My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 12.2

Chapter 12.2 - Febuxostat (2)

The sweetness of the crispy corn filled her nose, stimulating her taste buds. He was standing a few steps away, wearing a T-shirt, slacks, and a cardigan over his shoulders. He dressed casually, just like every time she met him before the quarantine. It was as if he had never disappeared for days.

His sudden appearance made her relieved and slightly annoyed at the same time. She turned her head and walked in the direction of her own house. After taking out her keys, she sighed and turned back to him, but she didn’t look him in the eyes. "I will come after I put things down."

She had been cold and hungry after the entire day. From her neighbour's house, a warm fragrance could be smelled. His house had totally different dynamics from hers. Her house was cold and lonely and this enticed her to go to his place. No one knew how hard she tried to convince herself to not walk in the direction leading to his house. She wanted to refuse, but she didn't have the courage to open her door and face the loneliness in her house.

Wen Shaoqing seemed to see that something was wrong with her but said nothing, holding a corn on the cob and before turning to his home, he told Rang Yi Rang, "Wait for her here."

Rang Yi Rang walked a few steps forward obediently, and crouched in the middle of the corridor, and swept its tail back and forth in a good mood.

Cong Rong put down her things and washed her face before going to Wen Shaoqing’s place. As soon as she went out, she saw Rang Yi Rang squatting at the door waiting for her. Behind it was a half-open door, and she could see Wen Shaoqing’s silhouette from the warm lights coming from inside.

Cong Rong entered and spontaneously sat at the dining table. Wen Shaoqing brought out a plate of crispy corn from the kitchen and picked up a well-baked one and handed it over to her. "When I came out of the hospital today, I saw someone selling it on the streets. So I’ve decided to buy and try to make it myself. Try it, it tastes pretty good."

Cong Rong held up the corn but didn't eat it right away, Rang Yi Rang lied down beside Wen Shaoqing and spit out the corn from its mouth and put it on the ground. It then stared at Cong Rong.

Cong Rong was tired and hungry, and her head was as messy as cooked porridge. Looking at Rang Yi Rang, she held her corn on the cob in a daze and asked, "My corn looks more delicious than his?"

Wen Shaoqing replies with a smile: "It is waiting for you to eat together."

"Is it?" Cong Rong took a bite and looked at Rang Yi Rang, and it bowed its head and nibbled at its corn.

Wen Shaoqing laughed, "It seems like you have got along very well these days."

Cong Rong didn't answer. After a few bites, she finally looked up at him, "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Wen Shaoqing nodded. "The results came out today and I’m not infected."

"That's good." Cong Rong whispered back and then kept quiet, lowering her head and eating her corn quietly.

Wen Shaoqing seemed to be aware of her low spirit and teased her, "You dare to eat the food I give you before asking me if I’m infected or not?"

Cong Rong was so tired that she didn’t want to use her brain, and said whatever she thought of mechanically, “I’ve got the hepatitis B vaccine, and I’ve looked up on it. In fact, contacting a hepatitis B virus carrier may not necessarily mean that one will be infected. For example, if a couple, if the husband carries Hepatitis B virus, the probability of transmitting the illness to the wife is very low. Even if it got transmitted..."
Cong Rong suddenly stopped, frowned and seemed to be thinking about this problem seriously. Her thoughts were in a mess and she was too lazy to think about it deeply. She pursed her lips and continued to answer: "Hepatitis B is nothing terrible, but child birth would be a problem……"

The more she said, the wider was Wen Shaoqing’s smile, "You have already thought so far ahead. You have even taken into account child birth problems."

Cong Rong suddenly wanted to argue back, but she swallowed whatever she wanted to say back.

Wen Shaoqing's eyes fell on her face, and he asked. "What do you want to say?"

Cong Rong suddenly looked up, looked at him intently, and her brain suddenly couldn't think. The sentence from the bottom of her heart was blurted out. "Don’t be surprised. I even thought about the name of my child's."

Wen Shaoqing didn't show any surprised expression at all. He smiled softly as if afraid of waking her up from her dize: "What's the name?"

"The name is..." Cong Rong looked at his smile and suddenly reacted to what he was saying. She was shocked and immediately changed the topic. "Why should I tell you my child's name?"

There was a trace of regret in Wen Shaoqing's eyes, and he pursued further. He asked: "So what is the name of Lawyer Cong's child?"

Cong Rong suddenly felt that the most affectionate thing under the world was not to have your surname in front of mine, but was that even if there were nothing between us, I would still look forward to the child born, having our blood, and subconsciously think that the child’s surname would follow yours.

Cong Rong lowered her head, pinched her eyebrows, and tilted her head under the hazy light, her arms covering most of her face, making her smile a little blurry, "Probably the surname would be... Cong."

Wen Shaoqing smiled when she heard her answer. He stood up. "There is mutton soup in the kitchen, I will get you a bowl."

Cong Rong looked at his back view heading towards the kitchen in the kitchen and pinched her nose bridge. She is always a sensitive person and how could she not realise his good intentions. She and Wen Shaoqing knew each other only for a short period of time. When she was in a good mood, Wen Shaoqing would always tease her with a sharp tongue; tonight, he was gentle and considerate. A warm temperament enveloped him from his fingertips to toes and she was able to feel it. His surname Wen (warm in Chinese) was a correct description of his character.

The soup was contained in a porcelain bowl. It has some oil on the surface, and there were some touches of green from the vegetables and some orange carrots in it. As she drank, the soup warmed her stomach, and Cong Rong sighs comfortably: "Doctors really know how to preserve health!"

On a winter night, drinking a bowl of hot soup like that is really enjoyable. From this, it can be seen that Wen Shaoqing is indeed a person who knows how to enjoy life, and his quality of life is very high which was far too different from her busy and quick paced life.

Cong Rong rubbed the edge of the porcelain bowl and asked in her heart, the person whom he liked deeply must have a happy life?

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