speechless. She just gave the girl who had worked with her for more than 3 years a big hug. Although she tried her best to resolve the problems after SLK’s confidential information was leaked, she still caused a huge loss to the company. As the direct person in charge of the case, SALLY has to carry the blame. Jiang Jun really wanted to keep this lovely girl in the company. After all, this situation is directed towards DU and her, but still, SALLY must be responsible for her negligence.     She handed SALLY an envelope and sent her away.      "Let JOHN and JAY come to my office in half an hour." After Jiang Jun told the secretary and smoked a cigarette after another.      They can't frame DU and her, but what about the others? The first is SALLY, but who is the next one?      Her phone rang. She picked it up and the other end sounded. "Girl"      It’s Yuan Shuai. Sadness engulfed Jiang Jun and she replied, "brother Yuanyuan" she sobbed and collapsed in her seat with no energy left.      "Who bullied Junjun, I will kill that person," Yuan Shuai said in a nasty voice. "............”      "MISS JIANG, JAY and JOHN are here," The secretary told her. "Let them in" she hung up the phone, and her eyes showed her determinism.      If you want a nasty battle, I am all ready for it.