Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.1 - Meaningless Joy (1)

    Is this a dream? Is it too fast? This thought flashed past, forget it, just leave it alone.

    Luo Zhi has never felt as happy as she is now in her life, and her heart was soft and comfortable. The turntable threw her high into the blue sky, and she opened her eyes to see the towering fake hills and the vast artificial lake of Happy Valley while hanging upside down in the air, she really flew.

    The Sun God car completely ignited the enthusiasm of the two children. They ran to take the roller coaster again. When the suspended car rolled over the mountains, the four people straightened their right arms to imitate Uncle Superman. 

Trojan horses, bumper cars, Odyssey trips... Luo Zhi found that she hadn't smiled like that in a long time. She and Sheng Huainan each drove a bumper car to chase and kill the two children in the same car, but accidentally ran into each other head-on; they sat in the first row on the enhanced version of "Rapid Current", and they screamed and got completely drenched when the 16-meter high platform rushed down.

The passengers in the back row lost their glasses. So the people in the boat looked down for the black-rimmed glasses, and did not notice that the people on the bridge above were pouring basins of water at them…

The four of them were so tired after playing that they couldn't speak. They sat on the bench and ate intently while holding a cone of ice cream each, their clothes sticking to their wet bodies. As soon as the wind passed, Luo Zhi felt chills, but the sunset was warm on her back, the contrast was too strong.

    She suddenly felt the vibration of the phone in her bag. In order to prevent water from entering, the mobile phones of all four people are all in the Luo Zhi schoolbag. Luo Zhi found the black mobile phone that was vibrating and accidentally saw a clear line of words on the screen.

    "A new message from Zhanyan."

    She handed the phone over and said, "It seems that your phone vibrated just now."

    Sheng Huainan took it with a smile, glanced at the screen, and frowned quickly.

    As if he could feel that she was watching him, Sheng Huainan's gaze shifted from the text message to Luo Zhi's face: "What's wrong?"

    Luo Zhi shook her head, smiled, turned and faced the brilliant sunset. Tiffany just took advantage of her shifting and put her head in her arms.

    "Are you cold?" Luo Zhi asked, "Let's go back after eating the ice cream. Don't want you to catch a cold, remember to take a hot bath when we reach home."

    "I don't want to go back anymore." Jake also came to join in the fun, "It would be nice to always be so happy. . Usually it’s always boring at home."

    You kids don’t know how fortunate you guys are. Luo Zhi lowered her head and looked at the two tired but still unsatisfied children.

    "The most exciting part of the Odyssey trip just now was the few seconds when we rushed down from the top. We queued so long, and even sit here shivering and drying our clothes, all just for those few seconds of good screaming. Unless life is a little boring, you won’t feel that today is a very happy day. In a person’s life, most of the time life is boring"

    Sheng Huainan glanced at her quickly.

    Luo Zhi stood up and said, "Alright, are you finished? Let's go."

    Driver Chen answered the phone and pointed out the direction.

    "Let's leave together, you won't be able to get a taxi at the gate of Happy Valley at this time." Luo Zhi lowered her head and said.

    "Thank you." His tone was a little absent-minded, Luo Zhi raised her head to see him still staring at the phone blankly.

    Luo Zhi's back stiffened, then slowly relaxed.

    "You’re welcome," she said.

    There were two children between them. They were standing far apart, so far that it felt as if those hands that were so tightly clenched together when they were in the air did not belong to them. 

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