Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1 - Guilinggao/ Tortoise jelly 龟苓膏 (1)

In the afternoon, when the TCM building had no sign of human habitation, He Suye crouched in the pharmacy to help with the pharmacist decoction.

    He is the attending physician. He doesn't need to go to the pharmacy to decoct the medicine himself, as a Chinese medicine doctor he is always very free and he likes all kinds of medicinal materials and likes to watch them churn in the casserole. When the medicine smell diffuses, there is a hinge of sweetness in the bitterness. The Chinese pharmacy has just recruited newbies, who are unfamiliar and unable to master the fire conditions, and always needs people at the side to guide whether to use a big flame or small flame.

    He picked up the prescription, a medicine prescribed by himself, Shen Xifan, a beautiful-looking name, but when he pronounced it, why did it sound like porridge (Xifan)? Hold Porridge (Chen XiFan)? Her family is really very realistic!

    Coptis is very bitter, but other medicines are sweet in taste and should not be difficult to drink. After drinking one month's amount, he prescribed her Boziren porridge, or grind a little jujube kernel powder to help treat insomnia.

    However, he was not sure whether this girl would get some other illness. The frequency of seeing them each other three times in two weeks was indeed a bit high for a Chinese doctor and patient.

    But in her, it always seems to be full of accidents and miracles.

    Then, the nurse in the outpatient clinic came over and said, "Doctor He, the inpatient department Director Liao called."

    He dropped the prescription in his hand, instructed the pharmacist how to master the heat, and then went to the inpatient department.

    Director Liao was waiting for him in the office and greeted him, "Xiao He, come with me to the ward. Recently, the temperature suddenly dropped. Some patients started coughing. The effect of benproperine treatment was not obvious. I didn't dare to try to use codeine. Can you prescribe some Chinese medicine? You are the best at integrating traditional Chinese and western medicine!"

    He Suye is embarrassed, "I will do my best!"

    He took the patient's pulse carefully and prescribed medicine. These patients are all from the digestive department. Therefore it is usually gastrointestinal problems. He did not dare to use too strong medicine and added some medicines for soothing the liver and regulating qi, warming the stomach.

    A patient asked him, "Doctor, I spit out yellow-green gastric juice every day when I take Chinese medicine. What's the matter?"

    He looked at the medical records and explained, "Maybe Tianqi powder is a bit irritating, but it's not a big problem. If you feel uncomfortable, you can ask your attending doctor to reduce it from three times a day to two times."

    Director Liao leaned over to see, "Oh, it's Xiao Xu's patient, why haven't I heard him mention it?"

    Suddenly, the lights in the ward went out, and a winter afternoon always gets dark early, and the patients were shocked, and a nurse ran over immediately, "Maybe the power went out, I’ll call right away!" 

The electricity came back, it is due to the generator inside the hospital, only to be used for the emergency department and inpatient department. Director Liao kindly, "Xiao He, I will ask the nurse to get the medicine again tomorrow. Your Chinese medicine building doesn't have electricity, how can you see it clearly."

    He Suye nodded, "I'll go get the prescription first. If the electricity comes back, I will let them prepare them immediately."

    Director Liao patted his shoulder, "That's fine, help me say hello to your father!"

    He Su Ye nodded, but he thought about how long he hadn't seen his father.

    Fortunately, there was no power outage at home. He Suye was about to open the door, and there was a sound of footsteps behind him, and then he heard a familiar voice, who spoke weakly and without strength, "Big senior brother, you kindly reward us with a meal!"

    He turned around, surprised, "Li Jie, Fang Ke Xin, what are you guys doing here?"

    Li Jie was depressed, "The school is out of power, big senior brother, you know our school is so pitifully, there is no generator in the old campus, the cafeteria is not open, and the small restaurants around are not open...

    "So come over and eat?" He Suye smiled, "Come in, there is not much food at home, you put up with it."

    Although dinner is simple, He Suye's cooking skills are good, and they applauded again and again.

    Li Jie is He Suye’s junior, and the two are also family friends. He has always regarded He Suye as his elder brother, but in his house, he was as presumptuous as if he was in his own home. After eating, he left his dishes and went online to play games. It was Fang Kexin who felt embarrassed, "Big Senior Brother, sorry for troubling you."

    He Suye smiled, "It's okay, how can I let the guests clean up the dishes and I will wash the dishes."

    Kexin could only wander around the house. He Suye's family. Just like her own, simple and refreshing, all kinds of pharmacopoeias and prescription books are piled on the desk in the study, and half of the papers are written by him. She suddenly remembered the last time she came here, two years ago, it was the time when senior brother and senior sister Zhang Yiling broke up.

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