Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3 - Fennel Fruit 怀香 (3)

    Turning to leave, she saw a car parked in front of Villa No. 2, and a beautiful woman with a super-spicy figure got out of the car. She took a closer look, and she seemed to be a supermodel.

    Shen Xifan sighed secretly, Ling troublemaker, you really are a monster, but it's a pity that too many people in the world are willing to accept your kind. Then she thought, if she took pictures of this situation and brought it to the gossip society would she make a fortune, and then she would be kicked out, and in the end, she would be prosecuted, and she would be locked up, and her parents would take turns to visit her in prison ------ Forget it, she could only walk away silently.

    When she inadvertently squinted again, she saw Ling Yufan leaning on the door and smiling at her. His eyes were full of electricity without glasses, and Shen Xifan immediately pulled down a bitter melon face, and carefully shook her head.

    She calmed down, folded her hands together, and silently said that there are no dead ends in the road, and she can exchange RMB when she is back.

    After checking all the floors, Shen Xifan nodded in satisfaction, "The sanitation is very good, I am satisfied, and thank you all, for your hard work this afternoon!"

    Then she was going to go back to the office to pack her things, passing by the Chinese restaurant accidentally, and then came back. The nose sniffed exaggeratedly, and ran to the back operation room to find Xu Xiangya, "Xiangya, are there fennel dumplings tonight?"

    Xu Xiangya jumped, "You have a dog nose! You can smell it from so far? Hey, what do you want to do? It was so hard to find such tender fennel in winter. I finally found it and it’s not for you! Give up!”

    She was unhappy, “Is it for Yan Heng? No, just give it to me. He actually prefers to eat celery dumplings. "

    Xu Xiangya's eyes lit up, "Really, don't lie to me!"

    "I didn't lie to you, I didn't lie to you!" She stretched out her hand to grab the delicate dumplings in a blue and white porcelain bowl. It looks so good, the food fed to the VIP is indeed different.

    Chef Li Shu laughed, "It doesn't matter, Manager Shen just packs it home if you like it. There is still more than half of it, and I can make it in time. Ah, Manager Xu, should I make celery or fennel dumplings now?"

    Shen Xifan replied on Xu Xiangya's behalf, "Celery dumpling, give to Mr. Yan, put a little more sugar, he likes it sweeter,  vinegar should be aged vinegar, he doesn't eat balsamic vinegar! The remaining fennel is wrapped together, and add some cabbage, distributing the reminding to each department. The winter solstice is coming soon. Let’s celebrate, and everyone has worked hard for this conference.”

    The little girl who delivered the food next to her packed the dumplings and added a bowl of noodle soup for Shen Xifan.

    Xu Xiangya was extremely depressed, "I, the catering manager, is a failure, should we exchange our roles?"

    Shen Xifan shook her head quickly, "No, I'm afraid I will take the lead in corruption and bribery. You know I can't resist Uncle Li’s cooking the most. Are you not afraid that I will eat the hotel until it becomes broke?"

    Everyone laughed, except for Yan Heng, who was standing not far away, with a lonely expression.

    He still remembered that Shen Xifan was a glutton, not as picky as he was, but she loves delicious food.

    The first time he saw her was a law elective course during sophomore year. The winter morning really torments people's will. Generally, everyone will rush in due to oversleeping when class is about to start, bring milk and bread and the likes, and then eat in class. Because it is an elective course, the teacher just smiles when encountering this situation. There are also unreliable teachers who borrow money from classmates to buy breakfast during the break. He himself has been borrowed several times, and he has been repaid twice the amount of money. In short, winter is an excellent reason to be lazy.

    Shen Xifan sneaked in through the back door ten minutes after class, carrying a lunch box, and sitting carelessly in the second-to-last window in front of him, then she opened the lunch box, and a gust of steam and rice noodles rushed out. He was surprised that she was so bold to pack the steamed dumplings from the cafeteria and even take them to class.

    The original smell of steamed dumplings didn't matter, she even added some vinegar, and immediately a classmate nearby turned to look at the source of the smell, smiled and turned back, acknowledging her breakfast. But she was also conscious, raised from the bench, and squatted on the ground by the window to eat. After she took the first bite, he smelled fennel dumplings.

    At that time, he was suffering violently. His empty stomach began to betray him because of the smell of dumplings, and his brain started to fly around because of insufficient blood supply. He really wanted to tell her, can you stop eating it, it smells too fragrant, it really affects the class too much.

    She just sat up and took a drink of water. He poked her back gently with a pen, and then said quietly, "Classmate, can you go out to eat dumplings?" But he didn't know what she had heard. She froze for a moment, stretched out her hand to pick up the lunch box, shook her head, and took out half a pack of digestive biscuits from her school bag. "There is still half a dumpling. If you are hungry, eat this first!"

    Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, so he had to take it, for a long while he dared to move and was about to return it to her when class was over, but she jumped up and shouted, "I'm eating, go grab a meal, or there will be no food left to eat!" 

He held half a bag of biscuits and was at a loss. It was not until later that he knew that Shen Xifan heard what he said as, Classmate, Can you give me dumplings?

    Yan Heng thought she hadn't changed. She likes to eat dumplings, when she eats it she needs to add a lot of vinegar, and until her lips turn white, and then she drinks a big mouthful of water.

    He suddenly realized, three years had passed, yet it was like three seconds. He had never modified his memory. The days of youth and frivolousness were gone forever, but he would never be able to return to those days to make up for his mistakes.

    She should hate him very much, right?

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