My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 12.1

Chapter 12.1 - Febuxostat (1)

Xiao Ziyuan didn't seem to plan to let him go, "Think about your future life, it's going to be uneasy for you. What is a lawyer best at? Catch loopholes, step on your point of pain, know your tipping point and best at protracted warfare. Know how to advance and retreat, her words can attack like real guns, and they are never perfunctory. I wonder if Dr. Wen’s medical skills can hold up her attacks. You have met a difficult opponent."

Wen Shaoqing thought about it carefully and realised when Cong Rong was with him, he didn't have any of these issues with her. But he could always easily make her blush and frown. He smiled thinking of his effect on her.

Xiao Ziyuan saw Wen Shaoqing filled with joy, and he couldn't help teasing him: "I can’t believe you can smile so happily even during your quarantine. I really don't know what you are happy about."

Wen Shaoqing didn't care, "Xiao Ziyuan, you are too old to understand the state of mind of people in love."

Xiao Ziyuan teased, "Love? Is it your unrequited love? The lawyer drew a strict line, mentioning you as her neighbor and nothing else."

Wen Shaoqing didn't take it seriously, "Didn’t Sui Yi say that you were just a Shi Xiong(male senior)? But you managed to get together with her."

Speaking of Sui Yi, Xiao Ziyuan's face lit up with joy and love. Wen Shaoqing glanced at him and couldn’t bear his disgusting expressions and drove him out of the ward.

Lawyer Cong, who was discussed by the two for a long time, was sitting breathlessly on the bench in the neighbourhood with Rang Yi Rang. They glanced at each other. She shook the yogurt bottle she just bought from the supermarket. "Do you want to eat it?"

Rang Yi Rang barked happily, Cong Rong tore the packaging open, put it in front of Rang Yi Rang and watched him sigh, "Your owner is quarantined, and yet you are still having such a good time."

Rang Yi Rang ate the yogurt up, and some of it got onto the fur around its mouth. Cong Rong stood up after seeing it finish the entire bottle, "Okay, let’s go back!"

Cong Rong sent Rang Yi Rang home, left it with water and some dry food, and then planned to go home. When she walked to the door, she remembered something, "Do I need to turn on a light for you?"

Rang Yi Rang barked but Cong Rong didn't know what it meant, "Is it a yes or a no?"

Cong Rong turned off the light and turned it on again quickly, trying to see Rang Yi Rang’s reaction, but the dog just looked at her quietly.

Cong Rong thought for a while, "Then I will turn off the lights to save energy and save the environment. See you tomorrow."

When Cong Rong sat on the sofa and watched TV at home that night, she finally realise why  Wen Shaoqing's cousin whom she met in the morning looked so familiar. He was the person being featured in the news!

He got into such a high position at a young age. Needless to say, he must be from a decent background. Then as his cousin, Wen Shaoqing also should not be a child from an ordinary family.

She suddenly noticed that she didn't know much about Wen Shaoqing except his name and his job. She knew nothing more. This realization gave Cong Rong a sense of loss.

She opened WeChat and clicked on the voice message that Wen Shaoqing just sent. The familiar voice soon was heard. His voice was deep and his tone doesn’t sound sad. Seems like the quarantine did not make him depressed.

She listened to it several times in a row and thought of going through his WeChat moments. He hardly sent any posts, most of his posts are about Rang Yi Rang. Her fingers kept scrolling downwards and then stopped suddenly.

His first post caught her attention. The time posted was a few years ago, just four words, with a picture.

Not without missing her (Actual words: 非不思她).

The picture has a blurry figure, barely able to see that it’s a girl. It was a candid photo.

Not without missing her, Wen Shaoqing's WeChat name is Febuxostat (same pronunciation as 非不思她 in chinese), a very strange name. It sounded like the name of a medicine, for which Cong Rong has clarified with Zhong Zhen. Zhong Zhen told her that it was indeed a name of the drug, which was used to treat hyperuricemia with gout symptoms. She didn't really think deeply about the name at time, and felt that it was normal for a doctor's WeChat name to be a name of a drug.

Now, it seems like his WeChat name did have a meaning. She recalled Zhong Zhen telling her that he had someone he liked. Was it the girl in the photo?

Cong Rong's suddenly felt a sense of loss.

Christmas is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the temperature has been falling. Cong Rong went to feed Rang Yi Rang every morning before going out, and took it out for a walk every night after work. She will occasionally send WeChat messages to check on Wen Shaoqing, often worrying if he would be infected. The days passed quickly, and Cong Rong thought her life had gone back to the days without Wen Shaoqing.

Friday was an extraordinarily busy day for her. Cong Rong was busy for the entire day, talking until her mouth got dry. When she finished sorting out the documents and looked around, she found out that she was the only one left in the law firm. In the large office area, only her room light was lit, and suddenly a feeling of loneliness swept through her, and fatigue followed.

Cong Rong drove out of the law firm garage, opened the window and swiped her parking card when she passed by the parking lot gantry. She coughed when she felt the cold wind rushing into her car. The security guard at the door of the law firm looked at her with concerning eyes. "Lawyer Cong, are you okay?"

Cong Rong gestured that she was fine, raised the glass window, and drove towards home.

The night was cold and there were far fewer pedestrians than usual. When she passed by her neighborhood, she remembered that she hadn't eaten dinner yet. She glanced at the 24H supermarket. She had no appetite and sighed and went straight down to the parking lot.

As she stepped out of the lift, Wen Shaoqing’s door suddenly swept open, and Wen Shaoqing appeared at the door, holding a steaming corn on the cob in his hand. Rang Yi Rang was following him, looking at her with a corn cob in its mouth. 

Wen Shaoqing smiled and waved the corn on the cob in his hand, "Want to eat?"

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