Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14.1 - Chicken speaking to a duck (1)

    Luo Zhi didn't see Sheng Huainan again for a long time.

    No text messages, Sheng Huainan did not even go to the second and third law introduction classes. Zhang Mingrui has been sitting next to her.

    She asked lightly: "Where has Sheng Huainan gone?"

    Zhang Mingrui said, "Preparing for a debate, so he skipped class."


    " Our school was still trying to frustrate your School of Economics at the debate a few days ago. Everyone said that, regardless of the department of the social sciences, the eloquence is still not as good as our logically strong science students."

    Seeing Luo Zhi looking dazed and unwilling, Zhang Mingrui felt that his topic was seriously wasted.

    "Your mouth is quite powerful. Especially when you are dissing me, why didn't you participate in the debate?"

    Luo Zhi smiled: "My eloquence is only responsible for robbing the rich and giving to the poor" 

Zhang Mingrui "tsk" and turned his head.

    On the weekend of the first week after the National Day holiday, Luo Zhi met Tiffany's mother. She talked to Luo Zhi about Jake's changes and the two children's love for the big brother who accompanied them to play in the playground. She further asked Luo Zhi if the boy would come to accompany Jake a few times a week and be a family tutor with her, like a partner.

    Luo Zhi agreed to help ask.

    After returning from the playground, she was convinced that the strange and embarrassing atmosphere was not just her own illusion. She waited for Sheng Huainan's text message, waiting for him to explain something --- even if it was an apology, simply saying, I'm sorry I shouldn't hold your hand impulsively ----- but there was nothing from him.

    She did not take the initiative to contact. Luo Zhi was sure that she did not have to say more. She didn't refuse at that time and even grabbed his hand. What did her actions mean, how could he not understand considering how smart he was?

    Luo Zhi knew that if she was still able to receive text messages from the other party again, it can only be a massive blessing at Christmas.

    However, regarding Jake's affairs, she must contact him, otherwise, she will not be able to deal with it when she goes to tutor in the afternoon. During the lecture, she reluctantly sent a text message, simply conveying the hostess's gratitude and invitation, carefully considering every word, trying to make the wording not sound like a wordless question.

    It took a long time to receive a reply.

    "No need to thank me, I said I like them very much. But I’m sorry, I'm very busy lately. The student union and the debate team have a lot of activities. Help me tell their mother that I will frequently come and play with them when I have time, but I am not collecting money ^_^"

    Luo Zhi was stunned. Is it despicable to collect money?

    She told herself that he wasn’t intentional, he was not being sarcastic, Luo Zhi, don't be narrow-minded, don't think too much, he didn't intentionally...

    She almost forgot, after visiting the Odyssey, he took advantage of the time when the two children went to throw out the garbage, he asked her how many times a week she would go to tutor. She said that with a salary of 150 yuan an hour, she accompanies her two children to learn and play for about six hours a week.

    It seems that as soon as she closes her eyes, you can see Sheng Huainan’s calm face and the faint voice saying: "It's not bad, lucrative job, and he is such a cute child."

    "It's tiring to please a child, but what kind of work is not tiring? Making money is really not easy." She told him so sincerely then, she thought he would not misunderstand.

    She is too naive. The importance of money, how would he know.

    He was still the little boy wearing a clean and good-looking children's suit, standing on the steps holding the ball and reaching out his hands to her.

    It's just that she looked up him from the beginning, and in some gestures concealed the prettiness and wrath that was not easily noticed. She tried to stand upright and walked up high, but she still looked up at him.

    Luo Zhi told herself madly, you think too much, you think too much. However, the tears welled up countless times and tickled down.

    "Are you okay?" Zhang Mingrui was a little confused at the side.

    "It's okay." She wiped away her tears with a tissue and continued to copy notes as if nothing happened just now.

    Nothing happened, the hand held by him, and the hidden contempt were all misunderstandings.

    Zhang Mingrui looked at her silently for a long time. The opportunity to sit together in class for the past two weeks made him discover that Luo Zhi is slow and sluggish most of the time. In a class where only two people were alone, she barely spoke. He didn't know what she was thinking. A thick barricade killed all Zhang Mingrui's unspoken words. 

    However, there were some times, she was still reticent, but witty, able to continue the topic perfectly in simple words, vividly.

    Those times, she was awake, always ready to fight, trying to present an image of Luo Zhi.

    Those times, was the first time he met in the law class when a certain someone was there.

    Zhang Mingrui's eyes had a hint of inferiority and pity that he himself can’t say clearly

    They are all the same. So is Luo Zhi, and so is she. He couldn't understand it once, but now he understands it all.

    The autumn air has a special taste, cold and sweet, which makes Luo Zhi very much like it. She barely finished the first half of the class, put down the pen and rushed out of the teaching building. Before she stood still, she took a deep breath, inhaled until her lungs hurt, and then slowly exhaled.

    It has been a long time since she went to the playground to run laps.

    Suddenly she saw Zheng Wenrui at the door. After their long conversation, Zheng Wenrui would look away whenever he saw Luo Zhi in the teaching building, and tighten his mouth in embarrassment. Luo Zhi also tactfully pretended not to see him. Luo Zhi felt that she could understand his feelings, and the gates in her heart couldn't bear it, so she hurriedly found someone to talk to her. When she calmed down, she would feel very ashamed in retrospect, as if the listener was laughing uncompassionately at her, it was more embarrassing than being stripped.

    Zheng Wenrui would not know, they are actually very similar. She was not qualified to laugh at anything.

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