The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2 - Holiday Trip (3)

Zhao Fanzhou rolled his eyes, "Nothing, I told you to get up and take a bath."

Fortunately, he did not turn into a big beast, Zhou Xiao breathed a sigh of relief again, and pushed him who was pressing on her, "Then you let me get up."

"No." Zhao Fanzhou pressed all the strength of his body towards her, "Anyway, you treat me as a pervert, why should I be polite to you."

"When did I? You absolutely misunderstood, why would I think you are a pervert? You don't know how much I adore you, you are definitely someone who will never be disturbed with a woman in one's lap." She said kindly.



"Fine." He turned over from her. "You hurry up and go take a bath."

She quickly jumped up from the bed, hurriedly grabbed her clothes, and rushed into the bathroom. And Zhao Fanzhou crossed his hands behind his head, leisurely watching her rush around like her buttocks are on fire.

When the sound of water in the bathroom sounded, Zhao Fanzhou sat up from the bed, um...she was taking a bath in it...he suddenly felt a little thirsty and yes! Drink cold water! He poured a large glass of cold water, and it felt better.

She finally came out of the bathroom. It was his turn to breathe a sigh of relief. She watched inexplicably as he suddenly rushed into the bathroom with his clothes. What happened? Are you in such a hurry to take a bath? Why didn't you say it earlier? She can let him wash it first.

Zhao Fanzhou stayed in the bathroom for more than half an hour. Zhou Xiao picked up the PSP he had thrown on the bed and played with it. She was very surprised. Di boys take a bath for so long? Does he want to maintain his skin inside? She began to imagine him applying lotion in it, and couldn't help laughing.

As soon as Zhao Fanzhou came out, he saw Zhou Xiao holding the PSP giggling, with water dripping from her hair. He turned back to the bathroom and took a towel out and threw it to her, "Dry your hair." Zhou Xiao put the towel aside and went on playing the game, "Wait a minute, I'm finishing it."

He stared at her for a while until he found she did not react at all, he could only accept his fate, walked over to pick up the towel and wipe her hair.

"Oh~~ I hit and hit~~ Eh~~ Damn! Dead." Zhou Xiao put down the PSP, "What a bad game." She wanted to take the towel in his hand, and Zhao Fanzhou waved her hand away. "Let me do it." She shrugged, fine whatever he wanted.

"So caring? Do you want to continue to be so good to me in the future?" He didn't bother about her, and continued to wipe her hair, "Shall we go to Lugu Lake tomorrow?"

"Is that the Lugu Lake of the Mosuo tribe?"

"Yeah." The hair was almost dry, and he took the towel back to the bathroom and hung it up.

When he came out again, seeing that she had covered the quilt and was about to go to bed, he walked to her bed. Zhou Xiao, who was already lying down, suddenly bounced off the bed, 
"That...your bed is over there..."

"I think this bed looks better to sleep in." Zhao Fanzhou smiled maliciously.

"Where? It's all the same." She pulled the quilt tightly on her body, help~~


When the first ray of sunlight came in, Zhou Xiao woke up. She didn’t know how she fell asleep last night. She was still in Zhao Fanzhou’s arms, but she had turned from her back to be face to face with him. Thinking about her rotten sleeping habits, it is estimated that he has also spent a lot of effort to hold her in his arms.

The morning sun was warm, hitting his face, his eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his face, and once again she sighed, this child really looks like a deity, why did he meet her? Could it be that her mother prayed to God and worship Buddha too much, and the Gods blessed her? No matter which God it is, thank you for showing up.

The sun started to dazzle, Zhao Fanzhou's eyelids moved, as if he was about to wake up, Zhou Xiao quickly closed her eyes and pretended not to wake up yet. If he caught her peeking at him, she didn't know how long she would be laughed at.

Zhao Fanzhou opened his eyes, um... his arm was a bit numb, look at Zhou Xiao who was resting on his arm, the sun had coated the fine hairs on her face with a golden yellow, he really wanted to take a bite.

Why did he feel her eyes trembling slightly under her eyelids? Okay, pretend to sleep, right? He leaned close to her face and took a bite on the cheek, "Still pretending, get up."

"Ah! Why are you biting?" Didn't learn the good ones, but the bad ones are all learnt.

"Otherwise you think you are the only one who has teeth?" He scornfully replied, "I know you have coveted me for a long time, stop pretending."

God, Buddha, take back the words just now, although this person looks like a deity, but he doesn't speak human words, it is just a skin.

"Get up quickly, we are going to Lugu Lake today." Zhao Fanzhou pulled her up from the bed forcibly, and she lay back again, reluctant to move.

"You go to wash your face and brush your teeth first, I'll lie down again, I can get prepared very quickly." She begged.

"No. Get up!" This man must have been Bao Gong in her life.

"Really, there is only one bathroom anyway. You wash your face and brush your teeth first, and then I will go." She closed her eyes and said.


Why is it so quiet? Is he angry? Zhou Xiao opened her eyes hard, wow! With this trick again, no matter how handsome this face is, but every time it is so big in front of her, she will die of a heart attack sooner or later.

" Are you awake now? Get up and change clothes." After saying, he turned around and went to brush his teeth. This guy is so sullen, he likes to play such tricks! Zhou Xiao had no choice but to get up and change clothes.