Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - One Last Step

            Jiang Jun was 19 years old, one year before graduation.
     Yin Zhe’s parents’ attitude towards her had a 180-degree turn after Yin Zhe told them about her relationship with Yuan Shuai.
     She also knows that Qiao Na’s father’s imprisonment has affected Yin Zhe’s stepfather’s loan badly.
     They thought she could have helped them?
     They offered to visit her family. Which one? Zhong's or Yuan's?
     No matter which family it was, it is impossible for them to accept Yin Zhe’s family. Big players play politics, and the little ones are betting on fate. Yin Zhe’s parents thought she was the beginning of their good luck, but she knows that she is also the one who bet on fate.
     She bet on the love of her family.
     She told Yin Zhe that she could not provide him with any shortcut to success.
     Yin Zhe replied that he did not care what his family’s intention was and that he just wanted to live their life.
     Was he naive, or was she thinking too much?
   All the media are publishing the news [the three ministries and commissions jointly issued a notice on rectification of illegal operations in the real estate industry]. A large number of real estate developers have been listed for investigation. Among them was Yin Zhe’s stepfather. His mother cried to Jiang Jun for her help. Yin Zhe told her that the problem was with an approval document her stepfather signed, and that approval was obtained by his father through a relationship.
     She took a copy of the approval and went to Yuan Shuai to see if he could help.
     She researched the legal effect of the approval with his lawyer, and Yuan Shuai kept calling his network for news.
    The lawyer told her that there was only a small loophole in the document. If it was not deliberately investigated, the approval is still valid.
     Deliberately investigated? She looked at Yuan Shuai suspiciously. She didn't know what news he had heard that made him drop his phone all of a sudden. The look he gave her made her panic inexplicably.
     Staggered into the house, she found her mother and grandma waiting for her in the living room. They said: She only has two options, one is to break up with Yin Zhe, and the other is for Yin Zhe to completely leave his family.
    Leaving the family? It would destroy them. Would she receive happiness from her relationship when she destroyed his family?
     She looked at the visa and admission notice in front of her, wasn’t her path already chosen for her? There is only one way from beginning to end, isn’t it?
     No wonder no one has ever stopped her from staying with Yin Zhe, not because of acceptance, but because it would end eventually.
     She lost, she has already lost when she was born.
     In the face of political rights, family affection, love and dreams can all be sacrificed.
     She didn't want this. She wanted true love. Pure love. She ran across the familiar corridors and bridges. She couldn’t tell whether it was sweat or tears on her face.
     She chose the third way, she gave up her family, she wanted to go her own way.
     The wind, mixed with snowflakes blew on her face, and she couldn't see clearly the path in front of her. There was no way out, and she could only keep moving forward.
     She stood on the last stone step in front of Yin Zhe’s villa. After running for so long, it was the final step(towards him and their future). If she stepped in, she could get warmth from him...
     Yin Zhe was helping Qiao Na at the door.
    ”Why did you do this, because Qiao Na is my former girlfriend or because she is Yuan Shuai’s fiance? You not only reported her father but also framed her?” He accused
     He grabbed her shoulders and shook her hysterically, "Why are you so cruel, you have to snatch away everything you like and make them yours! Me and your brother. Do you think by snatching everything away from Qiao Na could make you win?"
     The sky was covered with white snow and she felt like she was about to suffocate, and the biting cold wind hit her body from all directions. Why did he only believe what Qiao Na said?
     What else can she say, he will only believe in the people and things he wants to believe. He believed Qiao Na, he believed everything Qiao Na said. Then what about her(Jiang Jun)? What about her?
     "I reported it, but I didn't frame her." Jiang Jun was surprisingly calm. "She knows what she did. She has to suck it up"
     A hard slap fell on her face and she rolled down the steps dizzily.
     "So this is love" Warm blood oozed from her cheeks "I don't want it again" She looked at him coldly, bitterness filled her heart.
    She was left with nothing. Her family, Yin Zhe, her home, everything she loved had suddenly disappeared from the world.
     Everything is gone, there is nothing left.
     "Junjun (Jiang Jun’s pet name)". She turned her head and saw Yuan Shuai. He was wearing a military hat with a terrible expression. He opened his arms to her and said, "Don't be afraid, I'll be there with you."
     “Brother Yuanyuan, take me away!” was all she could say.