My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 13.1

Chapter 13.1 - Victory at the very end (1)

Rang Yi Rang sat next to Wen Shaoqing as he rubbed his furry head against his legs. They hadn't seen each other for some time. Cong Rong watched Wen Shaoqing caress Rang Yi Rang, and suddenly pointed to Rang Yi Rang and asked, "How come it feels that it has suddenly gained weight after you return?"

"I just bathed it and blew dry its hair with a hair dryer, I guess it is the fluffiness that made it look chubbier." Wen Shaoqing said and pushed Rang Yi Rang forward. "Are you not afraid of dogs now? Try touching it."

Cong Rong shivered. "Actually, I'm not exactly afraid of it. It’s just I can't stand the feeling of touching hair with temperature. It's an inexplicable fear and I will get goosebumps."

Wen Shaoqing suddenly took her hand and patted Rang Yi Rang's back a few times. "There is nothing to be afraid of, right?"

Cong Rong's breath was stagnant for a second and her body stiffened again. It took a long time for her to remember to draw her hand back, but when she wanted to retract her hands, she couldn’t. It was tightly held by Wen Shaoqing. She glanced at Wen Shaoqing. There was nothing to be afraid of yes, it is you that I am afraid of. You are more terrifying than hair with temperature.

Wen Shaoqing suddenly suggested: "Let's take a photo together. We haven't taken a photo together even though we know each other for so long already."

Exactly, she didn't even have a picture of him, let alone a picture of them together. Sometimes Cong Rong feels that she really can retain her crush on someone for a long time even without contact, photos, or news of that person. She had fell in love with a person who she had hurriedly met and hadn’t had encounters thereafter for so long.

Having said that, Wen Shaoqing did not leave her time to refuse. He quickly raised his phone, quickly adjusted the angle, pressed the shoot button. He nodded in satisfaction and showed Cong Rong the photo.

In the photo, the two of them were bending over, caressing Rang Yi Rang’s back. The photo was taken so sudden that Cong Rong didn’t even have time to look at the camera. The soft light softened Cong Rong’s jawline, and made her side profile more beautiful. She was lowering her head and two hands caressing Rang Yi Rang were overlapping. In the photo, Wen Shaoqing wasn’t looking at the camera too, he carried a light smile on his face, with the corner of his mouth raised, and it seemed like he was looking at her? Only Rang Yi Rang Rang was looking at the camera very cooperatively.

Cong Rong quietly looked at the photo for a while, then suddenly remembered that her hand was still being held, and withdrew her hand. This time, she finally got her hand out of Wen Shaoqing’s tight hold, but at the same time... there was a lot of dog fur on her hand.

She looked at the white fur in her hand, and then looked at Rang Yi Rang, stiffly patting Rang Yi Rang’s hair back on to its neck, carefully apologized, "Sorry... sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally." She then wickedly turned around and complained to Wen Shaoqing: "It touched the porcelain (碰瓷 peng ci - metaphorically refers to a behavior or trick when someone pretends to be knocked down so he can ask for money.)!"

Wen Shaoqing smiled uncontrollably at her series of actions and said, "It's okay, it is molting recently, so hair loss is normal."

The winter wind at night was very strong, yet in a warm, spring-like room, Cong Rong looked at the smiling face in front of her, and remembered the side profile of the man’s gentle smile in the photo. She suddenly realised that this was the type of feeling she had been craving for. Despite knowing Wen Shaoqing already had someone he liked, she was still craving for the warmth he gave, again and again.

Wen Shaoqing saw that she had been staring at him, raised his eyebrows, and asked deliberately: "Look, you don't have to hide from me, we can live together peacefully, chat and joke like most neighbors."

Cong Rong looked at Wen Shaoqing and nodded with a complex look. The word "neighbor" lingered in her mind.

She considers herself not to be a greedy person, the most greedy idea she ever had was to have Wen Shaoqing. That idea had been planted in her mind the first time she saw him. Even after so many years, when she took a closer look at her heart, she found that the thought was always there. Every time she realised that the idea was still there, her love for him deepened.

Cong Rong thought that she had no more feelings for Wen Shaoqing, but every night before going to bed and in the morning before waking up, the feeling of wanting to possess him was so strong that she would be shocked. She knew it clearly, that regardless of how long it has been, the feeling will never disappear, and her feelings for him had never reduced.

But he mentioned that they were neighbors, of course, because of Lin Chen, they probably could not even be friends.

The warmness in Cong Rong's eyes cooled down slightly. 

In fact, Wen Shaoqing did not think too much about calling her neighbour. His actions tonight was to reduce the awkwardness between them, so that she would no longer avoid him. Giving her the name of the ‘neighbour’ was his first step for them to become friends. He expected their relationship to turn easily from neighbour to good friends. And making a move on her from friends will be much easier in the future. 

Wen Shaoqing grew up with Xiao Ziyuan, and his actions were deeply influenced by this older cousin. When Xiao Ziyuan dated Sui Yi, there were several "Shi Xiong" (male senior) appearing out of nowhere from time to time, and Xiao Ziyuan would be pissed every time he heard her mention it, but Wen Shaoqing felt that Sui Yi having “Shi Xiongs” are perfectly fine. As always, the relationship between “Shi Xiong” and “Shi Mei” (female junior) always develops beyond that. Sui Yi was hinting Xiao Ziyuan that she had a lot of pursuers.

It can be seen that Wen Shaoqing is probably less outwardly kind but inwardly evil than his cousin, but he is definitely more direct Xiao Ziyuan.

Rang Yi Rang was quiet for a while, and then it started rubbing itself against Wen Shaoqing and started playing with him. Cong Rong looked at Wen Shaoqing with a smile and watched Rang Yi Rang and Wen Shaoqing play. A guy who can be so good of a pet owner must have a pure heart, Cong Rong thought.

She turned to look at the photo wall at the entrance. The wall was covered with pictures of him and Rang Yi Rang. From the time when Rang Yi Rang was still a puppy to now. Pictures of him smiled and held Rang Yi Rang or with Rang Yi Rang jumping next to him or with him and Rang Yi Rang playing, or with him bullying Rang Yi Rang, the wall was covered with them. She noticed the photo wall the first time she came here, and when she entered the door today, she found a new photo there. Judging from the clothing, the photo was taken today.

She stared at the picture in the corner and asked softly, "Why did you decide to have a pet? Shouldn’t doctors be clean freaks and dislike small animals?"

Wen Shaoqing looked up at Cong Rong, and he noticed that her mood was a little abnormal tonight. He looked down at Rang Yi Rang, and answered very seriously: "In the beginning, it was because it was boring to eat alone, I thought of having a pet so that I could have someone accompany me while eating. I was originally planning to get a bordie collie since they are smart and easy to take care of, but I went to the pet store a few times and couldn’t find one I liked. When I saw Rang Yi Rang, though it wasn’t a bordie collie, I loved it at first sight. It’s also very smart. It’s not picky with food and is very obedient. It looks after the house during the day, walks with me at night, and can be used as a footpad when I read. It’s nothing bad.”

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