Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 - Guilinggao/ Tortoise Jelly 龟苓膏 (3)

Fang Kexin glared at him, "Eat your food, don't find things to say if you have nothing to say!"

    He Suye laughed, "It seems to be that I haven't made it for a long time. It's been over a year, right, since Zhang Yiling left?"

    Fang Kexin was surprised. It was the first time in two years that she heard He Suye mention Zhang Yiling. She always thought it was his taboo. The scars buried in the deepest part of his heart that would not be easily revealed. She did not expect him to be so casual about it now as if he was discussing the weather conditions.

    It took a long time for Kexin to react, "Big Brother, your attitude towards senior sister now..."

    "It has been two years." He Suye smiled, "Why make life difficult for myself? It was her choice, I have to respect her, and she walked away so resolutely, I can’t catch her even if I miss her, so it’s all in the past.”

    He Suye’s eyes are pure and calm, without sadness, without grief, totally different from the rainy night two years ago.

    He has let go and is willing to part with it, but he himself, like everyone in the world who is trapped in the past, doesn't know when he can let go, if he can't let go, how can he be happy in this lifetime.

    After eating, the two said goodbye, and He Suye looked at the specimens in the study alone.

    These were all touched by Zhang Yiling, saying that she has to touch it in order to learn Chinese medicine. She has always been a strong and ambitious woman who never allows herself to fail. She has the best grades, the most unique clothes, and even her boyfriend she has to look for the best, but is she the best?

    Because her exam results are always not as high as him, especially in Chinese medicine.

    Such a strong and ambitious woman finally chose a road of no return. 

He still remembered that it was a little cold in the autumn. The dean called them to the office and said seriously that there was a quota for the government to send students abroad. The school voted unanimously to be one of you. As for who it is, you can discuss it among yourself.

    He knows that it is very difficult to go abroad, especially since they learn integrated Chinese and Western medicine, with more emphasis on Chinese medicine. Then he was a little sad, because he saw Zhang Yiling's eyes full of desire and yearning. He immediately relented, he always gave Zhang Yiling the best, and this time, he was no exception.

    But he was wrong. He thought Zhang Yiling would come back to discuss with him. He thought she would persuade him to give up. If she really asked him to do that, he would agree to it, and he was willing too. He would let her go, who told him to love her so much.

    However, she didn't come back for three days. On the fourth day, he saw her standing in front of his bed and said, He Suye, I'm leaving, the department issued a notice and sent me to study in the United States.

    He smiled and said congratulations. In fact, he was very sad. 

Suddenly he saw the bruise on Zhang Yiling’s neck and immediately reacted. He grabbed her hand and shouted, “How did you get your placement? Tell me!"

    Zhang Yiling pushed him away coldly, "I trade it with myself, okay! He Suye, I know that as long as your grandfather speaks, the dean will give you the placement, so I had to strike first and gain the upper hand” 

Every hope turns to dust, but now, what else could he say, he told her, “If you say you want the spot, you know I will give it to you, why do you have to degrade yourself!”

    She looked at him calmly and said to him, "I don't want to owe you favour, because I have to leave without care!"

    He could only ask, "Zhang Yiling, have you ever loved me?"

    He did not immediately get her answer, but he waited and finally got the answer.

    On the rainy night before Zhang Yiling left, she said, “I wanted the best, the best grades, and the best clothes since I was a child. At that time, I told myself that I wanted the best boyfriend and the best husband. Therefore, He Suye, I did loved you, but what I have fallen in love with is the best of you. When I go abroad, I will meet better, so I will stop loving you." 

The truth is clear, this strong and ambitious woman, All she wants is a man who can match her, not He Suye.

    He sighed, sorted his thoughts, began to tidy up the kitchen, then opened the refrigerator to look at the ingredients for breakfast tomorrow. There were no eggs and bread so he got dressed and prepared to go to the supermarket in the community to buy some.

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